Welcome back to the one and only, Phat Daily Column. It has been a good news week, as I have had lots to write about. I only wish that could be the case everyweek, but you can't have everything. Anyways, on to the PDC.


-Many reports a few weeks back suggested that Ric Flair has a chronic back injury that could end his wrestling career. Well, they appear to be bluff, as Flair seems to be in good shape. He took some decent bumps last Monday, and he wouldn't be wrestling Sting Monday if he wasn't healthy enough. I feel bad for Flair, even though I'm very harsh on the older WCW wrestlers. He does the JOB, he still works hard, and the fans still follow him. He doesn't deserve a horrible injury that would end his career.

-Some suggest that our good buddy Scott Hall will return at Road Wild to help Kevin Nash win the World Title. Scott Hall, for a long freakin' time, has been taking time off for sort "personal problems". I could rant on how WCW wrestlers take too much time off for nothing, but I'll save that for another column. Anyways, he could either come back to help Nash win, or help Hogan win. Remember, neither Hogan or Nash want to lose to each other, even though Kevin Nash jobbed in early January to Hogan in one of WCW's pitiful moments. Of course, if Hall turns on Nash to help Hogan, hey, that's repeating history!

-According to the WCW hotline reports, Buff Bagwell is becoming a headcase in terms of losing in WCW. He has refused to do jobs to many WCW main event wrestlers recently. I think Buff is doing what many other wrestlers in WCW, especially the main eventers, act like when presented with a match where they must lose. Many wrestlers, and I'M NOT JUST MEANING THE OLDER WRESTLERS, have such big heads, that they won't job to anyone. Buff is probably following suit, and since he's hearing the loud pops when he comes out, he's thinking that he shouldn't have to lose. I think Buff shouldn't lose that much because he's one of the wrestlers that will carry WCW in the future. (De Leon)


-Well, according to WWF.com, the biggest rumor killer on the net, Dustin Runnels a.k.a. Goldust has NOT been released from the WWF, but he having discussing the possibility of a mutually agreed upon release, whatever that is supposed to mean. Kidding. It means that Goldust is either on his way out, or he is very unhappy in the WWF. I know, yesterday I jumped the gun saying he was released, but I was close?!? Anyways, the WWF didn't really make much of Dustin's career, as the only thing he did was briefly holding the IC title, and giving every wrestler the shattered dreams. He's practically expendable, except for the fact that they use his wife.

-Next on the rumored released WWF wrestlers, or workers is Nicole Bass. Dave Scherer says it came from a dispute over financial compensation. This would seem likely to be true, since it really has been a while since we saw her on television. Her real angle, which was Sable's bodyguard, was dropped when Sable filed suit against the WWF. She then was involved with an angle with Val Venis, but it ended so she became expendable. The WWF probably wants to clear some room for the upcoming lawsuits and the recent aquisitions, like Jericho. I wonder if she'll travel to Turnerville..

-Ouch. Rumors suggest that the Harts are suing the WWF for, count it, $350 million dollars for the death of Owen Hart. Oh my, that's a case that the WWF can't win, especially since the Harts will accuse the WWF of not caring for the fallen Hart by letting the show go on after his accident. That is what will kill the WWF's chances of winning the case. The WWF should try to settle this one out of court, because the Harts seem to be ready and able to fight this one out till the very end. It should be an interesting, yet sad, court fight.

@That's all for today. I'll attempt to be back tomorrow with more of the legacy known as the Phat Daily Column. So why not chill...till the next episode? This is Mr. Tito, the definition of the word daily, signing off!.

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