Welcome to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Thanks as always for reading. It has been an interesting news week, with many headlines coming out. I've thrown lots of opinions into last week's column, but hey, that's my job. Anyways, on to the PDC.

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-Apparently, Turner executive Harry Schiller was the man who scrapped the Lodi/Lenny Lane Gaylords angle. (De Leon) Hey, you mean the upper officials actually enforced something on WCW? That's never been done before, as it seems that there is no law or order in WCW. If they can stop this Gaylords angle, which was tasteless, then why not strip wrestlers of booking power, fire Eric Bischoff for his lack of enforcement, and make the slacking wrestlers wrestle! WCW needs this badly, and if the higher ups crack down on WCW, then you will see a lean, mean WCW machine!

-Coming up at the August 23rd Nitro, expect the great Gene Simmons to unveal his KISS Army of wrestlers. According to reports, there will be a whole group of wrestlers dressed like KISS, with a leader who resembles the character of Gene Simmons. I only hope that these KISS characters can get over, unlike those No Limit Soldiers.

-Well, apparently stupid Scott Hall's return has been pushed back due to the fact that he was spotted visiting his old friend Justin Credible. I heard he was easily spotted from the crowd, and WCW is mad because they feel he should be using this time off wisely, and not taking time to visit old buddies. I agree. He should be using this time to get himself situated better, not screwing around with old friends. WCW doesn't pay him to fool around.

-Apparently, tension was building backstage about at Nitro last Monday. Many wrestlers knew that Hogan was becoming World Champion later on in the night, therefore, they were upset because they knew Hogan was back in full power. They feel he is past his time, and that WCW officials give him everything he wants. They are upset because they work so hard, yet they get no spotlight, and Hogan hardly ever works, yet he can become world champion anytime he wants. This will probably lower morale in the WCW lockerroom, thus making it an uncomfortable workplace for deserving wrestlers.


-Well, the recent word about Ken Shamrock is that considering a return to UFC action. This could possibly be stemming from recent heat with WWF management. He turned down a few angles that the WWF really wanted him to be in, like the incest angle with his WWF sister, Ryan Shamrock(who was released recently). He will probably take his long awaited break to attempt to shine again in UFC.

-Current Fully Loaded Card, with a few comments. :)

=D'Lo, the man, vs. Mideon possibly for the European title?
=Ken Shamrock vs. Steve Blackman in a Lion's Den Match.
=Al Snow vs. Big Bossman..weak match there.
=Edge vs. Gangrel...rumors say it could have Edge vs. Jarrett to begin Edge's IC run.
=Big Show vs. Kane.
=Acolytes vs. P.S. Hayes and the Hardy Boyz for the WWF titles.
=X-Pac/Road Dogg vs. Chyna/Mr. Ass for the rights of using the name DX.
=Rock vs. Triple H in an added gimmick match to make it look like this is a new match, oh I mean a strap match.
=Stone Cold vs. Undertaker in an added gimmick match and an added stipulation match to make it look like a new match, oh, I mean a First Blood match with stipulations that if Undertaker wins, Stone Cold will never receive a title shot again, and if Stone Cold wins, Vince is off TV.

Personal Note: My thoughts and prayers are with the families who have loved ones involved in the missing JFK Jr. missing plane incident.

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