Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Phat Chat is tonight, and I have news below concerning that. Also, the Bash at the Beach is tonight as well. Anyways, on to the Phat Daily Column.


-Some wrestlers in the back have complained recently about David Flair now being the United States champ. Many wrestlers in the back want titles very badly, and they feel that giving a title to a newcomer, especially a son of a great wrestler, is an embarassment to their wrestling careers. The wrestlers feel that they have busted their asses for too long for some daddy's boy to come in and win the title which is second rate to the world title. I agree. David Flair is by far, the worst wrestler to ever wrestle on television. He's a joke. He's not in shape, he has no talent, and he generate heat unless daddy is with him. The US title should be given to hard working wrestlers that can generate crowd reactions, like Buff and the Cat. WCW wonders why their wrestlers are complaining.-No word yet if the Bash at the Beach match up with No Limit vs. Country will be Master P's final WCW appearance. If, of course, the No Limit Soldiers lose, then it could possibly be Master's last WCW appearance. I think WCW is realizing, since they don't have Master P on as much, what a mistake they did by signing him. They took a chance on him, but it fell through since the crowds prefer to chant for the Country side. It seems that WCW has only made a mockery out of Master P's hard earned rap career, and it made Curt Hennig get over with his "Rap is Crap". When all of this is said and done, WCW can look back and say, we finally got Curt Hennig over in WCW. Too bad it cost them a whole lot of money.-WCW bookers keep tossing around ideas on what to do with Jericho. According to recent reports, some talk has occurred about bringing back Ralphus for him to defeat Jericho in a match. It's been a while since Ralphus has been on television, and it would humiliate Jericho before he enters the WWF. Ralphus was on television until his ego got in his way backstage. He treated his old friends, the ring crew, like dirt, and he even tried to influence bookers on what to do. We'll see what WCW has in store for Jericho, as I think they will let him sit out his contract until it runs out.


-According to the Ross Report, the Insane Clown Posse will NOT be returning to the WWF. I suppose my theory about the WWF learning from WCW's mistakes, about having rappers around, is in effect. The WWF isn't happy with how ICP left, since they actually hit WWF wrestlers during their stay. (Trying to refrain from ripping on ICP) Anyways, this probably means that ICP will most likely, end up in WCW, to finally accomplish working for the big 3 wrestling federations.

Shotgun Saturday Night Report

Results and ImpressionsStarts off with Raw highlights of Undertaker vs. Stone Cold. Shotgun Sat. Night intro starts. Micheal Cole and Vic Venom hype the show up. They keep hyping a "historical document" signing by Vince McMahon.Christian vs. Chuck Coats?Kinda one sided, as Christian has been hitting some sweet moves. Damn, Chuck is a jobber. Weak moves by him. Christian nails his finisher..123. I thought Christian's great moves and wrestling is the only thing good here. Christian can really perform, in my opinion. Shame he had to job to Duane Gill before.Winner: ChristianShotgun hype.Commercial.Back. Announcers go over sponsors. Stone Cold and Vince McMahon RAW highlights with the interview where they talked about the match against the Undertaker. More Raw highlights with the Undertaker coming down during the Big Show vs. Kane/Holly. RAW hyping about the contract signing, plus talk about Sunday Night Heat matches. More shotgun hype, more RAW highlights to come!Commercial. WWF slam of the week! Jarrett defeating Xpac with the help of Mr. Ass. More RAW highlights, with Chyna having DX arrested. Cole made a funny. He said "after Mr. Ass beat Meat...". hahaha! More RAW highlights to come, as well as a Chaz match.Commercial.Rescue of the Week! Shows Thrasher saving Chaz.Chaz vs. Donnie Parker?Another beat a jobber match. Chaz is beating on the jobber. Hype about Shamrock returning to RAW is going on during this match, as long as other hype about RAW and important angles. Parker on the offensive, but misses the moonsault. Doh! Strange slam by Chaz, then followed by a weak splash. Weak match.Winner: ChazShotgun hype with Rock vs. Triple H from RAW, as well as the Hardy Boyz winning the titles.Commercial.WWF Rewind! Shows Kane tombstoning Bradshaw on steps. Announcers talk about Bradshaw suffering from a concusion due to the tombstone he recieved. RAW hightlights showing the world title win by the Hardy Boyz vs. the Acolytes. Cole says Hardy's will fight Acolytes again at Fully Loaded. Fully Loaded hype. Shotgun hype with RAW highlights of Rock vs. Triple H. Lots of RAW highlights!Commercial.Back. Triple H vs. Rock at RAW highlights, showing just about all of the match. Shotgun hype again. Commercial.Back. Reviewing their sponsors, then they hype Sunday Night Heat. Hype RAW, then Heat again. End of show.

Shotgun Phat Stats

Matches: 2Clean Wins: 2Screwjobs: 0Disqualifications: 0No Contests: 0=====$Well, if you LOVE RAW results, this was the show for you. Only two matches tonight, and I feel this is a "no grader". How can I grade something like this? Anyways, not the best Shotgun that I've seen, as far as matches go. The last few Shotguns have been good. Why go crappy now? Oh well.

Phat Chat RETURNS!!!!

-That's right. The most electrifying night of chatting is back for Tonight at 8 PM Eastern. With the return of Phat Chat, we have two special guests to chat and ask questins. One guest is the great Marc Middleton, who is the Newsboard Administrator for LOP as well as one of the best news posters on the net, and he is the webmaster of Taz's official page, Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch's official page, and he helps run Wrestlepress. My other guest is Ray Kim. He is one of the best news posters on the net and his new page, 24-7wrestling, is just about to be opened. Phat Chat is now on the LoP Chat Server!! You can now access the chat by going to http://www.lordsofpain.net/chat/phatchat.html. To access it now on mIRC, use the server lordsofpain.chatspace.com and go to channel #phatchat. I hope to see you there!

@That's it for today. As you can see, WWF news is slooow, so I figured I'd do a good deed and supply you with an in depth Shotgun report. Thanks for reading, and just chill till the next episode.

Phat Chat! Tonight at 8 PM Eastern!

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