Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Well, the crackers over at Nielson probably drank too much over the weekend, so therefore, no Monday Night ratings came out. Doh! I'm very anxious to see how Nitro's second hour did against RAW's first. We'll find out later today, and I'll cover it in my column tomorrow. As for today, I'll see what I can do. On to the PDC.


-I really think that the TNN ECW show is really set to take off as they pulled a 0.9 on NEW YEAR's EVE!!!!! If it were 0.9 for another day, I would say how slumping ECW is, but for the past two weeks, ECW has had the most limited audience being on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, but yet the produce numbers close to their normal ratings. I think the Tanaka-Awesome match is snatching viewers who are flipping around. For ECW to keep this momentum up, they must keep the show strong with top matches everyweek. I'm truly wondering what next week's ratings will be since it's not on a holiday this week.


-From Calvin's post you saw that the WWF's contracts with UPN and USA will expire in the summer. Ouch. One thing that the WWF must do is to stay with USA. USA gave them all the air time that the WWF asked for and more. They let them do specials, and they didn't mind having a show do an overrun. USA is like, to quote Dusty Rhodes, "the Mothership" for the WWF. It's funny that when I finally get UPN, the WWF might not return to them. FOX would be an obvious choice for the WWF, but Murdoch wants to own a federation, not have an already billion dollar federation come to his stations. That factor, even though he would love to have the WWF there to crush WCW's ratings, would definately hault FOX from having the WWF in the future. The WWF has a lot to think about for the future.

-Wow, I've never recieved so much e-mail on one small newsbyte that I knew about and mentioned months ago. Readers keep telling me that they keep seeing Cactus Jack on Royal Rumble promos. Well, with the flooding of e-mails, I might as well talk about it again. With Cactus Jack appearing everywhere, it's obvious that he'll come back as Cactus Jack since Triple H only had Mankind fired. They will probably wrestle at Royal Rumble for the title, with Triple H most likely winning....BUT, more rumors are suggesting that Mick might stick around for Wrestlemania and fight a 3 way dance against the Rock and Triple H for the title. He could very well beat Triple H for the title at Royal Rumble, and gracefully drop it at Wrestlemania. I'd avoid the three way dance though, as history shows the Summerslam and the Survivor Series flopped a little cause of a 3 way dance main event. As for Cactus Jack, I know he's coming back...known that for a while!

-For those anticipating that Tazz would show up any day now will probably have to wait until after Royal Rumble. Ouch. As for the early rumors that Tazz would win the Royal Rumble, those should be looked at as false. Why would the WWF risk backstage moral on having a newcomer win the Royal Rumble? There would be many angry WWF wrestlers who have busted their asses for the company, but yet a new wrestler gets what should be their moment of glory. The WWF understood that, and thus Tazz would have No Chance in Hell of winning the Rumble. He could make an appearance at the Royal Rumble, but the night after on RAW is where he'll start his WWF career. Can't wait!


-I really like how everything seems to be blamed on WCW's Standards and Practices for Russo's weak booking for the past few weeks. Does Russo know what they keep stopping him from doing? Smut. They don't want to see garbage, as WCW is meant to be more of a family oriented show. Russo wants to do all of the trashy things he did in the WWF, but WCW won't allow it. I think that is all he can write is smut television. I don't think he can write a clean wrestling show with interesting angles that don't have T & A in them. Therefore, he's stressing for ideas, and thus comebacks by the New World Order and Varsity Club have come into play.

-Here's my personal opinion on Terry Funk: I like the guy. I've enjoyed seeing him perform for years. He's an old man pushing 60s and he can take bumps that the 20 year olds don't even try. He's tough, and he's not afraid of anybody. One thing I didn't like was his interviews or segments where he would talk about whatever as it was most present in his Barely Legal feud with Raven from ECW. Those were some of the most boring segments ever, and he would talk about nothing. As for Monday.....I think the decision would have been much appreciated if and only if the announcement was made in another city out of Flair country. The fans in Greenville wanted Flair, but they didn't get Flair and therefore, a bad reception for Funk getting the commissioner job. I also thought it was a bad decision for WCW at this point in time when they need to be fueled by youth, and not by having an older commissioner around..especially one who has no idea what he says on the mic. I don't think Funk will last very long as commissioner because he only signed a short term deal, and he's way overdue to retire anyday now. I do, however, think that it's a good opportunity for Funk to shine in the spotlight once again. Only time will tell if this was a great decision by WCW to get Funk.

-As for Ric Flair. WCW had no choice but to find somebody else for the commish job. The internet rumors weren't lying this time around because Flair was supposed to be the commissioner from the start. Talks broke off recently between Flair and WCW, which the relationship there has been horrible, and WCW had to think fast, therefore, calling up Terry Funk for the job. Flair will begin his personal appearance year of his contract in February, and he will be out of WCW's hair in a year's time. Why doesn't WCW release Flair already? Seriously....oh wait, Lord knows he needs to go up to the WWF and do a program with any WWF superstar(the Rock). It would equal HUGE ratings, and WCW can't afford that..so they will just let him make his millions for another year without showing up for any WCW television events.

@That's all for today. Hopefully, the Nielsons aren't suffering from a long term hangover, and the Monday Night ratings will be in later today. Until we meet again, just chill....till the next episode!

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