Welcome to yet another wonderful edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll discuss the news and events from yesterday and today, as there's lot to talk about. I find that when I take Wednesdays off, I have a nice chunk of stuff to discuss on Thursdays. Isn't that odd? Then again, when the current wrestling scene isn't pumping out too many good things to talk about, it's hard to even fill one column with material.

A couple of things discussed in feedback. Firstly, the Kevin Nash injury. Several are debating how it happened, whereas I'm firm on the fact that muscle enhancers did it. Dr. James Andrews said it himself, as today's athletes are putting on too much muscle for their tendons to handle. Because of that, a simple trip by Kevin Nash wouldn't rip a quadricep cleanly from the bone like it did. That's no freak injury.

And note of course, that muscle enhancers don't have to be steroids. Go to your local GNC and you'll see as many LEGAL supplements that will take the place of steroids.

Also, there was a good disagreement about RAW. I didn't like the show, although many did. Ain't no thang, as it's just a difference in opinions. Some suggested that other talent "got over". How so? By wrestling 3 minute matches? By letting the nWo flop and take up a lot of television time? By pushing Tough Enough talent? The 3.7 rating says it all about the show, which we'll get to later.

By the way, a shout out to the WXW backyard wrestling promotion, which I'll be attending their show tonight. Can't wait!

On to the PDC.


-Chalk up yet another poor rating for RAW. It's clear as day to what is happening. For the 3.7 rating, the WWE did a 3.4 in the first hour and 3.9 in the second. Yuck! That means that nobody was interested in seeing the show from the start and barely anybody wanted to come back to see it at the end. The NWO aren't the greatest heels in the world, yet they are pushed in that manner. With Kevin Nash now gone, what are they going to do? Yeah, that means you might have to make Benoit and Guerrero the top dogs, instead of having them feud with the Dudleys. Oh wait, I know what they'll do... they'll push the Undertaker more!! That's exactly what the show needs!

Even worse was the 2.0 rating on the 4th of July for Smackdown. I'm sorry, but I understand that it's a holiday, but a 2.0 rating is hideously low even for a holiday. That shows that nobody is willing to go out of their way to watch WWE shows right now. There is NO demand for it right now.

Velocity and Confidential were both hurt by having a repeat of Confidential, already. The lack of advertising on Smackdown and RAW hurt them, which is very understandable. My guess is that the WWE is already burnt out on ideas for Confidential, and needed a week off to scrape up some crap from the bottom.

Heat actually improved this week with their 1.3 rating. Wow...

-So Vince Russo signed a deal with the NWA-TNA, so his backstage visit at last week's show wasn't just "visiting friends". What happened in the WWE? As you've heard already, there was a dispute over Russo wanting full creative power in the WWE or none at all, which had him sent home to become a consultant. I don't think that Vince is willing to let go a full writing staff, one that's headed by his own daughter, Stephanie. With that being said, and with the threat of Russo POSSIBLY becoming successful, the NWA-TNA took the bait and signed Russo to a deal. I'm actually convinced that Russo has been booking or helping out with the shows all along, as he's probably been talking with Jeff Jarrett all along.

-I find it interesting that every article talks about how Debra gets mad when her husband Steve Austin isn't involved with the wrestling industry, such as now when he walked out a few weeks ago and before when he walked out at Wrestlemania. If this is true, then Debra must have been fed up with Mongo Steve McMichael when he retired from football and quit wrestling in WCW. And if she's so pushy about her husband's line of work, then maybe that drove Austin over the edge, given that he drinks a decent amount when not wrestling, to attack Debra. But I don't really know, but these articles pointing the finger at Debra being a glory hound are rather bizarre.


Tonight, the Rock returns to WWE television for the first time since.... well, King of the Ring a couple of weeks ago. Hmmm.. At least now, Rock should be regularly appearing on Smackdown, and that's needed for the WWE right now. I believe he'd be better off helping RAW's roster, thanks to the lack of top face on that show and for the fact that it needs a nice ratings boost right now. So does Smackdown though...

The Undertaker will likely not take the night off and appear at Smackdown to confront the Rock, and also now, Kurt Angle. Hell, the Undertaker will be tagging up with John Cena to take on Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho. Interesting, as the face turn of the Undertaker is really starting to shape up. Thank God Cena isn't on the receiving end of the Undertaker... yet.

I am SCARED of the Hulk Hogan/Edge vs. Billy and Chuck match. I have yet to read the spoilers to end my anxiety, as I feel that Hogan and Edge make a perfectly fine tag team. Hogan at this point in his career, has finally found a place after being World Champion for one more time. The tag match last week was very entertaining, so with the 2.0 rating, I guess the WWE wants to give the casual fans who stepped out something to watch?

Mark Henry and Randy Orton will take on D'Von and Deacon Bautista in a whatever match. Just start pushing Bautista instead of wasting his time in these tag matches, and while you're at it, push Orton to be his first opponent and see what they can do against each other at Vengeance. Leviath... I mean Bautista has that look that WWE fans can get easily attached to, and he could be a vital fresh face for the company right now. Same with Orton, if he's placed in a good feud.

But Mark Henry and D'Von... Ugh! Mark Henry is NO wrestler. All of that progress that Jim Ross hyped about in his reports for Henry, well, I just don't see it. I see NO improvement from the last time we saw Henry. With D'Von, he's not being pushed right as a singles wrestler to work effectively. He has a lack of a finishing move, which I believe hurts him, and the belief that he's still a tag team specialist is still around, which hurts his credibility. That top rope neckbreaker of his should be more than good enough to become his finisher, and breaking him away from Bautista wouldn't hurt either so that both can blossom on their own.


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@Back tomorrow to review Smackdown, the best damn show the WWE has to offer at this point.

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