Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Tonight, I can finally see Smackdown. Joy joy joy!!! Now I get to flip between that and Chunder. I might as well enjoy the Thursday Night wars, because it will be the last night of it! Oh well. The Monday Night ratings finally came in, and it shows some astonishing numbers. On to the PDC.

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 3.8
Second Hour: 2.85
Composite: 3.325


First Hour: 6.1
Second Hour: 6.8
Composite: 6.45


Nitro: 2.85 Tito's Prediction: 2.5
RAW: 6.1 Tito's Prediction: 5.8

-I guess the 49ers-Falcon game was just too much to watch this week, as wrestling numbers jumped! Get used to it, cause here on out, numbers will be high. I've seen lots of criticism towards RAW's second hour, and why it didn't jump to a much higher rating. That is indeed a good point, as I think that many fans would figure that RAW would slack off just a little bit without Nitro on another channel. You could also say that maybe parents are making their kids go to bed earlier since there is only one show on during the 10-11 hour. Ok, I'm tired of making excuses. I think that finally, the federations are splitting away from each other, and they are both keeping their core audiences. You can tell by second hour the core WCW fans, and you can see by the first hour the core WWF fans. The extra jump over at the WWF is fans from watching Nitro, but yet it's not a big jump. Strange. Next week, no Monday Night Football to contend with, so let's run up the ratings!


-Smackdown is tonight, which I can finally see, and I hear that Triple H is going to make things a little interesting now that he has the world title. In doing that, I personally feel that he picked an up and coming, and worthy opponent. Lots of contiuations from RAW, with the same feuds getting hotter, and wait till you see who Triple H books to fight Kurt Angle on Smackdown! Triple H also shows off his power in other places, as it should be an interesting night, and a first, for me.

-Stone Cold Steve Austin is set to have surgery soon, and after his surgery, he'll have to wear a neck collar for 2 months while rehabbing. The WWF seems to have etched Austin into Wrestlemania where they will have him as a special guest referee which could possibly be a three way dance now with Rock vs. Triple H vs. Mick Foley. One thing about Stone Cold is for sure, and that's the fact that he will NOT be wrestling at Wrestlemania. It's still uncertain if he'll ever wrestle again still.

-Alright, the WWF isn't saying a word when Tazz will appear on WWF television as he can show up at any time now that he's been under WWF contract since the ball dropped to start 2000. Listening to Chris on the WWF daily news show, he said that Tazz has been working closely with the merchandise department for a new shirt. If you remember in his ECW days, Tazz had many many shirts, as he probably worked with the ECW merchandise department a lot then too. As of right now, they day after the Royal Rumble seems like the day he'll debut on television. As for showing up at the Royal Rumble...you never know.


-Tonight on the Final Chunder...ahem, Thunder on Thursday, you will see a lot more of the new WCW commissioner, Terry Funk. Also tonight, the horrible new tag team champs will defend their titles, as I wonder why. Oh well. Madusa also defends her COVETTED cruiserweight title. You better set your VCR's, because Jerry Flynn is fighting the Wall. JOY! You can count on 3 Count to be at Thunder tonight, for your listening pleasure. All of this and so much more tonight on Thunder.

-It looks like Scott Hall will be out of our lives for a while once again, as he delayed his knee surgery. He's been given orders not to return to WCW until he is close to finishing re-hab on his knee. I guess they want things to cool down before Hall comes back. Actually, it's really Goldberg, WCW's new golden boy, who always gets his way once he starts to cry. It's not his fault that people love Hall more than himself. Hall was just playing for the fans, like he has always done, doing his surveys and ripping on the faces. The sad thing is that Scott Hall is way too good at it, and it made the fans cheer, and it pissed off Goldberg. But of course, Goldberg is injured himself, so Hall and Goldberg should be returning at the same time. Things should get interesting there.

-Will Hogan ever return to WCW? I don't know, as I've heard that friends close to him say that he's through with WCW, but then again, you'll hear rumors that he'll return in February. Oh yeah, the FOX rumors again keep popping up for our enjoyment. Do I think he'll return to WCW? If and only if Russo's new booking style really starts to bomb, and Hogan will come back to make a powerplay and show that he can help the ratings. Then, we are back at 1999. Joy.

@That's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow with more of the Phat Daily Column, which never.....ever takes a day off. So until I bring some more tomorrow, just chill....till the next episode.

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