Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Wrestling is really heating up now starting up 1999. I love it!


-Look for Hall and Nash to take the tag belts, and really stir up the tag division again. If you didn't notice, WCW has been absent of a tag division for sometime now, with Rick Steiner and whoever he chooses to be his partner.-Rumors are that Konnan will take over the LWO now that he's out of the nWo Wolfpac, and since Eddy Guerro was injured in a car accident. WCW should keep him a face, cause he's somewhat down with the fans.-There has been a lot of talk on Bret Hart's role in WCW now. WCW is not sure if they want to keep him in nWo or not. They are thinking on milking the Bret Hart Documentary and turn him into a face, or just feud with Sting, with or without the nWo.-Just so everyone knows, Bischoff made Shiavone talk about the Raw results, but I know Shiavone got off on it.


-Undertaker, apparently, will reviel that he has been behind the Acolytes. This is just a rumor, and it could turn out to be something different this RAW.-Look for Raw to eventually get WCW back for telling everyone the results of RAW. Everyone remembers WWF putting out "Billionaire Ted" in reaction to WCW constantly putting down WWF.-Many physicians are advising Stone Cold not to wrestle in the Royal Rumble, especially as the #1 wrestler or 30 in it. Stone Cold will wrestle this, probably on lots of pain killers, and then take more time off from wrestling in the ring, though he will probably be on RAW all the time.

That's all I can rig up today, and sorry, no ECW news. E-Mail me with anything about wrestling, and I will try to reply!

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