Monday Night came and went, and I'm furious! On to the column!

Monday Night Impressions!


-I just want to say that the hyped up biggest Nitro ever, was the biggest pile of sh*t I have ever seen. The Flair interview wasn't bad, either was the Benoit match, but the rest, made me sick. -Don't get me wrong on this one, but I wanted Hall and Nash to get back together, but not with Hogan! Hogan sucks! Another title run for Hogan, that bites so bad! Hogan is so worthless as a wrestler now. His ass should have stayed retired!-Did I mention Hogan sucks? -Nash is the booker, and he jobbed for the title. Now NWO is unstoppable, they have Lugar now. They need to can Bryan Adams, Vincent, Norton, and other losers I forgot.-Nitro bored me completely, and I watched a taped Raw in which I already knew the results! I was wrong in saying Nitro would have a chance, even with posting Mick Foley winning the belt.-Brand Spanking New Addition! Monday Night Grades. Nitro gets a C-.


-A good Raw, considering I already knew the results, thanks to all the kind people sending them to me.-Mick Foley won the belt in a great match, even know I knew what happened! I watched this match more than I did the main event joke for Nitro!-The Hardcore championship match was great! Al Snow and Road Dog went to the limit!-Shawn Michaels screwed MacMahon by making him #2 in the Royal Rumble, and then got attacked by the Corperation. This will allow him to go under a knife, to get his back fixed, finally!-Marlena falling off the apron, and probably miscarrying now. How low will the WWF go?-Overall, a good show, even though it was taped. A few loose ends makes a A- grade.

No news today, since everything was revolved the Monday night shows. E-mail me with whatever about wrestling, and I will try to reply!

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