Welcome to the Saturday Edition of the Phat Daily Column. That's right, while others tend to take the weekends off, Tito keeps pumping column after column. Ok, I forgot to tape ECW on TNN. It's pretty F'N sad when I hype the show in my column the previous day and I don't watch it myself. Blame Y2K!!! Well anyway, I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, but before you enjoy it, it's time for the PDC!


-Oh my, Jim Ross mentioned that Terry Funk is under contract still from the WWF. Wow, that's odd, as the WWF could sue WCW for having Funk on their show, or nail Funk for not living up to his contract. Who knows. What I do know is that he must have been under WWF contract for a while now because he stopped wrestling for the WWF shortly after Wrestlemania 98. It doesn't look like the WWF will take any legal action, as they probably know that Funk will hurt ratings because everyone wants Flair as commissioner!

-Overnight ratings from Smackdown are in, as they got a 5.8. You can expect a regular rating of around 4.3 or so. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed Smackdown...at least the show that I watched. Smackdown has more wrestling in it than RAW, as RAW mainly focuses on behind the scenes angles to develope storylines. The WWF has a top notch program here, and it's no wonder that Russo left the WWF because both RAW and Smackdown would be so hard to write for.

WWF Stock closed the week at 15 1/16, which is unchanged from the day before.


-Thunder got a 2.5 rating, which is up from the past few weeks. Wow! The move on Wednesday should be great for WCW, as they will be free from the WWF pounding them everyweek. It still gets me that Thunder is now a show that requires hard booking too, just like Nitro. Russo complained of being overworked by doing two top notch shows in RAW and Smackdown. Well, isn't he writing WCW's now top notch shows Nitro and Thunder? He's not stressing out like he did in the WWF for writing 2 two hour shows? It looks to me that there is more to this story, and nobody seems to want to tell it.

-Does anybody care for the DDP vs. Bagwell feud? Now usually when a wrestler hits on another wrestler's wife, it usually gets a lot of heat and is the talk of the net. No, not this time. The whole Bagwell-DDP feud has been lacking the heat that it needs for people to start caring about. Remember when Scott Steiner was hitting on Kimberly? Well, that was Scott Steiner, as he got on the mic and really ripped them apart one night. But still, you'd figure there would be more interest in it than there currently is. I saw the DDP segment on Thunder where he was ripping the hell out of Buff, and when Buff came down to fight him, the crowd wasn't that loud at all. I think this feud is suffering from Kimberly's recent retirement from wrestling. Without her, they can only talk and not have her somehow involved.

-So far, no pain from Scott Steiner who they say is still not 100% yet from his back injury. I doubt that he's been working out as hard as he used to because he wouldn't be wearing that shirt if he was still large underneath. Oh well, at least he's back. The current Standards and Practices, however, won't allow him to get on the mic very much like he used to. Scott Steiner will continue to work shows while trying to get into wrestling shape again before he's cleared by doctors to wrestle a full time schedule again.

Wrestlers of the Week!

I figured I'd add a new feature to this column as somewhat of a weekend special. Remember, the chosen ones are of MY OPINION. Here goes:

Wrestler of the Week
The winner for this week's award for Wrestler of the Week goes to Rikishi Phatu. Why? Just watch the main event from Smackdown. He easily manhandled Triple H, who is the current WWF champion. He could have possibly had it if it weren't for lots of interference and Triple H finally disqualifying himself. Rikishi looked great in the main event, and this match should help elevate him to higher levels. He has lots of potential, and I hope the WWF saw that Thursday(well, Tuesday).

Tag Team of the Week
The winners of the Tag Team of the week award goes to Crowbar and David Flair. Why? Well, I suppose they win it by default. Tag team wrestling was horrible the past week, so I suppose the ones who won the World Titles this past Monday get this lovely award. Who would have ever thought that Devon Storm would be a WCW world tag champ when he was in the WWF trying to get on television? Certainly not me, but times change I suppose.

@That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow with more of the same, so have a great weekend, and just chill, till the next episode!

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