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      Submitted by Mr. Tito on 7-18-00 @ 10:08 EST

      Welcome to the Phat Daily Column. Today, we have Impressions for one show...and hype for another?!? Rather strange, as TNT programming decisions are throwing this week off, along with my column schedule. Oh well. At least I could sit down and only worry about ONE show this Monday, which is a big plus in my book. Well anyway, on to the PDC.


      -RAW Impressions-

      WWF had their usual WWF interview. Either it was actually good, or I haven't seen one in a while, cause this one wasn't all bad. But it did follow the same damn pattern, and that was to set up matches on RAW. Guess what they also did, which I predicted. They set up special tag matches to help hype the Pay Per View. Gee, it's getting way too easy to call. I remember a WWF which was very hard to predict at times, but I guess we are now way past that at this point in time.

      Phew! Good thing Trish Stratus wasn't suplexed off the ladder and onto the table. Lord knows it would take a while for the WWF crew to clean up all of that busted up silicon. Instead, Lita almost suffered the same fate as she was dropped on the ladder. However, it does NOTHING for the Hardy Boyz and T&A feud, because Test and Albert are two uncharismatic slugs who can't help make a feud look good. I feel bad for any team that has to lose to T&A.

      Finally, Bull Buchanan has a gimmick. Now this gimmick is a risk, but a good idea by the WWF. Steven Richards had that Albany crowd pissed off at him, and if that heat and momentum continues, he and Bull should be a good duo to contend with. Then again, if you put hair on Bull Buchanan, we have another Wall. Ok, that made no sense, as it's just a joke. But anyway, it's nice to see that the WWF is trying something new with Buchanan, and that's my point.

      The match of the night was Too Cool vs. Xpac/Road Dogg. Pat Patterson was on point calling the end to that finish, as it was a clean one! Of course, you know my feelings about Too Cool, but I question why Road Dogg and Xpac keep getting wins over these tag teams. They are obviously way over their primes right now. I'm thinking that the both of them are waiting for Mr. Ass to return, so I guess they will feud or win over whoever now.

      The six man match was OK, as Chris Benoit literally killed the Rock with the chair. Of course, Benoit barely hit Farooq with that same chair for Edge to get the win. The end of this segment was crazy though, as we go to the backstage area. Damn, Rock connected on those chairshots on Benoit. And then, the Rock does a Rock Bottom on the hood of a Limo, just like he did about a while ago on Mankind. Not a bad set up for the Pay Per View.

      Wow, that match between Chyna and Dean Malenko really got out of hand. Perry Saturn literally killed Eddie Guerrero with that Suplex like powerslam. Good god! I guess that will sell the new feud between Eddie and Perry, along with Terri and Chyna now. Interesting.

      Tazz explained his actions, and Mick Foley came down. Now, the WWF could have been doing themselves a favor by having Tazz attack Mick Foley here, but they didn't. Instead they put in Al Snow to get choked out and to have a match with Tazz at Fully Loaded. Lots of potential heat was lost on this one. I guess this is the start of the night that Al Snow gets his more camera time and so forth. Let's hope the WWF does something with him, because he was the most over wrestler in ECW at one time. If he pleased their crowds, then the WWF should find a way to please their crowds with him as well.

      Wow, I've never seen a win with a Samoan drop. Let's hope that the Fully Loaded match between Rikishi and Val Venis is the last. I'm getting sick of this repetition already. Val is such a bad man now too, as he threw Scotty 2 Hotty off the stage and onto that hard padding.

      Final match was OK I guess, with a no contest thanks to Chris Jericho. Usually, sledgehammers break bones and do permanent damage when used on human beings, but I guess these WWF superstars are NOT human or anything. In one week, a guy can recover from an attack by a sledgehammer and attack the one who did it to him. Ok........

      RAW Phat Stats

      Matches: 6
      Clean Wins: 2
      Screwjobs: 1
      Disqualifications: 0
      No Contests: 3

      Last Word: Ok, this RAW was WAY better than last week's. At least there was some action going on at all times, unlike last week where I thought I was watching paint dry. Decent show, especially for no competition challenging them. I'll give it a


      because they gave the show some effort this week without any competition. The ratings for this show are too hard to predict without Nitro to fight them this week.


      -Monday Night Hype-

      Tonight, it's all basically US title tournament. Now that's a show I can deal with, as long as they let them wrestle! Then again, this is Russo's show, and we will see some interference by pimps, and ladies will get kidnapped randomly. Let's hope the ball isn't dropped on what could be an excellent show to establish some strong midcarders! I'll go over the matches and give my predictions of who will win what, and who will be the champ, ok?

      Round One

      Lance Storm vs. Buff Bagwell
      Although WCW is very high on Lance's potential, I see Billy Kidman interfering in this match, and allowing Buff Bagwell, a man who punches WCW employees for no reason, to win the match. So sad here.
      Tito's Pick: Buff Bagwell

      Shane Douglas vs. Billy Kidman
      Kidman has two things against him: Torrie Wilson and Lance Storm. Hence, the Shane Douglas win. Oh my, I'm calling for interference here. Now that's scary.
      Tito's Pick: Shane Douglas

      Mike Awesome vs. Positively Kanyon
      This should be the match of the night, pitting two guys who are supposed to be buddies. But hey, this is a tournament and the Vince Russa 2nd era, so anything is possible! I predict Awesome to win this because he's got that look of a US champ!
      Tito's Pick: Mike Awesome

      Great Muta vs. Vampiro
      God, this one is hard to call. I don't know who to call here, but I'll go with Vampiro just because Muta just arrived.
      Tito's Pick: Vampiro

      Round Two

      Shane Douglas vs. Buff Bagwell
      WCW is high on Shane Douglas with Torrie Wilson, and Buff is just a fool.
      Tito's Pick: Shane Douglas

      Mike Awesome vs. Vampiro
      Something will happen to hurt Vampiro's chances of advancing here, as someone will interfere. Yay.
      Tito's Pick: Mike Awesome


      Shane Douglas vs. Mike Awesome
      Many are predicting Shane to win this match, because of how he was with the TV title in ECW years ago. Hmm, I'll go the opposite way and mark out for Mike Awesome to win. I think he'd make a great US champ in my opinion, so I'll stick with it as my choice.
      Tito's Pick: New US Champ, Mike Awesome

      Oh yeah, it's rumored that Insane Clown Posse will return to Nitro tonight with Vampiro. Like Mick Foley last night, it's time for some cheap heat. In fact, ICP is said to be performing as well with Vampiro. I thought Russo's goal and WCW's goal was to raise the ratings?

      @That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow with RAW ratings analysis, along with Nitro impressions. Everything is all mixed up thanks to TNT programming. Be sure to check out the Backyard BBQ for a new edition of Double Z's Backyard Blockbuster column. Also, check out the NEW column at the Phat Pharm....

      Phat Pharm: BRAND NEW Addition to the Pharm.... "Twisted By Design" is up and Ready to READ! CLICK HERE TO READ IT!

      Take Care, and Thanks for Reading.

      Mr. Tito 2000 Exclusive to

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