Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Today is a dead news day, but I'll try my hardest to make the best of it. Good thing the Bash at the Beach is coming up, but hey, the Bash is in direct competiton with Phat Chat. Ha! Anyways, on to the PDC!

WCW Bash at the Beach Predictions

-Well, the Bash at the Beach is tomorrow, believe it or not. So, how about some predictions...Tito style.=Junyard match.Wrestlers:HakCiclopeSteve RegalLa ParkaHorace HoganBrian KnobsMikey WhipwreckFit FinlaySilver King This match should be interesting, and look for Hak to take the majority of the bumps, as usual. I say Hak will win this one. If I was WCW, I would have Hak feud with the "Chairman of WCW" La Parka, sometime. That would be a rather interesting "hardcore" feud. Winner: Hak.=David Flair vs. Dean Malenko. Unfortunately, I don't think that WCW will give the US title to Malenko. That's a shame, since David Flair is the worst wrestler, EVER!! Plus, Dean Malenko has no attitude, and to become a champion anymore, you must have an attitude. He's just a quiet, strict wrestler, who doesn't get the largest pops when he does something. Damn shame. Winner: Stupid David Flair=Disco Inferno vs. Earnest "the Cat" Miller. I see the Cat winning this one, since I think it's time for Disco to "grow" out of his gimmick. I think Disco can only do too much with his gimmick, even though he is a great entertainer. Maybe losing his dancing will kill his gimmick, and having a new gimmick could change his career...or kill it. Winner: Earnest Miller.=Boxing match with Roddy Piper vs. Buff Bagwell. This one looks to be a no contest to me, because WCW never jobs Piper, and Buff is in the beginning of his super push. I see some run-ins on this match. Winner: No winner since it could be a no contest.=Rick Steiner vs. Van Hammer. Some insiders predict that Hammer will win it, but I say no. I think that the WCW is happy with Steiner as champ, even though he hardly defends that title. You never know.. Winner: Steiner.=Benoit/Saturn vs. the Triad. The reason I say vs. Triad, is because whatever combination wrestles Benoit/Saturn, will have the 3rd member cheating for them. I say the Triad walks out with the titles. Winners: The Triad(Bam Bam, Kanyon, and DDP)=No Limit vs. Country. I'm really think that Master P, the main man at No Limit, will affect this outcome. The fact that this COULD be his last match could make it easy for the Country team to win. Plus, the Country team are way more over, but a win by No Limit would help them get over, right? We'll see, but my money is on the Country team. Winners: The I Hate Rap World Tour.=Sting/Nash vs. Savage/Sid. I say that the team of Sting and Nash will self-destruct, and the hummer driver, who I'm betting is Lex Luger, will help Savage and Sid win. After the match, Savage can celebrate by slapping or throwing around some women. Winners: Sid/Savage

HBK is in trouble, and this adds another chapter to wrestler's troubles.

Here is what happened to HBK: "According to the local ABC affiliate, K-SAT 12 news, the alleged victim cut off Michaels with his green Explorer. Michaels then followed the victim up close to the next stop sign, where both got into a shouting match. The victim flipped Michaels off, at which point Michaels pulled out a long, silver hand gun. The victim then noticed that he was being threatened by a 'pro wrestler.'" (That was from Joe De Leon on RWIN) Interesting stuff, as this could mean troubles for wrestling. It seems that whenever a wrestler gets in trouble, dies, or creates controversy, the media rips the hell out of them. Whenever something like has that happens to another sport, does the sport get ripped on? NO! It's unfair that the WHOLE wrestling world has to take the heat, and not just the indivual wrestler. This shows that maybe someone out there is afraid of wrestling's success. As for HBK, well, his career could be now "shot down" so to speak. Maybe not. This was a mistake, and like I've said before, mistakes happen, and it especially happens during heated moments. It will be interesting to see if HBK can get off with just a slap on the wrist like every other athlete does when they screw up. I certainly hope so.

Phat Chat RETURNS!!!!

-That's right. The most electrifying night of chatting is back for this Sunday Night at 8 PM Eastern. I'm not too sure who is the guest yet, but I'll find someone. Guest or no guest, Phat Chat will happen this Sunday! Oh yeah, Phat Chat is now on the LoP Chat Server!! You can now access the chat by going to http://www.lordsofpain.net/chat/phatchat.html. To access it now on mIRC, use the server lordsofpain.chatspace.com and go to channel #phatchat. I hope to see you there!

@That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow with yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column! So just chill...till the next episode.

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