Welcome back to the wonderful world of the Phat Daily Column. No, I didn't watch ECW Heatwave. I don't follow ECW, except for the news posted everywhere. When ECW debuts on TNN, then I'll follow it again, just like I did before my stupid WB station quit showing ECW. Come on September! Anyways, on to the PDC.


-Everyone keeps wondering what will happen with Chris Jericho when he arrives in the WWF. The countdown thing is what is rumored to be the countdown of Jericho's entry, and many say he will be an instant superstar. I know from reading too many e-mails, that the fans think he's perfect in DX. Well, DX members and WWF officials don't think he would fit perfectly in DX, plus, they don't want being part of a group to hurt his status for the future. Whatever he does, the WWF has HUGE plans for Chris Jericho, and I'm sure he'll finally be used properly.

-This one is funny. Many fans keep e-mailing me about Kane. They think that the man behind the mask is a brand spanking new wrestler. Well, the answer is no. That is still the original guy, you know, the one who used to be Isaac Yankem DDS, and Fake Diesel. Kane has trimmed a little of his bulk off lately, not to mention changed his tights a little. It's the same guy, just leaner, and possibly meaner. I hope someday, however, that the WWF gives props to Kane, or the man who plays Kane. He's not afraid to lose to anyone, and he doesn't complain about losing. The bad thing about Kane is that he was brought in originally to job to the Undertaker. I think he's outgrown this, so why not a title push? :)

-Everyone is sobbing to me about Ryan Shamrock being released from the WWF. I guess she really touched people's hearts. HAHA. Well, there is some kind of online movement, just like the Save a Blue Meanie campaign(which incidentally, could start up again if Dustin Runnels leaves the WWF). Anyways, all you have to do is e-mail the WWF about it. I think their fan e-mail address is WWFFANS@wwf.com, or something of that nature, so if you love Ryan Shamrock, all you gotta do is e-mail them, and let them know how much you really loved her!


-Well, WCW has been the laughing stock recently for all of the angles that have been dropped. Recently, they dropped the Hummer driver angle after basing the last two pay per views and recent Nitros around it. WCW just gave up because quite simply, they felt that nobody could fill the role. Other angles have been dropped, like the angle where Arn Anderson was supposed to begin to leave Ric Flair. That only lasted for one Thunder, and it was scrapped. WCW has a few confusing angles that many say hurts their ratings. WCW has been accused of booking on the fly, which means they book as the show goes on. Not very organized at all.

-It seems that WCW and Bill Goldberg are now working on piecing together a better working relationship now that Goldberg has a new contract. It appears that Bischoff really did want Goldberg after all, or he was just protecting him from eventually jumping to the WWF. Now, what will happen with Goldberg back in the picture? He wants to become champion again, but it might be very hard to do so with Nash's and Hogan's backstage politics. Goldberg is a crowd draw to many fans, and WCW really needs him right now. Hopefully, no injuries or greed hold him back this time.

-Eek, apparently, WCW is way behind on total revenue compared to this time last year. Their House shows and some television and pay per views don't sell out, their merchandise sales are much lower, and their costs of paying the wrestlers is beginning to hurt them. I don't know if the higher ups at WCW notice this or not, but something must be done. Of course, they are still making a profit, but no way near as much as they did last year. It's not time to push the panic button, but if something isn't done to attract some of the fans lost from the WWF boom, then losses may occur. But hey, WCW was down before and they came right up and were winning the ratings, right?


FACTOID: Did you know that WCW wrestlers must work out 5 days a week? That's right, for 5 days a week, they must have a work out of 4 hours in a gym. Usually, on road trips, WCW will buy out a gym in the morning from like 8-12, so that no fans working out will bother the WCW wrestlers. Doing a hard workout 5 days a week, and wrestling a few times a week really makes it a full time job.

@Well folks, that's it for today. I'll attempt, I'm kidding, I'll be back tomorrow with yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. So until next time, why not chill...till the next episode? This is Mr. Tito, daring to be stupid, signing off!

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