Welcome to the Phat Daily Column. Yes, it's late, but even Mr. Tito has to sleep sometimes. With that being said, today is WCW day! This is the day where there is nothing BUT Chunder Thunder thoughts, and just thoughts on the world of WCW. It will be such wonderful fun! On to the PDC.


-Thunder Thoughts-

Wow, WCW went ahead of Muta/Jung Dragons vs. Tank/3 Count...I figured they'd drag it out and make a Pay Per View match out of it. But hey, now that this is over, let's move Muta on. Make him fight two other wrestlers with their faces painted. No, I'm not talking about that JOBBER Demon, I'm talking about Sting and Vampiro! I'd just love to see a 3 Way Dance between Muta, Sting, and Vampiro. Now that's a way to smell the ratings.

Another wow, as Jindrak/O'Hare defeated Lance Storm and Billy Kidman. By the say, Storm is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. An argument ensues by Storm and Kidman, and they fight later on that evening! Yikes, good wrestling, twice in one night! Kidman gets the win there. I'm not too sure what you could do with Kidman, but I think that by turning Lance Storm heel and giving him a valet, he might do some wonders. I'm now convinced that Kidman is in the role of Xpac, and that means ABSOLUTELY going no where with his career!

Why is it that every match involving the Perfect Event and/or Misfits in Action, there are always lots of run-ins, corny segments involving women, or just someone getting hit with a muscle flexor? Of course, the only talented one out of this whole bunch is Chavo Guerrero, who is stuck with a military gimmick. Hey, why not take his MIA gimmick away like you did with Booker T. Look where Booker T is now!

One thing good about WCW now is that they are FINALLY using Chris Kanyon...wait, I mean Positively Kanyon in the main events now. I've liked Kanyon, but I know of many individuals pushing for him to become a main eventer just like I was for Booker T. Kanyon was a guy that the Busch administration didn't appreciate, and his career in WCW almost ended. Could you just imagine Kanyon in the WWF? He would be actually appreciated? Now he's getting the WCW appreciation which is very long overdue. I just hope politics don't get in the way......


Speaking of politics, it seems very certain that we will see the return of the Hogan driven NWO. Nash has conveniently disappeared, Hall hasn't returned in ages, and Bischoff just happens to be taking time off. Coincidence?

WELL....Hulk Hogan is said to only have 4 more appearances in his contract. Just 4. Are 4 appearances enough to get an angle over? Don't think so. Maybe he could show up on a Nitro, then fight the Pay Per View match! Then defend the World Title on the next Pay Per Views. Unless he gets a new deal, it would be hard for him to squeeze something in those 4 appearances due in his contract.

With Kevin Nash, it would probably make the most sense for him to turn for the NWO. He's now on his own, I guess, since Scott Steiner attacked him. With a group, he could now attack the New Blood...or what's left of it I guess? I don't know though on Nash. While in the New World Order with Hogan, his career was held down bigtime in WCW. The most Nash could do was to be a World Tag champion, and that's not good for a man who was a major singles superstar. Nash even had to hand the title over to Hogan at the first Nitro in 1999 when the NWO was reformed. Why would Nash want to put up with Hogan again in this way?

Scott Hall is a major factor here. Brad Siegal and the rest of the Standards and Practices along with the higher-ups at Time Warner, keep telling WCW to NOT bring back Scott Hall. They know of his past problems, and they probably feel that someone who takes more time rehabbing his life than wrestling should NOT be on television. That's a pretty good point, which WCW should look at instead of even thinking about bringing him back one last time for an NWO angle.

Then you have Eric Bischoff, who many feel has returned to his old ways of rubbing the shoulders of the older wrestlers, and spitting on the younger ones. When he was a part of the NWO, his ego got even worse. I remember that many wrestlers liked Bischoff very much before he turned to the NWO in late 1996, but after he turned to Black and White, the power got to him. So by making him the power behind the NWO could be fatal, and all that time he took off while not being the WCW president would mean nothing.

I'm saying it's a bad idea. That's just my opinion, because NWO 2 and NWO 3 were HUGE failures. Also, do you remember the NWO Hollywood and the NWO Wolfpac? Do you know why the Wolfpac was a complete failure? Do you know why NWO 2 was a failure in early 1999? Hulk Hogan. If you remember in 1998, Hogan was using his political power backstage to purposely stack his NWO Hollywood, while trying to push down the Wolfpac. It worked! Then he retired, and returned to form the NWO 2, where Nash laid down for Hogan. Hogan's ego was now refueled, and everything was centered around him..thus, BAD RATINGS.

I do hope this is a real shoot by Vince Russo. If it's not, then any credibility, which in my opinion he doesn't have much of, will be shot. Then again, if it is a shoot and Hogan is gone from WCW from this, I'll like him that much more. Then, without Hogan stopping him on crazy moves, Russo will have the creative control to do whatever he wants. WCW can't let Russo have total control. He had it during his first run at WCW, and he took the company no where. I think he should work with Terry Taylor, who at his best(his worst was writing Big Show/dad with Cancer angle) can be a great writer. Taylor was a big force in writing the NWO segments and the mid card segments. When he left WCW in 1998, their angles went straight down to the ground. Taylor did a pretty good job in Russo's absence, and he should at least get something for that.

Speaking of Terry Taylor, he was the driving force behind pushing Booker T. Taylor was behind pushing the younger or most deserving wrestlers in WCW during his weeks as head booker, and Booker T was the one he wanted to push the most. Thus, you see his feud being set up on last week's Thunder, and now he's World Champ. I think that Russo saw the good of the push for Booker T, and he decided to try to continue it when he returned to booking at the Bash at the Beach. With Booker T, I hope Russo doesn't decide to go for shock value and blow this title reign out of the ground with a short title reign. Not that I'm favoring Booker T here, but any champ who holds a title for a while gives some credibility to a federation. I think Triple H is always a great example of that.

Sting was the man under the mask at Nitro Monday, as that rested the claims that he was refusing to work and/or an independent wrestler would be playing his role. The creative team seems to be unsure how to use Sting, or more like they have no idea on Sting's look. I think they have a few ideas in their heads, but they are pending to see what being burnt could do to a man. Who knows? Maybe getting burnt will burn off the Crow gimmick and make the Blonde Sting return? Hmm, I don't know..but what I do know is that Sting is confirmed to be at "New Blood Rising", and he should make his grand entrance back to WCW then in full form.

We have a Tuesday Nitro next week...which in some ways, could be a "tester" for future Tuesday broadcasts. Nitro, as you should see from last week, doesn't seem to get past a 3.2 in the ratings on Mondays. That's not bad for cable, but I'm sure they expect to do much more than that. They could really be seeing Nitro do well this Tuesday, and a move wouldn't be a bad idea. However, Russo wouldn't see it that way, as he's a firm believer in competition. He's still pushing for Nitro to be a 9-11 show, instead of a 8-10 show. Why would you do that Russo? The WWF would have to compete again if you did that! It's better to stay away from the WWF and let them destroy themselves, and while doing that, gain a good audience on Tuesdays. We'll see how they do on Tuesdays when the ratings come out Wednesday evening.

@That's all for today's WCW Day Phat Daily Column. I'll be back tomorrow with MORE PDC to go around, as it will be WWF Day. The Rock Says.... book review should be coming soon by the way.

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