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BACK TO THUNDER Wow, have I seen some interesting Thunder reviews this week. Many were calling it the worst Thunder of all time, and so forth. Also, I've had some odd criticism about my B grade. However, I said, straight up, that I was watching the Penguins game during the show. Casually watching Thunder, it didn't bother me one bit, like it did for others who sternly watched the whole show.

Then, we get the Mystery Man angle, with Scott Steiner running out in the costume. It didn't bother me because I knew he was just doing it to mess with Sid's head. Of course, I can see the stupidity in having himself as the Mystery Man, especially when the masked man himself has attacked Steiner several times. That is, in a way, very stupid in that Scott must have asked, nicely, for that costume.

But for as far as being the worst Thunder ever..... Oh, I don't know about that. After the Radicalz left, the Sullivan era produced some BAD shows. The second Russo era had some bad shows too. I should have caught the replay to reanalyze it.

DISCO INFERNO AS ANNOUNCER?? WCW is heavily considering to have Disco Inferno as the new Nitro announcer, with Tony Shiavone. It's better than Konnan or Stevie Ray, but I've heard Disco do commentary. He has the tendancy to speak REALLY FAST. He also struggles to make sense at times as well. I guess they want him off the booking team backstage, or that they want him to actually do something since he's on injured reserve. He, like the rest of the bookers, didn't quite do much.

Like I said before, WCW should find somebody new for the position. Either that, or how about this idea: make Vince Russo the new announcer? Back when he was booker, you could tell he was too stressed out about the booking to concentrate on doing a good job. He used to host Livewire, at times, and man, I hated him! He was so cocky back then on camera, it made me hate him. But not hating him like he was in WCW, where he was spreading his ego too much. If WCW would take him back to be an announcer, it could work. Don't give him any booking power, because that will drive him nuts. It's just a thought.

If anyone should get it, I believe that Jeremy Borash is a decent choice. When he was the heel commentator as a Russo-kiss up, he was pretty good. He doesn't just start screaming stuff like Madden does, which is a good thing. He's also smarter than Madden on the mic, since Madden will scream off anything on the top of his head or steal WWF catchphrases.

My pick would be Crowbar. When he's commentating a match, it has me in tears. He has that very strange but clear voice on the mic, and he always brings back old school phrases when he's there. But wait, he's carrying the Hardcore division, bumping all over the ring for the talentless slugs that WCW books against him. Doh!

But for anyone they pick, they have the hard task of working with Tony Shiavone, who has put several commentators in fits because of the way he announces. He doesn't quite react to a heel commentator like a Jim Ross, Joey Styles, or Michael Cole does. Those 3 are the best in the field, and they act shocked when Lawler or Gertner starts making offhand remarks. Shiavone just sort of pauses, and then continues with the match. Either that, or he'll just keep commentating, ignoring what the heel just said. Why do you think Bobby Heenan looked so bad for all of those years? Shiavone didn't work with him too well. Years of that helped to hurt Heenan's reputation within WCW, which eventually led to Vince Russo wanting him out of WCW. So remember that.

YESTERDAY's PDC Yesterday, I discussed the history of WCW from the start of Nitro to the official formation of the New World Order. I love that time for WCW, besides the Hulk Hogan stuff. If you missed that column due to the server problems we had yesterday, then go to:


It was one of those ones that I really had fun writing. It was especially amazing to see the Cruiserweight division blossom back then. You had the intense rivalry between The Man of 1000 Holds Dean Malenko and Rey Mysterio Jr., and you also had some great matches between Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit too. If WCW didn't have all of that ECW talent, which they stole in 1995, carrying their shows, then could the New World Order/WCW faction been that strong?

Seriously. Sure, the NWO was groundbreaking, but WCW had a lot more to offer in their shows back then. Once Luger dropped the Television title in 1996, when the NWO screwed him out of it, that division was jumpstarted! I forgot the compelling rise of Diamond Dallas Page too, the era's biggest surprise superstar. WCW had a lot to offer back then, and once the great, younger talent started beating on Hogan's door in the middle of 1997, Hogan did everything within his means to keep everyone away from stealing his spot, even Sting. Once that ignorance started, a chain of events occurred which helped to sag WCW to lose the ratings war. WCW, then, was dumping the midcard at the expense of the main eventers back then, and that's what truly led to their defeat.

That's funny, because the WWF midcard is in the exact same situation as WCW was then. In fact, those same midcarders who were knocking on Hogan's door are in the WWF because WCW screwed them then. Now, they see a repeat of history with Steve Austin, Triple H, the Rock, and the Undertaker firmly at the top. How long can you cheer for or watch just 4 guys going at it, with nobody able to defeat them or get near their spot?

Oh wait, there I go being negative about the precious WWF again. It's especially funny when those who criticize me about telling the truth didn't start watching the WWF until 1998, when it was cool again. Where were they during 1994 -1997, when the WWF was throwing gimmicks and storylines at the walls, hoping they would stick? They didn't watch it then because it wasn't cool. But now that the WWF is on top like they currently are, they get soooo offended when I tell it like it is. Bunch of wimps and crybabies!

Quick ECW Picks!

Jerry Lynn/Cyrus over York/Mathews
FBI over Super Crazy/Kid Kash and Tajiri/Mikey
CW Anderson over Tommy Dreamer
Doring/Road Kill over Hot Commodity
Justin Credible over Sandman and Corino to become the new champion

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