Welcome to the weekend edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, I'll present you with my predictions for tonight's Vengeance show, and nothing more. It's safe to say that the "Week in Review" idea has been scrapped for time and burn out reasons, as I apologize for that. If only I was paid to do this...

I caught the latest movie by former WCW World Champion, David Arquette, called "Eight Legged Freaks". Personally, I thought it was a very entertaining movie in general, as you had tons of rather large spiders crawling everywhere, providing thrills through most of the movie. The special effects are haunting, as those damn spiders are very lifelike and they will somewhat gross you out. Arquette was decent in the lead role, as I don't personally think he's a good actor in general. He just got lucky with the Dewey role in Scream and became VERY lucky in marrying Courtney Cox.

Unless you get off on seeing spiders, I recommend "Eight Legged Freaks" if you're in the mood to see something in the theaters, aside from Men in Black 2 and other good movies out there right now.

I took some heat for my "4.0 Smackdown ratings" comment. My comment was meant towards that the WWE should get around a 4.0 in the ratings for their latest Smackdown show, given the incredible amounts of hype the show had. Look, it had Rock vs. Angle, a Pay Per View match given away for free, which was hyped last week, Eric Bischoff coming to Smackdown, the intrigue of the Smackdown GM, and the final Smackdown before Vengeance. Instead, Smackdown only went up 0.1. That's pathetic!!! They should have at least been in the upper 3's for the loads of hype.

I just finished watching WWE Confidential... Looks like the WWE is providing a history lesson on that show now. Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, and Eric Bischoff went rather in depth on their interviews about the competition back in the day. I liked it, especially seeing the honest sides of all men present, since all 3 tend to lie way too much than they should. Next week, we'll be seeing the "Fall of WCW", yikes, and the exact event that sparked it. They BETTER mention that either Starrcade 1997's disappointment with Sting vs. Hogan or the Nitro in the Spring of 1998 where Hogan beat Randy Savage the night after Macho beat Sting for the title. Those are the true turning points for Dubya Cee Dubya.

I REALLY liked the segment on Chris Nowinski. Nicely done, as it was a complete biography on him, ranging from his days a child, high school, college, and his early days in wrestling, including Tough Enough. They even showed clips of his Tough Enough audition tape. The show also had another interview with Torrie Wilson and how she had an eating disorder as a kid. Too bad Torrie doesn't know that she's now a part of that problem, too, as she's ultra-thin with very large implant boobs. Like a Barbie doll...

But Torrie is still the hottest WWF or WWE lady that's ever been in the company. That statement opens up a can of worms, but oh well.

Oh yeah, I'm supposed to predict Vengeance. On to the PDC.

Tito's VENGEANCE Predictions

Just 6 matches on the card as of 12:00 am on early Sunday? Looks like Mtv Heat is going to slop some matches together our way, I guess.

Triple H - RAW or Smackdown?
Triple H turns heel and rejoins his wife Stephanie to remain on Smackdown. Why else would he have rode in Bischoff's limo on Thursday?
Tito's Prediction: Smackdown

Cruiserweight title: Jaime Noble vs. Billy Kidman
Think about it. Rey Mysterio is receiving the big push here as a face. So wouldn't he need a heel to wrestle? Plus, I have a firm belief that the WWE is happy with the way the Noble trailer-trash gimmick is going. At least that's my impression... Noble wins, thanks to interference by Nidia.
Tito's Pick: Jaime Noble

Booker T vs. Big Show
I hate the Big Slow, by the way... Since the Big Show can't be pinned cleanly, look for a ref bump to occur and for Booker T to crack Big Show with plenty of objects. Way to put over a new face, eh?
Tito's Pick: Booker T

Tables match: Chris Benoit/Eddie Guerrero vs. Spike Dudley/Bubba Ray Dudley
Dudleys beat these guys weeks ago, so payback is a bitch. I don't see why the WWE is putting this on a Pay Per View, as it could disappoint with the lousy tables gimmick.
Tito's Pick: Benoit and Guerrero

World Tag Titles: Hulk Hogan/Edge vs. Lance Storm/Christian
To set up the hyped Smackdown match, Chris Jericho will attack and screw Edge out of the tag titles. So simple...
Tito's Pick: Team Canada

Intercontinental Title: Brock Lesnar vs. Rob Van Dam
The outcome of this one is very hard to call, but I'll lean towards Brock to build an IC title vs. Undisputed title match at Summerslam. Heyman interference here...
Tito's Pick: Brock Lesnar

Undisputed Title: Rock vs. Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle
Rock wins, given that the Undertaker dominated everyone on last week's show and given that Angle dominated everyone on the most recent show. Plus, you might as well milk the Rock for all that he's worth before he returns to being the next big thing in Hollywood. Brock takes out the Undertaker for this one, leaving Rocky to pick up the win.
Tito's Pick: the Rock.

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