Welcome back...to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Today, is a special day. Well, not really, it's just WWF day! I'm really enjoying this new PDC schedule. It allows myself to keep a fresh mind everyday on what to do for the column. Before, with the old system, I'd burn myself out trying to write column after column with no real schedule to work with. For the previous weeks and months, I was really getting burnt out doing this column every day. Now I'm fine, and really enjoying writing this column right now. On to the PDC.


-Smackdown Thoughts-

Well, again, the Hardy Boyz aren't getting their just due yet ever since they dropped their World Title straps...and that was a while ago! Hell, Micheal P.S.(Trivia question: What does the PS stand for in that name?) Hayes used to manage them then if you need a time frame! Tonight, they had to put over a team of the most lame team of DX, who are both WAY over their prime in terms of actually getting attention or crowd heat. You'd figure that by adding Lita, they'd start to win, right? Actually, they are losing much more, and they lose to teams that were created after them, like T&A, the most uncharismatic team in WWF history. If you are going to job them a lot WWF, at least break them up so both of them can try the singles market....well, mainly Jeff Hardy(Matt is good, but the crowd goes crazy over Jeff). Do something, please.

Wow, Crash Holly lost a Hardcore Title match! I thought for sure he'd get it back, but it's sort of hard to defeat a man who looks like a ninja from an HBO late night movie. I've actually noticed WCW taking this weird approach with the Jung dragons attacking the Cat on Thunder and other nights before that. What the hell...has the booking industry lost ideas, and now must revert to watching those cheesey fighting movies which have bad action and always include a nude seen to keep people watching? Must be.

WWF handled the Kurt Angle/Undertaker/Triple H situation well, as Angle was busted for hugging Stephanie by Triple H, so Angle decides to use a sledgehammer...ok, here we go for a moment. Many of you criticized me about my sledgehammer stuff on my RAW report. Why did I say that? Well, usually when wrestling involved crazy foreign objects like baseball bats and sledgehammers, I'll see some crazy newspaper headline about an older brother killing his younger brother/sister from seeing an object used on wrestling. That's all I'm worrying about folks, so understand that much. Now don't think I'm only ragging on the WWF for this...other federations, including WCW are just as bad. I think with WCW, I've seen the use of a baseball bat so much that it's become second nature to me when I watch it.

Back to that situation....where was I? Oh yeah, Angle was coming after Triple H in his match with the Undertaker, and Angle missed only to hit that exact man who he's feuding with, the Undertaker! Yes, no throwing shit on a motorcycle this week, just a bad mistake which will give good heat to a Kurt Angle vs. Triple H match down the road, and good heat to the Angle vs. Undertaker match at Fully Loaded. However, I do have one complaint...Triple H and the Undertaker fought now instead of building up a good pay per view in the future. I'm hoping that at least the WWF holds back on their rematch so it will make it more worthwhile to enjoy.

Hey, Chris Jericho took the night off. Way to sell the injury! I think an attack with a sledgehammer should at least make you miss a couple months, because you know, tools like that can break bones. But hey, this is "sports entertainment", so everything in real life can be exaggerated in the WWF. Um, ok, I get it now.


HA HA! The WWF is striking back on all of the rumors that Stone Cold Steve Austin will be returning at Fully Loaded. The thoughts behind his return were the following:
1. The Reunion Arena in Dallas Texas is somewhat near Stone Cold's home
2. What better way to hype up a return to Summerslam by making a return to the previous Pay Per View?
3. Fully Loaded is expected to have the lowest WWF buyrate in a while, so why not spice it up with Stone Cold? Give the fans an incentive to buy this darn thing!

Then again, it came from WWF.com, and they are WELL KNOWN for pulling swerves on the world. It's funny, especially when guys like Lucas says that WWF.com doesn't pull those tricks, but then he turns around and does it. But seriously, if the WWF were to have Stone Cold on the Pay Per View, he would at least be "rumored" to show up for RAW, and actually show up for Smackdown to hype this Pay Per View up bigtime!

I actually can't wait for Stone Cold's return to the WWF. Why? No, it's not because I want more Vince McMahon vs. Austin. NOOOOOOOOO! It's not because I want another Stone Cold vs. Rock match, which I watched from Wrestlemania 15 the other day, and that match is damn good! Nothing at all. It's mainly the Triple H factor. Stone Cold was uneasy about putting Triple H over in any kind of match back then, and looking at today, Triple H is one of the top superstars in the WWF. He's a major locker-room leader, and the WWF simply loves him now. Stone Cold also has to fight with the Rock for the cheers as well, which should make things interesting if the WWF wants to turn one of them. Anything new is what I'm looking for!

What's even more strange is that Steve Austin has even more guys to contend with. Guys like Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, and Chris Jericho...to name a few, have stamped a good place in the WWF right now, and they are just about complete main eventers now. Would Stone Cold work with any of these guys when he returns? Personally, I'd love to see him feud with Chris Benoit, that way Benoit can bring out the best in Austin to see if he still has it when he returns. Should be some good stuff.

One WWF wrestler, although I didn't like his "demonic" stuff, that I appreciate is the Undertaker. Jim Ross said that the Undertaker is already battling some minor injuries, fresh off his return to the WWF. The same thing happened to him last time just before he was on the shelf. I don't know if he's just injury prone or what, but he sets a great example for the toughness expected in the WWF from minor injuries. I guess they pay the wrestlers to perform, right? In some ways, that's wrong, since wrestlers with legit injuries are forced to go out there and wrestle. Now that's sad.

Wow, I like how a question from WWF.com's Byte This has blown WAY out of proportion! Stephanie McMahon was asked if the money was right, would she pose for Playboy. She didn't answer really, saying that she probably wouldn't or was unsure of doing so. So after that, some morons from those sites which feature *****WET AND ALMOST NUDE WOMEN*****, or at least we are told in their site plugs, are saying that they have EXCLUSIVE NEWS on the Playboy shoot of Stephanie McMahon. Oh fucking please! Kids can be so damn stupid sometimes, and they are so desparate to get you to go to their shitty site!

@That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow with ECW Day, filled with FULL ECW on TNN results. You know, that show that WWF programming will push off in September. Oh yeah, be here Monday if you Smell what the Rock is cooking!

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