Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column - All Hail Booker T
      Submitted by Mr. Tito on 7-10-00 @ 10:30 EST

      Oh my. Someone slap me. Am I dreaming, or is this for real? Are my wishes, among many others, actually becoming true? If you haven't heard yet, WCW delivered. It's not about any works, it's not about politics, but they decided to make the most deserving wrestler a champion. On to the Phat Daily Column

      Booker T is Champ!

      After many columns pleading WCW to push Booker T to become a World Champ, it finally happened. They finally noticed and appreciated the hard work ethic, and they finally noticed that they had a goldmine in Booker T. Sure, I've been a great supporter of Booker T for a while now, always complaining on how he wasn't being use right. However, there is a certain individual who deserves this win much more than I am. He's the biggest Booker T fan in the entire world, and he's supported him ever since I remember him. His name is Coolbeans, as you've seen me refer to him when I talk about Booker T. He's had a regularly updated site about Booker T's every move(you can check it out by clicking HERE), and he's even called in to WCW Live to beg Vince Russo to give Booker the shot he deserves. Coolbeans was very emotional last night, as it was like his favorite team winning the Superbowl...multiplied by 20. Congrats to Coolbeans, as Booker is finally the champ!!!!!!!!!!



      Again, I'm very thankful for Booker T as world champ right now. The circumstances of this win are rather controversial. I've talked to a few people this morning, and late last night, and the general opinion about what went down last night with Vince Russo and Hulk Hogan is split between it being a work and reality. Let us look at each instance, very carefully, to get a general idea why each could be a reason.

      A Shoot?

      If it were to be a shoot, the circumstances were obvious. Hulk Hogan still didn't want to job to Jeff Jarrett, so Vince Russo devised a great plan. We'll agree to having Hogan winning by having Jeff Jarrett lay down for him. This plan would trick Hogan, and it wouldn't allow Hogan to interfere with anything else. Russo then trashed Hogan in his speech, and he set the stage for his real plan, and that was to be a NEW WCW title for Booker T and Jeff Jarrett to fight over. From this speech, it could be said that Hogan is now down from WCW, and Vince Russo pulled the ultimate screwjob on him.

      A Work?

      Now many will disagree with this thought because of the fact that Russo "seemed" to put a lot of heart into his speech. Yes, but also remember he's acting on television, and he writes television, so he knows how to act if he wanted. Russo was said to be very high on bringing back the NWO as Nash, Hall, and Hogan, and with Hogan as the old WCW Champion now, why not have some kind of a feud between the old champ and the new champ?

      Back to Opinion. I don't know. But what I do know is that WCW did shock the wrestling world, and they do have us talking about either the win, or the work/shoot of Vince Russo against Hulk Hogan. This is exactly what WCW needed right now, especially at a time when the WWF is weaker than normal. Hopefully, with this new WCW World Belt, it's treated with respect, and not whored around to any actor or wrestler in WCW like the last one did. If this whole night is played off right, it's going to be huge for WCW.

      The other shocker, well, not really, was Scott Steiner turning on his buddy Kevin Nash to join Bill Goldberg. Not really a great move here by WCW, as it makes no sense. Looks like Brad Siegal or however that is spelled, got his way about not having Scott Hall in WCW again. It also looks like hte real punishment of Scott Steiner has happened as well, since he was stripped by the Cat of his US title. I have no idea what he'll do with Goldberg.

      The wonderful must be handling feedback about the Bash this morning, so I guess we won't have any Monday Night Hype for WCW today. I'm sure we could prove tonight if the whole situation with Russo and Hogan was a work. I'm hoping that it was for real, as maybe then I could respect Russo. If it's a work, I'll watch and see how it plays out, and not to jump to conclusions like usually do. Expect something with Scott Steiner and Goldberg...the question is..will the be faces or heels?


      -Sunday Night Heat

      I've caught this show for 3 straight weeks, and man, it's consistantly good. This show has way more wrestling than the other shows do, per hour, thus making it one of the best "wrestling" shows to watch on television. The WWF, especially, has been spiking this show to gain bragging rights over Nitro, and to sweeten the favors of Viacom. At least the final working relationship seems to be good with USA, because they were plugging USA shows all night.

      Wow, my "favorite" team, Too Cool got the win over the Hardy Boyz. WAIT A SECOND. I'm not going to bash Too Cool, so don't leave this page just yet! I was just going to say that it was a good match, ok? What's really funny about this match, is that the Hardy's continued their feud with T&A. Funny, because their feud seems to look very good on Heat, but it's boring on RAW or Smackdown. Maybe it's because they are always the main event of the show, I don't know?

      Good old Steven Richards attacked the Godfather last night, it's odd to see Godfather feud with someone. Anyway, a few readers have said that the Richards gimmick has been done before, in one shape or another. True I say, as we had "Standards and Practices", and many many others before him. However, his gimmick is different in that he's taking a personal shot at the evil PTC cult. That's the whole purpose of Steven's actions or gimmick, so there.

      -RAW Hype-

      Good old Mick Foley is in Southeast Asia this week, I think, so he won't be at RAW, nor will he be at Smackdown either. So the promise of chaos is upon us. I'd expect for Triple H and Stephanie to rule again. Oh joy, it's like old times again. I can just imagine the interview now......

      ***Triple H's music hits, and out comes Stephanie and Triple H, along with Xpac and Road Dogg***

      Triple H: I am the Game. And with NO Mick Foley around, I'm just that damn good. Now, I can get away with boring the crowd and television viewers to death with my super long speeches. Now I can return the WWF to the boring format that it had just before Wrestlemania 16. Why? Because I'm just that, wait, I used that before. I am the Game!!! (10 minutes passes)

      ***Chris Jericho's music hits, and out he comes***

      Jericho: Welcome to RAW IS JERICHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Triple H? How on earth can you say you are a man now? The Brooklyn Brawler beat your ass!!! To show you how bad the Brawler is, he lost to the Rock in Rocky's very first match at the WWF. Now that's sad.

      Triple H: The Brawler has always been the nicest wreslter in the WWF, as he's willing to help anybody get over in the WWF. Since I'm not the egotistic wrestler like my Kliq friends are, I'll lose to everyone!!

      Jericho: Good point. Well, your wife is a 3 cent hooker!! She is like a doorknob, everyone gets a turn! She's like the town bicycle, since everyone gets a ride! Just ask Kurt Angle!

      Triple H: If you knew the WWF booking you son of a bitch, you'd know that we are slowly involving Kurt Angle in my angles. Tonight, he's gotta throw shit on the Undertaker's motorcycle, and not get involved with me tonight.

      Jericho: least I didn't job to Alex Wright at Starrcade years ago in WCW!

      Triple H: You SON OF A BITCH!!! Since I'm in charge, I want your ass!

      Jericho: Then do something about it! (Since the interview is going no where, Jericho speaks French to Triple H to understand the next part of the interview) Puisque ces entrevues ne signifient toujours rien, réservez rapidement les allumettes et rendez lui le sembler bon. (That means since the interview mean nothing, arrange the matches and make it look good)

      Triple H: Ummm, ok, myself, Road Dogg, and Xpac will take on you, and the Dudley Boys.

      Jericho: Oh brother, the same thing that was booked on Smackdown a few weeks ago. I can see WCW just gaining something tonight.

      I FORGOT.......I did the Mid Year awards last week, Wednesday I believe, and I completely forgot to give ECW their Mid Year Evaluation. Doh! Here it goes.

      ECW Mid Year Report

      ECW has suffered through lots of turmoil for the first 6 months of this year. Their deal with ECW on TNN went sour, they had a big loss in Mike Awesome, and on top of that, Paul Heyman is struggling to even pay his wrestlers now.

      However, things aren't so bad. They've managed to keep a core of talent around, who are really making names for themselves in ECW. Guys like Tajiri, Rhino, Jerry Lynn, Super Crazy(when he's not having Visa problems), Steve Corino, and many other up and coming superstars. They also have a handful of loyal ECW wrestlers, like Tommy Dreamer, Justin Credible, and Spike Dudley(who is hurt) to name a few. This solid unit is producing a decent ECW product, even when times or morale could be better.

      ECW needs to keep their heads high for this whole situation with TNN. If I were them, I'd sue because of failed promises from TNN. The damages alone from the suit could help pay for many losses the company suffers through. ECW also must hurry up and sign with another network. It's much needed in this time of age to get exposure, especially from Cable. Whatever channel picks them up, they MUST get off of Fridays. Tuesday would be so damn perfect for ECW, it's ridiculous! FOX or USA could make a good deal and produce a great show if they would work with ECW well, and not like TNN did.

      Last Word: What evolved from hate, I have a lot of respect for ECW now. They produce a good "wrestling" product, and so forth. Their shows have WAY too many promos, and I'm not talking about TNN commercials either. Stuff like that could be worked on, there have been times this year where ECW didn't put on a supershow to attract viewers. In fact, they failed to capitalize on the Mike Awesome situation, where they were handed Tazz to help out. I'll give them a


      for this year, due to the fact that their backs are against the wall, and that they still get better buyrates on Pay Per Views than WCW.

      @That's all for today's column. I'll be back tomorrow with more PDC, as it will be Monday Night Impression day! For those who are wondering, I just have a little bit of the Rock's book to go, as I hope to have the review sometime soon. Why not Make the Tag today?

      Phat Pharm: NEW and EXCITING Issue of "Makin' the Tag" is NOW Up! CLICK HERE to READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Take Care, and Go Booker T! You are the man!!!

      Mr. Tito © 2000 Exclusive to

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