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Mr. Tito (January 06, 1999)
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Wow, I got a huge reaction to my last column! The biggest reaction I have ever recieved! Anyways, the reaction was about 60/40. The 60 was for agreeing with me that Nitro sucked, and the 40 was for those who loved Nitro or what happened there. So with that being said, on to the column!


-8:00pm-09:00pm of Nitro 5.5
-9:00pm-10:00pm of Nitro 4.6
-10:00pm-11:05pm of Nitro 4.8

-Composite : 4.96

-9:00pm-10:00pm RAW 5.7
-10:00pm-11:05pm RAW 5.8

-Composite : 5.75

-Head to Head: 4.7 WCW vs. 5.75 WWF

Taped RAW Wins the Ratings!!


-Many fans were disappointed with a Nitro without the Raven angle. Who knows when it will get started or be in full effect.

-This run of nWo will probably be the last run of nWo. If it doesn't work, look for the Outsiders to attack Hogan, making Hulk Hogan to return as a face, with the Outsiders remaining heels.

-Sting is set to return real soon. How he will come back is uncertain, either blond Sting, Crow Sting, but not Wolfpac Sting now. But a good way to re-juvinate the Warrior's career and to make the Tag team scene better is to tag Warrior with Sting. The Bladerunners!

-I just want to say that Tony Shiavone can go to hell for reporting the Raw results last nitro. It didn't work apparently, just look at the ratings!

-Look for the jobbers of the NWO to be left out, like Vincent and Bryan Adams and many others. Bischoff wants the NWO to be a small, but very dangerous group.


-Reports from everywhere say HBK is retiring from wrestling, even with the back surgery, many say he can't return to the ring. If you noticed on Raw when HBK got attacked, HBK was handed the wrong keys, and when he left, DX said "what comes around goes around". HBK was then attacked by the corperation. Or was he? I heard that someone played the attack in slow motion, and they saw someone resemling X-pac in the attack. This info is very unsure on the moment, and I will have more on this if I hear anything else.

-Undertaker to return this Monday to a LIVE Raw! Question is, what's his angle gonna be?

-Now that Mick Foley is champ, expect this Monday for MacMahon to make him fight the Rock again at Royal Rumble. Look for Rock to win that one.

That's all for today. I just want to congradulate a Taped Raw for defeating a heavily-hyped up Nitro. Anyways, e-mail me with whatever about wrestling, and I will try to reply!

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