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Mr. Tito (January 08, 1999)
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Hey, welcome back! I hope many are enjoying the school cancellations due to the shitty weather lately. Anyways, on to the news..


-I just want to know why WCW didn't use the Raven angle for last Nitro. It would have helped Nitro big time, instead they used it for Thunder. Who watches that shitty show anyways? Anyways, if you didn't catch it, cause you don't want Thunder to make you fall asleep, they had two scenes of Ravens house. One introduced Raven's sister(who was Chastity in ECW) and the other scene introduced James(the Sandman). James is Raven's preppie friend from back in the day. I miss the Sandman.

-Last night on Thunder, the NEW NWO came out, and they wore the red and black shits. One thing though, the fab 6 (Buff, Hogan, Hall, Nash, Steiner, and Lugar) where the only ones wearing red and black. The rest of the nWo were wearing Black and White. They also were waiting outside, while the fab 6 were styling and profiling in a limo.

-Giant's final Nitro will be this Monday, when he fights Nash on Nitro. So long Giant, Big Sexy is gonna kick your ass!

-WCW will officially have the tag tourney soon, with the Outsiders being the definite favorites. I look for a Horseman team of Benoit and Malenko, or a rumored re-united Harlem Heat(noticed I said RUMORED, don't ask me about it please). Look for the Outsiders to win it though, as that was probably an incentive for Nash to cleanly job the World Title to Hogan.

-With Sting set to return in February, many have speculated on how he will return. On is to go back to being silent, the Crow, and go after the New NWO. Another is the Blond Sting, and do a few things. On is to be the huge fan favorite once again, and just go after the nWo. Another, which is bullshit, is to tag up with Bret Hart, don't know why, but that's just speculation. Weak rumors say that he will tag with the Warrior, to reform the Bladerunners, and go after the Outsiders. Doubt that one will happen though.


So far, here is how the Royal Rumble goes:

the Rock v. Mankind for the World belt

Ken Shamrock v. Mr. Ass for the IC belt

Sable v. Luna for the Women's World belt

And the classic 30 man Royal Rumble.

-Raw is gonna be huge this Monday, just so they can keep the great ratings up. said they wanted to thank Tony Shiavone for revealing that Mick Foley was winning the belt. Shiavone actually won the ratings for the WWF. When he told everyone that Foley won the belt, many fans felt they wanted to see it happen. Therefore, it beat the re-uniting of the nWo. Nice one Shiavone, but you can still go to hell.


Ok, I have ECW news for you, for once. Here is the line up for Guilty as Charged this Sunday:

TAZ vs. the Franchise for the World Title

Lance Storm vs. Spike Dudley vs. Jerry Lynn

Tommy Dreamer vs. Justin Credible in a ladder match

Masato Tanaka vs. Rob Van Dam (match of the night)

Yosihiro Tajiri vs. Super Crazy

...and many other matches, and expect Sabu to interfere with something.

-Tammy Sytch and Chris Candido are supposed to show up at Guilty as Charged, as in their contracts. They will probably confront Paul Heyman, or something like that.

-Even though ECW lost a good chunk of their talent, 1998 was their most prosperous year ever!

Well, that's all for today. I hope you enjoyed the column, and you can e-mail me about anything in the wrestling world, and I will try to reply.

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