Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Well, Phat Chat, last night, was a success! It ran for a good 4 hours, and it probably had better buyrates than Bash at the Beach. HA! I want to thank everyone for coming out. Anyways, we have a new world champ in WCW, joy, so what will happen on Nitro tonight? How about RAW? We'll find out tonight as the Monday Night Wars continue. On to the PDC.


-Well, the Macho Man is our new World Heavyweight Champion. So what on earth does that mean? Think about it. A man, maybe tonight will be coming back. Think. Who does the Macho Man always lose to? Hogan of course! Hogan will probably be the next World Champ. This is so sad for Macho, because he will lose the title to Hogan, again! Macho will never defeat Hogan for as long as he lives. Even if you chopped off Hogan's arms and legs off, blinded Hogan, and put the match in a cage match so no wrestlers could interfere, Hogan would still win. Rather sad for the Macho Man.-It's hard to say what will happen to the Disco Inferno now that he's lost his gimmick. He will probably wrestle for a while, forcing himself not to dance, and he will job a lot. Then, he might find a brand new gimmick, or a new angle that could repackage himself. Nah, I don't think so. I think Disco's career is over. I can't see no other gimmick for him, because a changed gimmick would make you think "That used to be Disco". I think it's safe to say, that Disco's career in WCW, will be in jeopardy of really failing.-Well, David Flair retained the championship, unfortunately for us. I don't see why WCW is making such a mockery of the United States title. It truly is pathetic. Hell, Duane Gill as Lightweight champ is much better than this.-Well, I suppose Master P is going to last in WCW, from the No Limit win last night. I still say WCW shouldn't be wasting their time or money on him. Not that I'm ripping on his rapping, it's just that musical acts don't always belong in wrestling. -Public Enemy returned last night during the Junk Yard match. Hopefully, they can somehow get themselves over again, because they were pathetic in the WWF.-What will happen on Nitro tonight? Many think that the Hummer driver could be revealed tonight, fitting that this is a Nitro after a pay per view, which SHOULD generate ratings. Many readers have e-mailed me telling me how pissed they were at Bash at the Beach because the Hummer driver was not revealed. Also, could Shane Douglas finally show up on WCW? We'll see..


-Oh my, according to WWF.com, Jesse the Body has struck a deal with the WWF to appear at Summerslam!! That is HUGE news, as both the WWF and WCW have been chasing him ever since he became Governor of Minnesota. This is a wrong move for Ventura if he feels like running for a higher office. If he does try to run for a higher office, voters could think that he's always a wrestler, not a politician since he is taking time off from his job to be at a wrestling event. He's probably getting payed to show up, so that shows he can take money to do other things than for the people. Plus, with all of the negative publicity that the WWF already gets, can really affect Jesse's career. This proves that he's still the "Body" and not the "Mind".-Well, RAW comes to us LIVE tonight, and what is going to happen? Well, last week we saw some good, clean wrestling matches. Let's hope the trend continues to offset the repetition that happens. Look for something interesting between Vince and Stone Cold tonight, as they have to sign the contract for the First Blood, or should I say the recycled match between the Undertaker and Stone Cold but with a gimmick, to determine what happens to Stone Cold or Vince McMahon. I think early on, that Undertaker will win to keep the "screw" Stone Cold angle going. I don't think Vince is ready to stay off television yet. He's getting old, but he can still perform on camera. Look for more stuff involving DX and former DX, more stuff with Kane and Undertaker against the Big Show, as well as the usual strange matches and angles from the WWF tonight. They are live and they are up against a Nitro coming off a Pay Per View. They will probably win the ratings. -Heat was pretty decent last night. Paul Wight probably did his best interview ever last night. It's usually hard to make out his words, but he made his points clear. Well, Gangrel has turned his back on Edge, so look for a good feud there. They fought before..hmm. Anyways, I thought the Al Snow thing vs. the Minis was stupid. He seems to be in the dumbest angles in the WWF now. Haha, I loved the Rock's impersonation of Mr. Ass. HAHA. Ok tag match, but I wanted a clean ending with the Hardyz and Droz/Prince Albert. Damn, Shane must be a very protective brother. HA! Good brawl with Kane vs. Bradshaw. This show gets a good solid B.

@Thanks for reading the Phat Daily Column. I'll be back with the PHAT Monday Night Impressions. So until then, why don't ya just chill...till the next episode.

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Mr. Tito 1999