Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Wow, this week has presented me with lots of response to my columns. A few of my opinions have struck some nerves, and many are trying to prove me wrong. That's why this is a column. It has news, yes, but it's news off of opinions. Nothing to go crazy about. :) Anyways, on to the PDC.


-According to the Ross report, Ryan Shamrock has been released from the World Wrestling Federation. Ouch. I know a lot of readers that will be hurting from this. If you think this will affect Ken Shamrock, think again. That is not his real sister in real life, just someone who plays his sister. I heard that she was a former stripper somewhere. Why do you think the WWF considered the incest angle with Ryan and Ken? Anyways, I know a bunch of readers that loved her very much, and they enjoyed television a little extra when she was on WWF tv. It's hard to say where she will end up.

-Mick Foley has been an early hit in Australia. That's good for the WWF to promote their product there, because there are actually some fans. They have e-mailed me many times, and they really wish that the WWF would travel to Australia for a tour. One native of the country told me that they get to see WWF shows very late, with only a few matches and the main event, not the whole show. That's a shame, but I really hope the WWF can eventually travel down to Australia to sooth their wrestling cravings.

-Wondering. Apparently, Goldust is going to be gone from the WWF, but the Ross report stated that Terri Runnels has re-signed with the WWF. What the?!? Let's see here, that could create a interesting scenario, one of which has never been seen. The scenario, if Dustin, although he is injured for the moment, enters the WCW. That would mean a wife in the WWF, and the husband in WCW. That can't be good for both companies, because of the information about their work would probably be shared. This will be interesting if it happens.

-According to reports everywhere, stemming from the Torch and Observer, it appears that Sable and the WWF will reach an agreement. She will get NO money, NO rights to use the name Sable, and she can't work for NO wrestling federations for 3 years. This settlement means one thing. She's stupid. Ha, well, it means that she wouldn't have had a case against the WWF anyways. This really made it obvious when she showed up on Nitro. Yeah, nice going Rena.


-Well, as pointed out to me by everyone, Ric Flair will be traveling to Japan soon, therefore, he will most likely be defeated by, the man I respect most in WCW, Sting. Predictability, but Flair vs. Sting is always a great match. Just remember their most recent encounter, which drew numbers that almost beat RAW at a 15 minute rating interval. That's not their best match, as their best match was at the Clash of the Champions a few years back. It was their first meeting, and the young Sting took the seasoned veteran, Ric Flair to the time limit. Those two will put on another great show on Monday.

-Doh! I guess it pays to listen to WCW Live, as I found out with Shane Douglas being officially signed by WCW. I guess that means he'll eventually show up sometime on WCW TV. Well, since he's signed, where will he end up. I've heard stuff that he'll form a stable with his former Triple Threat members, Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit, and former member of Team Extreme, Perry Saturn. It's hard to say if Shane will be involved with any angle with Ric Flair. They hate each other personally from the comments made off the record about each other, so I doubt they would want to work with each other. Most of the time, however, wrestlers joke around, and make comments to make themselves famous. This could be the case, and they probably will feud down the road.

-Wow, I have heard that Goldberg has had his contract restructured to make more money in WCW. Reports of this are very sketchy, but if he did sign, that would put an end to all of the arguments between Goldberg and WCW, which makes a better working environment. Hogan, as reported, was the one kinda vocal about Goldberg's wanting for more money. That won't be good for WCW, as Hogan, obviously shown from Nitro, is the most powerful man backstage at Nitro. Goldberg wants complete, creative control over his character, and he wants a lengthy title reign. It will be hard to get that, as Sting has been in WCW forever, yet Hogan, and the WCW staff that loves Hogan, limits what Sting can do. So Goldberg, just enjoy the new money, and have that make you happy.

@That's it for today's installment of the Phat Daily Column. I'll be back tomorrow, so until next time, just chill...till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, the Daily Column producing machine, signing off!

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