Before I start this, I must give credit where credit is definately due. RusselltheRock was the one who called that Terry Funk would be the commissioner. He called this one days before Nitro was on, speculating that it could be him. I doubted him at the time, and his thoughts proved to be correct, so I'm giving him his due. Great call man!

Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Last night was my first ever Smackdown experience, as I've only seen clips of the show on Heat, Livewire, or Jakked. Just because this was my first time, I'll grade it, give it the Phat Stats©, and so forth. All this and more on today's PDC, so let's jump on it!


-Slam! Wrestling sent word that the WWF is considering making a group of regular hos, instead of taking them from local strip clubs, and giving them personalities somewhat like the Nitro girls. I don't know if it's just me, but the WWF would be going way out of reality. How can a ho have a personality? That's why they are hos...they have no personality, so they resort to hanging and dancin' around a pimp. Of course, the WWF will make each of the hos, with personalities now, sleep with various WWF superstars, and then tell their stories afterwards. I bet the WWF is mainly doing this in case they find a breakout ho to become a WWF superstar. Oh well.

WWF Smackdown!

Oh wow, it's my first time...watching Smackdown that is. I gotta say that I like the set, the intro, and the production for Smackdown. The WWF has done an excellent job there. It was rather odd watching the WWF on UPN, because I wasn't used to seeing so many UPN commercials. Also, those darned blue ropes take a while to get used to.

The matches of Smackdown were pretty good, especially the Rikishi Phatu(that's how it's spelled now) vs. Triple H match was great. Tonight proved that the man can fight it out with the main eventers, so PUSH HIM!!!! He didn't need his dancin' jabronies to help him beat Triple H's ass! As for Triple H, what a joke of a champion he is. He had to resort to disqualifying himself against Rikishi because he couldn't beat him. Rikishi got lots of crowd support, and he looked great in the match. PUSH HIM!! As for the rest of the matches, I thought it was a horrible finish for the Big Show to attack a referee during his match. Why? Mr. Ass and Road Dogg had rough nights, but at least the Road Dogg angered Kane enough to say some clear words to Triple H and Stephanie. I hope this Jericho-Chyna situation ends soon, because both of them need to go on. They've been feuding for way too long now. This whole Hardys vs. Al Snow feud is odd.

Also on the card, Triple H booked Kurt Angle vs. the Rock. I actually enjoyed Kurt Angle tonight, as he drew some good heat against the Rock. Anybody that disses the Rock gets heat in the WWF, so that's a really good way to get Angle over. The Rock screwed himself in this match though, by attacking Angle with the Kendo stick. Speaking of the Rock, I feel that he needs to get some new catchphrases...IF YOU SMELLLLLL....What The Rock...Keeps Repeating. Angle has defeated two top names by DQs lately, so give him another medal! Test and Bossman was a decent match, but I don't consider it an upset when somebody beats Bossman's ass. A little dissention between Bossman and Albert after the match..hmmm. Mean Street Posse is sad to let Kaienti defeat them..especially when it's 3 on 2!!

Lots of behind the scenes actions, as Mideon..ahem, the fake Mankind was walking all around Universal Studios making fun of Mankind, only to get his ass beat by Mankind! Funny stuff there. Lots of backstage action with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H once again, which only makes me hope for the sooner return of Shane and Vince McMahon!!!


Matches: 9
Clean Wins: 5
Screwjobs: 0
Disqualifications: 4
No Contests: 0

Last Word: Some good quality wrestling matches, but it's a shame that Triple H had to DQ himself tonight. I hope this match elevates Rikishi to the top, because that big boy can wrestle! He's like a very fast Yokozuna, and I guess he gets that skill because he's YOKOZUNA's COUSIN!!! Anyway, lots of added heat from RAW, but yet I see no Royal Rumble hype anywhere. Hmm...they make no mention of any title match or who is in what spot for the Royal Rumble. Hopefully, they start doing something soon because RAW was great last year when they had the mini Royal Rumbles to see who took the #30 position. Oh well. Overall, a pretty good show, and I'll give it a


for my first Smackdown ever! I predict that will get a...duh, oh let's say 4.5 this week.


-Rumors are flying everywhere about how Hall and Nash have been wanting to leave WCW. That is true, but the rumor has been true for so long. It appears that they've wanted out of WCW ever since the NWO started crumbling and was all about Hogan, and not the Outsiders. Ever since then, they've wanted to return and party with the kliq like they used to. They can only blame themselves though for being "stuck" in WCW. During the time where they were happy in WCW, they signed 2 year extensions to their contracts which is basically why their contracts haven't ran out yet. They are probably kicking themselves now for signing them, but oh well.

+I personally think that Hall and Nash are way past their primes, and it would be a burden to the WWF if they did take them in the future. Backstage politics for one in the WWF would be bad, plus, Hall has so many problems that helped him to not even be considered getting resigned with the WWF. Nash also has very bad knees these days, as his in ring ability has diminished. I doubt that the WWF would sign them back because of those factors and more, because Triple H has become his own man lately, unlike where he was a part of the kliq and he was a ruthless asshole like the rest of them. My only thoughts about Hall and Nash are that they committed to WCW by signing the 2 year extension, so they should honor it. For the most part, Hall and Nash have performed to their ability, unless they took time off.

-The Ric Flair situation has become very ugly folks, as it seems that we'll never see the Nature Boy in a WCW ring again. It's a shame, because the man wants to perform so badly. He was never respected during the Bischoff era, and he hasn't been respected during the Russo era either. I'm not a Flair mark, but I do respect the man. He's done so much for the sport, and he can still perform way better than most of the current WCW wrestlers. Currently, he just hates all of the ignorant angles that Russo has had planned for him. He's already been a commissioner...well, a force of law (as the president) of WCW. Been there done, done that. Before that, Russo had him get his ass beat by the joke stable, the Filthy Animals. At least show the man some respect, and book him into one final angle which he can shine and help get attention to WCW..which is heavily needed. Give him his last run, because like many fans last Nitro were chanting his name, we all want him back.

-I only caught parts of Thunder last night, as I wanted to watch all of Smackdown since it was my first time. I did see a good bit of the much hyped main event between Terry Funk and Bret Hart in the hardcore match. Terry Funk can still perform great in the ring! There is only one man who can take the bumps like he does, and that's Mick Foley. I say have Terry Funk go after that so-called Hardcore champion, Norman Smiley. Bring Fit Finley, Meng, and Brian Knobbs with you as well...Funk will keep taking everything they fight him with and more. Oh wait, he won't fight those matches, as he gets to fight Kevin Nash in a commissioner match. Joy.

A Special Thanks to for mentioning myself and plugging LoP about my Tito Award to the Hardys for their participation in one of the best matches of the year with Edge and Christian in the ladder match. I just want to say to them that they deserved it, and that I look foward to many more great matches that the Hardys can produce. Keep up the good work fellas!

@Well, that's it for this edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. I hope you've enjoyed it, as I enjoy writing EACH and EVERY day of the week. I'm off to do a pile of homework before I go out later, so enjoy your wrestling! Oh yeah, be sure to watch or tape ECW on TNN at 8 pm eastern time. Until tomorrow's edition, just chill...till the next episode.

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