Welcome to another edition of the Phat Daily Column. I'm rather happy today, cause I was able to watch Smackdown! Thanks to the good people at WNCP in Portsmouth, Ohio(which is a WB station), I was able to view it at 10 pm last night. Also, thanks to those around the Ohio University campus who kept telling me that I could get Smackdown this year. Anyway, we have lots of WWF stuff to discuss, so on to the PDC!

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Know what's even better than finally getting Smackdown down here? Watching a GOOD Smackdown!

The show started off HOT with Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit. It wasn't their best match, but it was definitely watchable. I suppose that Jericho is back to feuding with the Radicalz, since Perry Saturn attacked him. I guess that both Jericho and the Radicalz agreed to NOT touch each other for one week or so?

Not that I'm not saying the Limo scene with William Regal and Steve Austin was bad, but the WWF keeps trying to do these crazy stunts to "injure" wrestlers. Triple H should be dead for getting dropped in that car, and the same goes for anyone else who has been "injured" by motor vehicles backstage. Even though the WWF pushes the label of sports entertainment, they at least try to make it believeable for some. However, every wrestler comes back from these huge accidents as superheroes, and that doesn't make sense. Regal will probably come back Monday without a scratch! If not, then he'll return Thursday.

The RTC and the Dudley Boyz was as good as you'd get out of the RTC, with the Dudleys going over clean, Thank God. It seems as though that the RTC and the Misfits in Action are my two pet peves for wrestling. Both are loser groups, with wrestlers jammed in because the federations have no idea what to do with them. Oddly enough, Edge/Christian helped the RTC attack the Dudleys, and I'm sure Vince will use Edge/Christian to get the RTC over eventually. Speaking of Edge/Christian, their Stacker 2 commercial is very strange, but not as strange as the Triple H muscle supplement commercial where he kinda acts like Hulk Hogan with the young guy.

Kurt Angle vs. the Rock was a great match.... until the ending. Honestly, I really don't see the point of the Rock going crazy at the end of the match, but I guess the match's purpose was to showcase the Rock's revenge? I don't know, but up until the end, it was the best Rock vs. Angle match yet. Both guys worked hard in the match.

Then we have the interview....... But wait, the interview was sort of short, and was a good interview because they didn't talk about nonsense for a long time, like they usually do. Vince made Austin the offer, and then Austin gave him the Stunner at the end. Probably the BEST interview I've seen in a long time.

Matt Hardy/Lita fought Perry Saturn/Terri to a rather weird match up. But I was really shocked at the ending. Dean Malenko helped the Radicalz to a screwjob victory by giving a DDT to Lita. Ok, in the past 4 weeks, that's 3 victories via the DDT. I take it that the WWF is making up for all of the years of making the DDT a regular move? Some have e-mailed me that they are doing this in Raven's favor. Hmm, I don't know about doing that just for him, but it's very interesting. Maybe Jake "the Snake" has been saying nice things about the WWF lately? Who knows??

Just great. Val Venis got the pin over Billy Gunn. You know what that means? Yet another Billy Gunn vs. Val Venis match. My theory is that the WWF will keep those two wrestling until they put on a good match together. The WWF's two worst things colliding isn't the greatest of things (Billy Gunn and the RTC). I see some weird swerve coming, and that's when Chyna officially returns, that Billy Gunn MIGHT join the RTC in a heel turn against her. That sort of seems like typical WWF style booking.

Test isn't doing so bad on his own, thus far. He fought Benoit to an OK match Monday, and he fought a pretty decent match with Rikishi last night. That big boot he gave Rikishi was DEVASTATING. Test was on his way to defeating Rikishi, until evil Uncle Albert(Paul McCartney reference) and Trish "the Dish"(a Mallrats reference, I think. Correct me if I'm wrong) screwed Test out of his match. Trish's evil connections with Vince helped to set up the match anyway.

The 3 Way dance at the end was pretty good, and it was odd to see Vince McMahon count the 1, 2, 3 for Austin. Something must be up this Monday at RAW, when Austin faces Angle. By the way, on that match, I hope that either Stone Cold wins the title or that Angle gets a screwjob victory. Any run ins or DQs, whatsoever, will lead to a huge disappointment.

Great Smackdown this week, as it gets an easy A in my gradebook.


RATINGS ANALYSIS RAW is WAR: 4.5 (off hours of 4.3 and 4.7)

Mtv Heat: 1.7

Livewire: 1.0

Superstars: 0.6

I won't say much about RAW's rating this week, since it was a holiday and that there were many bowl games competing against it. I'll reserve all thoughts about WWF ratings for next week, when it's just the WWF against WCW, with NO football. That's a true test for the WWF.

Mtv Heat's numbers are surprisingly high, if you ask me, considering that the show aired on New Year's Eve. Livewire pulled in its average, and Superstars got hammered! Now I've said that Superstars is a bad show, but damn, a 0.6 is bad. Maybe everyone went partying on the 30th to warm up for the 31st? Something was up.


I personally think that the WWF could really jumpstart their product with a strong Royal Rumble this year. Last year around this time, people like myself, were insisting that the WWF product was beginning to get a little stale. Then, Royal Rumble 2000 occurred, which is one of the best WWF Pay Per Views, ever, and it shut us up for quite some time. The key is to have a great Rumble, and a strong main event match for the show too. It's still unknown what that main event match will be at this point.

You know, I was about to rip the WWF for their WWFParents.com site, but upon looking around on it, I discovered that it's a very informative site for parents. Although it's probably just a PR decision by the WWF to calm down the Parents Television Council(PTC), it's a good place for parents to learn about WWF programming. Now the problem truly is to get parents on that website. The WWF should start advertising that site in adult type magazines, newspapers, or just list it in places like the TV Guide. I doubt many parents surfing online will find that site without being told through something in the media.

Yikes! From Blake's Wrestling Observer Live report, it appears that the Road Dogg will be under suspension for quite some time. I guess that's what he deserves when he comes to work, under the influence. This is the second time that the Road Dogg has been nailed for drugs in the WWF, and the WWF should work to get him clean, especially since they don't want another Scott Hall on their hands.

Man, I'd just LOVE to see Tajiri in the WWF as part of Kaientai. He could act as a the lunatic of the group, where both TAKA and Funaki have problems controlling the Japanese Buzzsaw. Actually, I just want to see Tajiri in the WWF, no matter what he does. Since I'm unable to see Tajiri due to no ECW television, how do you expect me to get my fix? I really miss seeing the Octopus, the green mist, the handspring elbow, and those vicious kicks. Especially the Octopus, which is my favorite submission hold.

WWF Jackson 5

5. Kane: Stong win over the Rock on RAW, and escaped getting pinned on Smackdown.

4. Chris Benoit: Could you imagine of Chris Benoit had booking power over his character?

3. Stone Cold Steve Austin: Jobbed to Regal this week, although it was cheap and out of friendship. He won the 3 Way dance to get the title shot on RAW too.

2. Kurt Angle: Fought in some tough matches this week. One, in the tables match on RAW and the rough match with the Rock on Smackdown. Hopefully, the WWF either lets Angle win or lose this Monday.

1. The Rock: He jobbed to Kane, and he fought a great match with Kurt Angle. Couldn't ask for any more this week from the Rock.

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