Welcome back to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. It is a HOT news day for wrestling! The ratings are in, HUGE news about Jericho surfaces, and I'm getting ECW again! Joy! With that being said, on to the PDC! Yeah baby!

Ratings Analysis

Monday Nitro

First Hour: 3.9Second Hour: 3.2Third Hour: 3.6Composite: 3.57


First Hour: 6.4Second Hour: 7.2Composite: 6.8

Head to Head

RAW: 6.8NITRO: 3.4-What does this week's ratings mean? Well, for one, these wrestling shows had a ton of viewers, and this has to be the record combined viewership of the two shows together. Both Shows went up in ratings, compared to last week. Well, RAW is exactly double of what Nitro has. One thing is for sure however, RAW dominated the whole show, which proves that Nitro needs to put on a monster show to keep improving on the ratings. Maybe Nitro's ratings couldn't rise because they had a David Flair vs. Kevin Nash match going up against an Undertaker vs. Stone Cold match. Whatever the case may be, WCW needs a HUGE main event that produces results, along with a solid midcard. It's going to be hard to take the WWF down however, because only two Sting matches have been less than 1 in a quarter hour segment. That's it.

Jericho signs with the WWF??

-According to WWF.com, Chris Jericho has officially signed with the WWF. Here's the exact quote: "The World Wrestling Federation is proud to announce that Chris Jericho has signed a multi-year contract with the company!" That's cool, maybe this ends the speculation of where Jericho is ending up. Or does it? Talking with the great Ryan Brander yesterday, he brought it to my attention that his contract was supposed to run out on July 27th. If that is true, how on earth can he sign with the WWF?? Maybe the date is wrong? Maybe he didn't sign. Maybe WWF.com is saying that just to get back at WCW for having Rena Mero or Sable on Nitro by stating this signing on their page. It's rather interesting, but when news is on WWF.com, it's most likely true. I'm going to sit back on this one to see how it plays out before I evaluate how Jericho can be used in the WWF.

ECW/TNN Deal is official!

-It's finally official! Starting September, ECW will be on Fridays as a lead in to Rollerjam on Fridays! My wishes have come true. I had stated in an earlier column that it was official, but maybe I jumped the gun. Anyways, it's official now. I can't wait, and with ECW coming to my television, I can now include ECW portions to my column. I held back on ECW stuff, because I couldn't watch ECW. Since I couldn't enjoy it, and I didn't feel like buying the Pay Per Views (since I wasn't impressed with the second ECW pay per view ever), I simply didn't care about ECW. Sure I loved wrestlers like Sabu, Justin Credible, Taz, Dudleys, and Rob Van Dam, but since I couldn't see them on television, I quit caring for them. Now I can, thanks to the official TNN/ECW deal.

Other Wrestling News

-This week's RAW looks to be a good, solid show for the WWF, with a few shockers. Of course, Mr. Tito refuses to give out the results, since the Phat Daily Column is SPOILER free! Heat has a few wierd angles starting, and it makes me wonder a little. Anyways, RAW will be taped going into what will be a very strong Nitro at the Georgia Dome. I just hope that WCW doesn't ruin something that happens at RAW in attempt to grab ratings. It would ruin the fun of everyone who refuses to read the spoilers, guaranteed.-Speaking of Nitro at the Georgia Dome, here's what could go down. One, Bret Hart will return for something, most likely an interview to call on someone. That will probably get large ratings due to the recent tragedy. Two, Hogan might return...possibly as a face? If he comes back as Hulk Hogan, I'm going to throw a fit. Three, the Hummer driver COULD be revealed. Whether it's Sting, well that's unknown. Finally, everyone's hopeful to make a WCW return, Shane Douglas could make his WCW re-debut. Nothing is official yet on his signing, but yet nobody knew about Sid signing a contract either.-Now that Mr. Ass is set for a monster push, it looks like the Rock will be his future opponent either at Fully Loaded or Summerslam. I'm wondering...to get Mr. Ass more over as a heel, and into the "main event" spotlight, will the Rock, who has done a great job in the WWF, do the JOB to the Assman? I like Mr. Ass in all, but the Rock has busted his ass the past year. Having him JOB to get Mr. Ass over it garbage, and you are telling Rock that his great deeds that's he's done for the WWF, like turning heel as an over face and jobbing whenever necessary, is nothing. Come on. The Rock should be a World champion, not like an older wrestler getting another wrestler over. Of course, if the Rock did the JOB to Mr. Ass, he's doing what absolutely none of the WCW Senior Tour members do, and that's do the JOB to get another over.

@That's it for today. Can you say 5 more columns to 100 in a row? Hehe. I'll be back tomorrow with another exciting edition of the Phat Daily Column. So until next time, just chill...till the next episode. Thanks for reading. It's appreciated very much.

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