It's Tuesday, and like all Tuesdays, I'll be reviewing RAW is WAR. That's just the way it is, like it or not. Yesterday, we had early reports that something interesting could happen on RAW that night, especially because of the disappointing response to the WCW matches last week on RAW and Smackdown. Well, they did indeed stir the pot, so to speak, as they've changed their storylines completely.

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On to the PDC.

Our first match of the night is Diamond Dallas Page versus Shane McMahon in a Street Fight. However, we DID NOT get our advertised match whatsoever. Sports Entertainment took over, and DDP and Shane rejoined to attack the Undertaker instead of fighting each other. Then, Sara started attacking with the Kendo stick, to which Diamond Dallas Page delivered a Diamond Cutter on her to make her famous. You know what's really funny? Sara sold the Diamond Cutter better than her husband, the Undertaker, who is a professional wrestler! FINGER OF SHAME to the WWF for not delivering on the advertised match, FINGER OF SHAME to the WWF for rejoining Shane and DDP after the stupid Smackdown angle, and finally, FINGER OF SHAME to the WWF for using domestic violence to get a storyline over. 3 Finger of Shames in one segment? Don't worry, there's one to be given out later................

Our first match was the Acolytes vs. the Dudleys, which ended with injured Spike Dudley helping to screw the Duds out of their titles. I wasn't sure if the WWF was hotshotting the belts tonight, or what. I'd find out later that this was all a set up, and this title change was just a way for the Dudleys to "pay their dues" for an angle later on in the show.

Also paying dues to be in the special angle later on, Rhyno jobbed cleanly to PRINCE Albert. In 5 years, though, who do you think will be more successful? Rhyno or Albert? That's not a million dollar question.

What do you do for a guy who doesn't lose weight when asked or sent down to the developmental feds? Why you put him over guys who work hard night in and night out. Pretty smart, eh? The Big Show manhandled Jeff Hardy in another embarrassing example of the WWF's stupidity these days. After the match, Trish "I wish I was the dish" Stratus came in and delivered a kiss to Jeff Hardy. Oh boy, I can't wait to see that swerve unravel.

Pretty solid match between Kurt Angle and Booker T, which is somewhat of a dream match for me. The WWF told everyone that they wouldn't even dare do WCW vs. WWF matches until WCW was more established. I guess that's what happens when Tacoma fans don't want to see WCW wrestlers on the WWF show they paid for. Lots of weird stuff occurring at the end with the referees, with Little Natch running in to make the final pin count. Booker T sure enjoys using that world title as a weapon. Of course, that thing is freakin' huge!

Our next match was Lance Storm/Mike Awesome... Oh wait, excuse me. Our next match was Team Canada against Kane. Chris Jericho, who was showing his WWF loyalty, more like hatred for how WCW almost ruined his wrestling career, came down to team with Kane! The match was pretty good, especially the work with Storm and Jericho against each other. Gotta love when two former tag partners go at it. Then, Tommy Dreamer and Rob Van Dam run in and attack! That's Rob Van Dam's first appearance in the WWF since he wrestled a few matches for them, back in 1997, for that ECW invasion angle that failed badly. Their attack sparks a run in by the WWF locker room consisting of Rhyno, Justin Credible, the Dudleys, Tazz, and Raven. (Jerry Lynn???? Where was he?) But that's only when the interesting stuff occurs. When confronting RVD, Dreamer, Awesome, and Storm, all of those former ECW stars slowly turn around and stare down Kane and Chris Jericho in a classic moment. What a swerve!!! Paul Heyman broke his silence and announced that he'd been planning this for quite some time now. Awesome stuff.

Heyman announced that he was now giving the WWF an Extreme Invasion, and we'd see more of this later on in the show. Wow is all I have to say. The WWF made a lot of hardcore ECW fans pop boners last night, and an ECW invasion would work a lot better than the WCW invasion at this point, especially since 6 of the ECW guys in the stable are 6 known WWF stars. Soak this moment in, because it's one of those special times to be a wrestling fan.

Next, it's X-Pac versus Scotty 2 Hotty. Man, the WWF must really love those "X-Pac Sucks" chants, because Waltman has been getting untouchable lately. I still insist that it's negative heat, for the fans cheer that because they don't want to see him, as it's not a case of loving to hate a wrestler like other classic heels. Debate with me all you want on that, or write a column about how I'm wrong on that matter, please. Just try me. Anyway, Scotty 2 Hotty wasn't quite on his A-game, and his cheers weren't exactly too high, besides the hint of the worm. If one move gets you cheers, what will that wrestler do when the fans stop cheering for that move?

Finally, our main event, which is a 20 man tag match or brawl, whatever. The WWF sent in a team of scrubs, which amazed me. It was Big Show, Acolytes, Bob Holly, and Billy Gunn. That's hardly the team I'd use, but guess what? Kane and Jericho were selling the injury, Undertaker was attending to his wife, Austin is still hurt in real life, Angle is still recovering a little bit, Jeff Hardy was probably feeling Trish's fake boobs, and 6 great talents were on Team ECW. So it's pretty plausable, and it made the WWF look weaker than the new supergroup that eventually formed. I like that. The WCW wrestlers were quickly eliminated by the WWF wrestlers, which was odd at the time. Then, Team ECW runs in to fight the 5 WWF superstars. Then, the WCW superstars run back into the ring and they attack the WWF superstars, with Paul Heyman and Shane McMahon hugging! Holy Cow! Then, Vince McMahon comes out with a great look of shock on his face. Shane and Heyman show him who's boss by allowing the WCW or ECW stars do some finishers on the WWF wrestlers. Everything was perfect, up until.............

Stephanie McMahon was announced as the ECW Owner. Oh God Damn, what a fucking joke. This just ruined this whole moment or the whole purpose of this show. For one, how many times will she swerve or rejoin a relative? How does this make any sense as the wife of Triple H? It's very obvious that Stephanie just couldn't wait 6 months to get back into the spotlight, again, so she wrote herself in as the ECW owner, no matter how much sense it wouldn't make. You see, this is the bad logic that I was talking about the other day, for Stephanie is only out for her own cause instead of caring about storylines that make any sense whatsoever. A very big FINGER OF SHAME to Vince McMahon for not thinking before allowing her to become the ECW owner, and another FINGER OF SHAME to Stephanie for having such an ego when writing up storylines.

LAST WORD: Well, the beginning of the show was very piss poor. It didn't get good, at all, until the Booker T vs. Kurt Angle match, which is having 45 minutes of crap to start the show with. The ECW reformation was great, and the joining of alliances between ECW and WCW was very solid. However, Stephanie as the ECW owner? That's just ridiculous on so many levels, it's not funny. I'm giving this show a


(B minus) because the surrounding show sucked and the decision to have Stephanie as the ECW owner is just plain stupid. What happens when Triple H comes back? Anybody care to take bets to how many months it will be until Stephanie rejoins her father?


So what's to come of the Pay Per View on the 22nd? Well, a lot of things were shook up tonight, as the WCW team will now consist of the alliance of ECW wrestlers, too. Other than the 4 WWF vs. ECW/WCW matches, it's unknown what else could be on the card, especially on just basic WWF feuds. Anyway, here's where I see the card at this point:

-Bra and Panties match: Trish Stratus/Lita vs. Torrie Wilson/Ms. Hancock
-Brawl: Austin/Angle/Jericho/Kane/Undertaker vs. Team WCW and ECW
-Rhyno vs. Mike Awesome
-X-Pac vs. Billy Kidman

Oh wait just a second! Mike Awesome and Rhyno are both a part of Team ECW now. That's no longer a WWF vs. WCW match! So what's to come of their match, especially since they are on the same team? Hey, I STILL want to see that match, along with many other wrestling fans, I'm assuming. Up in my match listings, I'm just totally guessing the WWF team in the Brawl.

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