Welcome to the wonderful Sunday Edition of the Phat Daily Column. What's in store for today? Well, we have the "Show of the Week" to talk about this week, along with ECW Heatwave predictions. Who knows what else I'll talk about today. The schedule reads that I must do the Show of the Week, PPV predictions, or just anything goes. On to the PDC.

-Show of the Week-

WCW Monday Nitro- Although it literally got crushed in the ratings, WCW put on a strong show Monday Night. They had a great match between Mike Awesome and Booker T, and WCW established a good block of main eventers in Scott Steiner, Bill Goldberg, Positively Kanyon, and Jeff Jarrett. Before with the older guys, you had no definition, as it was just one on one for that title. Hell, even the Great Muta returned to this show in great fashion, even with that Nitro crowd chanting and remembering his name! I'd say Heat and ECW on TNN were the runners up this week, with lackluster main 2 WWF shows, and an OK Thunder. Heat is by far, the best WWF show now!

Michael P.S. Hayes is in question for this column, as I jokingly asked what the "P.S." in his name meant. I thought it meant "Pretty Sexy", as did a lot of readers too. However, I had a whole bunch of e-mails saying that it was "Purely Sexual" or something of that nature. If someone could send me an online link to prove what those letters stand for, it would be greatly appreciated.

-Bret Hart possibly retiring?!?-

That's according to Ross Forman at WCW.com, as he talked with the Hitman recently. Bret Hart will get evaluated on August 3rd, and if he's unable to return during that check up, he said he'll retire. Bret should retire, because one more of those concussions at his age could really threaten his life or well being.

Besides, wrestling seems to put too much stress on Bret Hart anymore. He's unhappy with the new "sports entertainment" style of wrestling, and he could care less for Vince Russo's crazy storylines. On top of that, he's receiving only half of his pay, especially since he was hurt in the ring by a man who didn't get a paycut when he was injured(Goldberg). Also, many point to Bret Hart, still, for being a main reason why the WWF went up and why WCW went down in 1998. I tend to disagree there, as the WCW product was on steady grounds with Hogan starting to fight political battles backstage just when Bret arrived.

On top of that, WCW used Bret like crap. They would make him a good face, then they got the idea for him to turn heel and join the NWO. He went face, and joined them again later on. Then, he comes back from his leave of absense to be a face again....only to join the NWO 2000 and become a heel. At least WCW gave him a good title victory, or you'd really hear me bitching. Finally, of course, the effect of wrestling on his family is really tough to deal with for Bret. Owen's tragic death is always in his mind, along with the recent problems with the British Bulldog have made it rough on the Hitman.

Now I recently finished The Rock Says...., which could be how you'll smell what the Rock is cooking Monday, and it had some good words about Bret Hart. Rocky was just starting out in 1996, and he was somewhat of a loner. Bret Hart noticed that the Rock was new to the business, and he personally would sit with the Rock on trips or just give him advice here and there. That was rather shocking of Bret or just any main eventer to do, but he did it. I thought that was rather touching, and it just popped into my head to finish this segment.

-Heat Preview-

Hey, WWF.com has a Heat preview...

"Edge & Christian could get wood this Sunday on HEAT!" Hmm, I must be missing something here, or at least I don't get the joke. I'm kidding, that obviously means tables as they are taking on the Dudley Boyz!!!! Holy cow, this is Sunday Night Heat? The 3rd rank WWF show? It's #1 in my mind now, and having a match of this magnitude on this show just proves that right. I doubt we'll see a title change, but Heat is mostly for "wrestling", so it should be a great match!

Also tonight, the Godfather takes on Bull Buchanan. Wow, a guy with a good gimmick and no ability takes on a guy with no gimmick and great ability. You decide on who I mean for each of those. Anyway, this one is predictable.. Steven Richards will run down, like the PTC imitation that he is, and cost Godfather the win against the upstart Bull Buchanan.

Perry Saturn takes on Essa Rios. You don't want to miss this one, as Perry delivers a painful elbow that actually knocked out some of Essa's teeth! That alone is the price of watching this show! Heat is the home of Perry Saturn, as I wonder when he'll eventually find a gimmick and come back in the great ways he did in WCW. Of course, when he was on fire, guys like Hulk Hogan were there to put him out.

I'm sure there is another match, but this is all WWF.com lists..so blame them.

ECW Heatwave Predictions

Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinder, and CW Anderson vs. Kid Kash, Danny Doring, and Road Kill
Since ECW was pushing that "everyone wins with an Anderson" on Friday with the TNN show, I'd expect that Anderson's team will win this one. Besides, Kid Kash is in this match for the other team, and he'll do the JOB.
Tito's Pick: Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinder, and CW Anderson

The Baldies vs. Chris Chetti and Super Nova
Poor Nova/Chetti...they gotta face these spot messing up and untalented Baldies. But since the Baldies are the "king of the streets", they will win this one, right? Nah, I'd expect a New Jack return here, and BAM, Guitar shotting the way to victory.
Tito's Pick: Chetti/Nova

Jerry Lynn vs. Steve Corino
Damn this will be a brutal match! Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, sells a beating like Steve Corino. ECW, right now, is very high on Jerry Lynn, especially since he defeated Rob Van Dam at the last Pay Per View. Therefore,
Tito's Pick: Jerry Lynn

Little Guido vs. Tajiri vs. Psychosis
Interesting match here, as I'm anxious to see Tajiri and Psychosis wrestle! Would Psychosis take one of those mean kicks? I don't know, but what I do know is that Tajiri is one of the most fun wrestlers to watch in ECW, and that clean victory win over Mikey Whipwreck signals push in my mind. Let's hope for an Octopus Submission tonight!
Tito's Pick: Tajiri

Scotty "US Male" Anton vs. Rob Van Dam
You've all heard the hype about the "Van Terminator", as it will be used tonight! Many say that this move is spectacular, but that many also works for ECW, so why believe them? But anyway, it will be used to destroy Anton so that RVD can move on to better wrestlers.
Tito's Pick: Rob Van Dam

Sandman vs. Rhino for the TV title
This one is rough to call, as Rhino has been pounding the Sandman on previous events, so he's paying his dues, right? Well, with that incident where Sandman was drunk and dropped his pants during an event should determine the outcome here. Why would they give a title to the Sandman when it could be bad for the rest of the locker-room to award bad ones?
Tito's Pick: Rhino

Justin Credible vs. Tommy Dreamer in a Stairway to Hell match for the World Title
I have yet to see any credibility for giving the World Title to Credible. So he has Francine...BIG DEAL. Francine gets way more cheers or heat than he would ever imagine. Usually, the heel with the valet can piss off the crowd...but Credible can't. He's simply terrible. Dreamer is still deserving of that title as well, and with that said...
Tito's Pick: Tommy Dreamer

@ That's it for today's column. I'll be back tomorrow with the MONDAY NIGHT HYPE edition of the PDC, and also, you WILL Smell What the Rock is Cooking on Monday too!

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