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Mr. Tito July 13, 1999
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Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Good old Monday Night..gotta love it. The Monday Night Impressions are here and ready to unleash. On to the PDC.

Note: I messed up. I wasn't aware of the "Loser can't dance" stipulation being thrown out for the Disco vs. Cat match. I'm sorry, I'm only human.

Monday Night Impressions

Well, this week I want to welcome back my Monday Night tag team partner, the Professor Frank McHone. I'm very glad that he's back to help with some opinions and grades on the Monday Night shows. Welcome back Frank, I'm glad you're back.


-Nothing like a good old Macho interview, with Mean Gene no less. Joy. Hogan came out, and accepted Macho's challenge. Has Hogan and Macho ever fought? Ha.

-Konnan vs. Vampiro, the match to see who gets out of the WCW doghouse. Konnan gets the win from a psycho Vampiro disqualifying himself.

-Buff vs. the Cat..that should be for the US title! Damn David Flair.

-Poor Dean, jobbing to two Flairs two nights in a row. Interesting, Sting vs. David Flair for the right to fight Ric for the company. Sting is gonna whip his ass.

-Nice to see Kidman defeat someone much larger than him. Kidman should be cruiserweight champ. Whatever happened to that belt?

-Poor Kenny Chaos, no match for Sid. Nice to see Sid call out Sting.

-The Sting vs. David Flair match was a joke. Why isn't anyone allowed to pin David Flair. He's a loser.

-Wow, could Booker T's singles career be ruined now with the possible reformation of Harlem Heat. It appeared after his match with DDP, where the Triad had to interfere. Good technical match. Like Coolbeans, I think Booker T needs to be used better, and win matches cleanly. Good match though. I only wish it could have ended cleanly. Damn shame.

-Well, my theory goes on. Macho can never beat Hogan. It's sad, and pathetic. Also, this marks yet another interference ridden main event. Happy Happy, Joy Joy. New world champ...I wonder if Hogan will lose to Nash, because Nash said before that he would never JOB to Hogan, again.

Nitro Phat Stats

Matches: 7 <---for 3 hours
Clean Wins: 2
Screwjobs: 2
Disqualifications: 2
No contests: 1

====$Alright, Hogan as champ. (Trying to be nice, trying to be nice, trying to be nice) Ahem, I'm wondering? Can WCW ever get better? I'll nail them with a


for their lack of effort to get some ratings. They had some decent matches, but those decent matches can never be won fairly. Oh joy, lots of musical acts or athletes heading to WCW. Yeah, like that will affect the ratings. Look for WCW to get beat hard on the ratings this week.

The Professor Frank McHone says: First I will talk about the good things. Ric Flair wrestled, Harlem Heat looks to be reuniting, and I love "Little Natch". Ok, with that out of the way, we move onto the rest. Hogan is back, and world champ again. Oh God, I hate it already. Sting could win control of the company, more women getting the shit kicked out of them (this is family entertainment?), and everyone trying to bach Flair (even though he is the only one willing to put over young guys). At least the Cat beat Bagwell's ass. This Nitro gets a


for just having Hogan as champ again, and all these morons cheering for him.


-Joy, I love how RAW always opens up with some kind of interview. Anyways, I will say that it was cool how they busted Stone Cold open for Vince to sign the contract with his blood.

-Good fight with Gangrel vs. Edge. Looks like this feud is "heating up", as it ended with Gangrel throwing Edge through his entrance.

-I do love how the Undertaker and Kane are reuniting, although I wish Kane would join DX.

-Interesting tag match with the Hardys vs. Godfather/Venis, that unfortunately ended as a DQ. Godfather and Val will be champs one day..I can feel it!

-I loved the six man with former DX vs. DX and the Rock. Great match! I love six man matches for some reason.

-Droz vs. Al Snow was alright, I suppose, but the feud will keep going since Prince Albert really pierced the Heat. Funny stuff. It was better than Al Snow chasing midgets last night!

-That was shocking when Shane hit Stephanie. I was in awe when it happened. Compelling scene there, and good acting as well.

-Good main event, I must say between Stone Cold/Big Show vs. Kane and Undertaker. Clean win too, but poor Kane had to do the JOB. WWF should give Kane more credit.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 6
Clean wins: 3
Screwjobs: 0
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 2

====$Alright, another solid WWF card, with a strong main event. Good matches as well, with half of the matches with clean fought victories. Not bad. I'll give it an


because they actually want to put on a good show.

The Professor Frank McHone says: Ok, the Austin Undertaker thing is how you build a fued. Take note WCW. The more I watch Al Snow the more I think he is the dumbest SOB ever, but then came along Droz. I take it all back Al. The Rock in DX? We can hope. Big Show and Austin make a good team. I love the Hardy Boys, they are great, and it is good to see talent get a push for a change (another note to WCW). This didn't have to be a very good show tonight, since WCW shot itself in the foot with that sorry ass PPV last night. It was though. This edition of Raw gets an


just for being entertaining and not having Hogan. I really hate that piece of trash, Rogaine needing, five moves, huge ego, no mic skill having, prick. He is an asshole in person, I have met him.

Wrestling News

-With Hogan as champ now, what is going to happen? Well, as I have stated before, Nash has said that he will NEVER job to Hogan again. So what will happen if these two lock up on a Nitro or a Pay Per View. Hogan isn't very willing to job anymore, so why would he feel obligated to lose to Nash? This is so frustrating. Why can't some enforcement in WCW help these two out. There are people with power that should make these two wrestlers work how they want them too. Then you have wrestlers, like poor Macho, that actually do the job. Damn wrestlers in WCW are too headstrong. They wonder why it seems as though they are crumbling..

-Contrary to what many reports, including mine, say about the WWF's must lose weight loss program, it doesn't seem to be as strict as some feel. The WWF really prefers for some wrestlers to lose weight. Admittingly, Blue Meanie is really out of shape, so therefore he's on the program because the WWF feels his weight limits his performance. I agree. As for Mark Henry, the WWF just asked him to lose weight. He's been injured, so he must rest on his bad knee, right? That's lots of downtime to gain some weight. If the WWF was really strict on their weight loss program, then damn Viscera better get his ass on the treadmill in a sweatroom. He's the most out of shape wrestler around, so if the WWF is telling Henry to lose lots of weight quickly, don't you think that Viscera would be told the same? I think so.

-Yes, the recent stuff concerning Steve Blackman is his final chance to get over in the WWF. If his feud with Shamrock doesn't get any attention at all, look for the WWF to cut him. That's a shame, because Blackman has talent. The problem with him is the fact that he is quiet and strict, and he can't really generate heat. Hopefully, his association with the Corporate Ministry will take him somewhere.

@Thanks for reading. I'm glad to see Frank back. Anyways, that's it for today. Expect some projects to come for the PDC. Look for the WCW and WWF Possible Angles to come in the future, and also look for many other interesting things for the Phat Daily Column. So until the next column, just chill..till the next episode.

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Take Care, and Say Your Prayers and Take Your Vitamins.

Mr. Tito 1999

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