Welcome to the very latest edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll hype tonight's Smackdown and discuss the latest issues in professional wrestling. What else would I do on a Thursday?

I will note to all of my loyal readers, there will be NO spoilers in this column, especially regarding the Smackdown General Manager. I know some columnists can't resist, but I can. I undertand that some fans want to watch every show as if they were live, and I usually do that myself. I just skimmed through the spoilers and saw who was announced as the GM, without seeing who won the matches or how.

Watching the WXW backyard wrestling show last Thursday has my thirst for Backyard Wrestling going again. With that being said, would you like to see a Backyard BBQ return? The BBQ was a site that featured nearly 100 links to backyard feds around the net, sort of a tribute to backyard wrestling. With some backyard link sites dying recently, it seems like a good opportunity for a comeback. If you'd like to post your thoughts on if it should come back or not, then Click Here.

It's not like it would be time consuming, either, for those who are asking. I'd just have to post the links of the sites, and update it monthly like I used to do.

Ain't no thang. On to the PDC.


-At last night's NWA-TNA show, good ol' Sabu turned out to be the "surprise" that the NWA was hyping. He beat Malice in a #1 Contender's match, for the right to fight Ken Shamrock. Sure, Sabu is a big name for the hardcore fans, but how long do you exactly expect Sabu to stick around? He tends to get bored really easily with whatever fed he's associated with lately, going back to his final days in ECW. I guess pushing him to the main event, already, is a way to possibly keep his interest up? I don't know, but what I do know is that the NWA should keep an eye on Sabu.

I give him 3 months.....

-So, what are we going to do with Shawn Michaels? Why not send him home again? Ohhhhh.... It's not like he's really worth anything right now. His partnership with the nWo did NOTHING for that group, despite constantly putting the spotlight on himself although he never wrestled. The stuff with the Clique has nobody caring in 2002, and Michaels's BIG RETURN did nothing for the ratings. Why keep him around? Let him appear at ticket sales or autograph sessions, but why waste precious television time by giving it to a guy who can't wrestle, nor can he draw a crowd anymore.

My guess is that Shawn Michaels will one day show up on Smackdown to harass Triple H. SMELL THE RATINGS! These two were actually going to feud around last year's Wrestlemania and maybe fight at Backlash 2001, but Shawn was sent home because he was "unable to perform" that night. Now, whether that means he was a cocky bastard, high on pain killers, or drunk that night, we'll never know. A year later and nobody cares, it's likely that we'll see the 2 founding members of DX feuding, which their group formation was nearly 5 years ago. Hey, that's a long time ago...

Michaels has actually blown his own opportunities, though, which probably hurts his presense today. Remember when he superkicked the Rock in a match where he was the referee in early fall 1999? Michaels's role should have been extended there, but he went on WWF.com's Byte This and ripped into Steve Austin for not dropping the title to Triple H at Summerslam 1999. Sure, the argument was just, but Michaels wasn't in the position to openly criticize that. Vince McMahon, ever since 1998, only uses Michaels when he needs to, as he kept HBK under contract just so WCW could never sign him.

So send HBK home again so that he can remain the best diaper changer in the world.

-Reading around the internet, I see several people have paid attention to the little weight that Eric Bischoff has gained. Sure, I notice it, but it's not like he's insanely obese. He's had time to rest and probably doesn't work out like he used to, but so what? He still looks healthy for his age and he will remain perfectly capable of doing his job in his current condition. It's not like he'll be out there to WRESTLE, as he'll be in the WWE to be a bastard GM, as part of the storytelling to set up the wrestling you'll see that evening. I was too excited about the return of the person, Eric Bischoff, to even give damn about any added weight he's put on ever since his last television appearance in WCW.


Tonight, a Smackdown GM will be announced. With the announcement of Eric Bischoff as the RAW GM, you'd figure that the WWE would go out there and find someone new and unique to be the Smackdown GM. No need to dip into their own roster to find a GM because that would be boring or recycling old angles. That's why several people, including Dusty Rhodes, have been discussed to be the Smackdown GM instead of a home-grown WWE personality. So who will the WWE pick? Find out tonight, and I guarantee to talk about it tomorrow.

Kurt Angle vs. the Rock... it's a match hyped in advance, and with Eric Bischoff floating around on this show, there's NO EXCUSE for this show not to reach around the 4.0 mark in the ratings. I'm serious, too, because if the WWE is well under that mark, then it's over. There will be no cure for their current creative ailment to lure fans back, no matter who they try to bring back or what Pay Per View main event they try to give away on a television show. Rock vs. Kurt Angle has never done it for me personally, especially the No Way Out 2001 match, where Rocky threw too many righthands. A year later and then some, Kurt Angle is a better wrestler now than then and the Rock is fresh to watch right now. Should be interesting.

No other matches were announced at WWE.com, thanks to the lazy webmasters there not writing more than 4 paragraphs per preview. That, or this show will have LOTS of sports entertainment. That's not good, especially with the good wrestling that Smackdown has had in previous weeks. All it takes is a really bad General Manager decision, too, to really ruin the workrate of the show...

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