Welcome to the one and only Phat Daily Column. The ratings are in! Did WCW grab any ratings after a pay per view? Did having Hogan win the world title AGAIN help Nitro any? Let's find out, and let's go to the Phat Daily Column!

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 3.5
Second Hour: 3.1
Third Hour: 3.7
Composite: 3.43


First Hour: 5.4
Second Hour: 6.5
Composite: 5.95

Head To Head

RAW: 5.95
Nitro: 3.4

-Ok, what do the ratings tell us this week? Well, it shows that WCW took a little ratings, but not much, away from the WWF. Some people showed interest in the interference loaded Macho Man vs. Hogan title match. Of course, it was only a little ratings difference, and the high ratings could have came from the fact that everyone and their mother knew that a title change was going to happen, since Macho can never defeat Hogan. Raw started off slow, but it picked up in the second hour. The first hour of RAW and the second hour of Nitro are odd, because the viewership is much lower than the final hours. I suppose a few viewers don't like undercards. Anyways, I think WCW needs to have some clean pins, like I've stated the whole time. The reason I was so unkind to WCW yesterday was the fact that every good match had a horrible ending. The Booker T vs. DDP match was great, but of course, it had a lame ending. Give us what we want! Clean pin matches! At least that is what I want, and that is why I graded the WWF high the last 2 weeks, because they have had some clean pinned matches. Nitro always has run-ins, or an annoying screwjob. WCW now has the perfect opportunity to grab some ratings with the WWF product becoming too repetitive. But of course, what do I know. I'm just a fan that gets angered easily by run-ins during matches everyweek.


-Already, the press and other politicians are taking shots at Jesse Ventura for signing a deal with the WWF to show up at Summerslam. They feel he is becoming an embarassment to politics by entering a federation that is based nowadays on adult themes. The press is bashing Ventura simply because they feel he's a mockery as a governor by appearing at a wrestling event, when he could be doing something better. Although he has signed with the WWF, the word is that the money he makes for his appearance, will be donated to charity. That's a good cause, but I still think he's ruining any future positions in politics by signing for an appearance on Summerslam. Not wise career choice, unless the governor of Minnesota is the only thing he wants to accomplish.

-It appears that the WWF is really impressed with Holly now. They were happy with his Hardcore run, but they love his involvement in Wight-Kane-Undertaker angle. They feel that he's perfect for the role, and that he is a great instigator for the big men. It's hard to say where Holly's involvement with this angle will take him, but it's much better than what he used to do. Keep up the good work Holly.

-A bunch of savages are around the internet, sending everyone fake RAW results. Bunch of savages. Anyways, both Heat and RAW have a few surprises, but some repetition continues. Like I've stated, the WWF product is repeating itself too much. I've read many columns talking about how the WWF is becoming stale, and uninteresting like it used to be. I agree. Although the WWF can always make something exciting, they are repeating the same stuff over and over again. They do a good job at keeping it fresh, but I finally think that it's beginning to hurt them. I think by adding Chris Jericho, it will definately help the WWF. Jericho, if pushed the right way, can draw large numbers. I know, because I used to love to rip the hell out of Jericho, and many fans would curse at me back for it. Although getting Jericho was nice, the WWF needs something else new.


-According to Al Isaacs at Scoops, the angle for the hummer driver has been dropped. Great going WCW. You have built it up so long, only to have it completely dropped. Many fans were upset when the hummer driver wasn't revealed at Bash at the Beach. WCW was never really sure who they wanted as the driver, but I heard that none other than Rena Mero was supposed to be it. WCW was really counting on her to get out of her contract so soon, that they could have set that angle up for her to eventually step in. Unfortunately for WCW, they "dropped the ball" on any recent plans to have her in WCW. WCW was tossing around names like Miss Elizabeth, Scott Hall, my pick Lex Luger, and even Hogan. I guess WCW didn't want a letdown, like the "Higher Power" to happen.

-When reading Pillman911's column yesterday, it gave me a thought. In his column, he had a comment with how he now has a Hogan wrestling buddy, and that now he can sleep with Hogan like Bischoff does. That was a great comment, and it got me thinking. How much can WCW give to Hogan? Let's take a look back. Hogan retires in the late fall last year, stating that he's accomplished everything in wrestling. He shows interest in coming back, and wins the world title on his first appearance back!!! Ok, let's look back to the past Nitro. Hogan, who was out for a few months due to injury, comes back to win the world title again on his first night back!! Ok, if that isn't proof that the whole executive team is sleeping with Hogan, I don't know what is. Now, I respect all of what Hogan has done for the sport. He has helped put wrestling on the map, and he was the main wrestler that attracted fans. But Hogan, although he has received some cheers, shouldn't be given the title when he comes back from a layoff. That's pathetic how bad WCW is infatuated with Hogan, especially in during this time. WCW should do what the WWF did, and that is replace or repackage it's main eventers, instead of feeding the big bones to their dinosaurs.

-WCW wrestlers are wondering why Macho Man won the World Title at the Bash at the Beach, when it came after a Nitro where he was slapping around women. Some suggest that the scene was Macho's idea, and it was unplanned. That's obvious since the lamest announcing team, Shiavone and Heenan, didn't say anything about it. They usually run their mouths during a situation, but they were probable in awe when they saw it. Anyways, the real reason why Macho won the title was because Nash wasn't willing to lose the world title to Hogan the next night on Nitro. Hogan, unfortunately, was scripted to win the World Title no matter what on Nitro the next day, so Nash dropped the strap to Hogan since Nash refuses to job to Hogan. Interesting to see what happens if they fight at Road Wild.

@Wow, I did a lot of ranting today. I guess I'm all fired up about wrestling! Ha! Anyways, I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully, with another PHAT edition of the Phat Daily Column. Until then, just chill...till the next epidode! This is Mr. Tito, the lord of Phat Columns, signing off!

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