Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll hype RAW, as tradition goes. I'd review Mtv Heat, but I purposely missed that show. Sorry, I only watch Mtv when I absolutely need to, and since Heat is a very poor show, I'm not going to bother watching the evil and corrupt Mtv, who is ruining the lives of teens everywhere.

Interesting feedback on the Bill Goldberg/Vince McMahon column. A lot of speculation is made about Goldberg's attitude towards wrestling, and how he's only in it for the money. Well, yeah, if you're lifetime goal was to become a football player, and you risked all of your back up plans to go for that goal, then you'd try to make as much as you could out of wrestling too. Goldberg dedicated his life to football, and an injury kept him out from making a lot of money, even if he wasn't a top player in the NFL. If anything, blame WCW for his insanely high contract that the WWF should buy out because they gave into every contract demand of Goldberg. If you knew a bunch of idiots would pay you about $3 Million, would you take it? Duh.

You know what I found strikingly funny recently? Some douchebag decided to send around this stupid e-mail, which was trying to "EXPOSE MR. TITO". The guy had my real name listed as Brad. That's so funny, because I remember going into chatrooms and telling everyone that my real life name was Brad Renfro, a name of some actor. That's so funny that some loser actually believed it and tried to spread the word. He just made my day on that one.

On to the PDC.


The show that now Paul Heyman built.

Tonight on RAW, we'll see more crazy stuff about the whole ECWCW versus the WWF angle. Oh, but wait!!!!! The ECW logos, names, and whatever else might get blocked from use. Stupid WWF forgot to look into whether they could legally use the ECW stuff or not. They say empires in trouble always make the worst decisions on the way down. This whole situation will cost the WWF big, especially if they continue to feature ECW on their shows. But what can they do now? The fact that Stephanie is a part of ECW will tell you how it must survive, even if Vince has to shell out a lot of money to keep the "ECW" name on their show.

So what about interpromotional matches this week? They'll happen, but note that the Invasion show does need a few more matches to round out the card. You know what that means... SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT!!! As history shows us, the week before EVERY WWF Pay Per View has loads of interviews and backstage segments, forgetting about matches. It should be especially more, since last week's shows had plenty of "sports entertainment" to get bored of.

But there are a few matches on Invasion I would like to see get hyped. X-Pac versus Billy Kidman needs attention, because that should be a good Lightweight/Cruiserweight match on the Invasion card. If they don't hype it, fans won't give two shits about Billy Kidman, while they shout "X-Pac Sucks" because they hate watching X-Pac matches. In this last week before Invasion, the WWF NEEDS to do something productive with this match or it will be just another X-Pac victory at Invasion. Ha, like it won't be anyway!

As for the rest of RAW? Ha, I don't quite know what to predict, thanks to the day-to-day booking by the WWF creative team headed by Stephanie McMahon and since WWF.com is lazy on the preview. But hey, what can WWF.com do when they have NOTHING to work on since RAW isn't booked yet. The WWF was never in this amount of trouble, creatively, when they wrote storylines for 3 months in advance. The second they jump to booking on the fly, guess what happens? They start scrambling for ideas, creatively, and they have to re-route storylines because they don't have any clue, whatsoever, how to make sense in an angle.

At least RAW will be in Rhode Island, tonight, which is somewhat ECW territory. They don't even need to call themselves ECW because the fans will be chanting it, anyway. That's probably the only positive the whole ECW copyright or trademarks situation. The night after, they'll be in Boston, which again, is a good ECW region. The ECW angle would have been over that much more if they weren't in Atlanta, a non ECW city, although ECW has tried to tour there. The North East is ECW territory, especially in regions surrounding New York City and the greater parts of Pennsylvania. As I'm looking through the WWF calendar, the ECW angle has a few key ECW cities coming up, including Philly on the 30th! Oh wow.

For tonight, I believe we'll possibly see the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin, the badass son of a bitch Texas Rattlesnake beer drinking psychopath to lead team WWF. I will say that I have enjoyed Austin's strange character, lately, as it's a complete opposite from the Texas Rattlesnake character he was portraying as a face. He seems to have a lot of fun with that character, especially lately. He'll definitely return tonight, and he'll beatdown 10 guys, at once, in the process.

So let's run down the card.... You know we'll see more of the Stacy Kiebler/Torrie Wilson situation with the Hardys. I'm telling you what, I'm smelling a Trish Stratus swerve for this whole angle at Invasion. Oh God, this just reeks of Russo. There is definitely a swerve at Invasion for this match. Who knows, maybe Matt Hardy will turn on Lita to go with one of the blonde bombshells at Invasion? Maybe Matt Hardy will leave Lita for LOP Forum's very own Turtle2Hug. You never know!

I'm excited for the Tazz and Tajiri feud, because not only will it provide a good match at Invasion, but it could boost both careers. Tazz's popularity has blossomed from his spot on Tough Enough, and Tajiri is apparently receiving great reviews from those in power at the WWF. Their several matches from ECW were pretty good, and brutal at that. I really hope the best for Tazz in this feud, though, because It would be nice to see him gaining another chance as a full time wrestler again.

How about this referee feud? I'm telling ya, Earl Hebner is going to get beat down at Invasion since Nick Patrick was a former wrestler. I'd like to see the WWF do more with Little Natch, Charles Robinson. When he was a corrupt part of Flair's camp, he was rather entertaining on the matches he tried to wrestle and also, on the mic. However, it came at a time when WCW was doing horrible angles with Nash still as a head writer, so I doubt it was noticed by the WWF.

Finally, we should see the team ECWCW or WCW and a Federation that you can't mention round out to get ready for Invasion. Early rumors suggest that Rhyno, Dudley Boys, DDP, and Booker T will be a part of the team. I'll agree with many writers online (Jason Powell is one) that the WCW/ECW faction just doesn't have the main eventers like the team WWF does. The team of Kane, Undertaker, Austin, Jericho, and Angle all have star power or overall ability to work a main event, unlike many of the ECW or WCW wrestlers. Booker T and Diamond Dallas Page are the only ones on the whole team to even be considered main eventers at this point and time. The others are either glorified midcarders or just guys who were still green at the time the WWF picked them up.

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@That's all for today. I shall be back tomorrow with a FULL RAW review, to which I hope I'm very positive and cordial for. Now if Stephanie puts herself over and Vince does 2 or 3 interviews, then we'll be in trouble. See you tomorrow!

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