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      Submitted by Mr. Tito on 7-12-00 @ 09:56 EST

      Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Wow, I wrote two columns yesterday, as I was praised for one, and booed for the other. The other, of course, was for the "D" that I gave RAW is Bore Monday Night. Was my grade reflecting how the ratings went? No. It hardly ever does, as it's viewers hooked to one show and myself throwing an opinion at it. Let's look at this week's ratings, so on to the PDC!

      Rating Analysis


      First Hour: 3.1
      Second Hour: 2.1 (?!?)
      Composite: 2.6

      RAW is WAR

      First Hour: 5.2
      Second Hour: 6.8
      Composite: 6.0

      -HEAD to HEAD-

      RAW: 5.2
      Nitro: 2.6
      Sunday Night Heat: 2.8

      -Lower End Shows->

      WCW Saturday Morning: 0.8
      WWF Livewire: 1.3
      WWF Superstars: 1.5
      ECW on TNN: 0.9

      For RAW, I'm convinced that any sporting event affects RAW. Why? Whenever there is some kind of sport with a special game or contest, I see RAW's numbers dip, and Nitro's usually stay the same. Their 6.8 can be explained, but the 5.2 is a weird one. This is NOT from competition of Nitro, who only had a 2.1 in the second hour versus the start of RAW.

      Now Nitro is the shocker. The first hour was only a 3.1 in what they are calling their biggest controversy, and only a 2.1 in head to head action with RAW! Yikes! Yes, I know the homerun dirby took away viewers, but not by that much! 2.1 in the second hour is terrible for Nitro. It's like we are in the Sullivan era again, but only this time, they are coming off their biggest Pay Per View this year. This is NOT good at all.

      Heat defeated the second hour and the composite of Nitro. Now we can't say much because Nitro was WAY lower in the ratings as usual. We'll see next week.

      On the lower end section, ECW on TNN defeated WCW Saturday Morning! Ok, WCW Saturday Morning is just a few weeks in, and fresh on their timeslot. Oh wait, TNN doesn't care about ECW, so they don't sponsor them anyway. WCW Saturday Morning is plugged all of the time on Nitro or Thunder, and it's advertised on TBS a good deal. Anyway, both Superstars and Livewire are both slightly up this week, as those two are the shows ECW must chase and defeat, as they will both be on TNN in the fall. What better way to dog TNN and the WWF by defeating their shows in the ratings.


      Many of you were quick to point out my comments about Booker T. I suggested for him to try to NOT act like the Rock as the World Champ for WCW. I mean come on, the "Book End"? I loved when Booker T used that as a regular move, but as a finisher? I also made the comment about his clothing, as he wore sunglasses and a nice shirt. I just looked at him and thought I saw a Rock imitation, and I mentioned it here. Many readers then told me that he was one of the best dressers in WCW. Umm, ok. Don't get me wrong, Booker T is a hero of mine, but he has his unique moves that he could use instead of the Book End as his finisher.

      One thing about Booker T and his title win that disturbs me. I've seen other columnists or just posts on message boards about Booker T winning the World Title to help slap down the discrimination suit against WCW. The question they raised would be "how could you be claiming WCW is racist when they have an African American as their world champ?" Well, I call that BULLSHIT. I think that Terry Taylor proved that the younger wrestlers generate the same ratings as the older wrestlers, so in turn, WCW wanted to try a younger champion. Who deserved it more than Booker T? Nobody, and that's probably why he's your World Champ right now. It's definately not a racist thing.

      Raven is coming to the WWF, and will probably debut a month or two after his ECW contract expires in August. Who knows, he could debut after his contract runs out? Well anyway, the WWF is taking a great risk on Raven. Then again, if Raven decides to pull any of his 'rebel' ways like he has tried on ECW and WCW, the WWF will strike him down. The WWF knows the problems that Raven or Scotty Levy can cause. They only signed Raven for a few reasons. One, his name. Raven is a well known wrestler throughout the wrestling world. And two, at his best, Raven is a great performer. As long as he wants to wrestle and is in top shape, you are gaining a great wrestler. It should be interesting to see how he works out in the WWF locker-room. Raven must realize that this is the final bridge, which he hasn't torched yet. If he messes up here, he can't go back to ECW or WCW due to the problems he has had in each of them. With that being said, I think he'll cooperate with the WWF.

      And finally, will the NWO reform???? Well, it's obvious with Eric Bischoff disappearing, Hulk Hogan getting screwed, Nash losing to Goldberg, and Scott Hall losing his WCW contract that they could all come back in the Black and White like they used two. Everyone knows my feelings on reforming the NWO, an old angle, so I'll be nice here and point out some good ways to look at this. For one, the NWO angle has failed in 2 revivals. That's a true fact, as even before the injuries of the wrestlers occurred, they didn't draw any great ratings. Second, Hogan, Nash, and Hall are older now and no where near as good as they were in 1996. Damn, it's been 4 Years since they originally formed the NWO! Together, they were great back in the day. Things have changed, like that each wrestler is no where near as healthy as they were then. Nash and Hogan have a damaged relationship due to the many backstage battles for power. If this NWO reforms, Hogan will again want all of the power, and things could get ugly again. Besides, Scott Hall, if he were to return, would only wrestle 3 weeks, and then he's gone again!

      Congrats to the Valley Wrestling Federation for another great show last night!

      @That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow with the wonderful 'WCW Day', discussing WCW and their wonderful show, Chunder. Just chill...till the next episode.
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      Take Care, and Thanks a Million for Reading.

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