WELCOME to the weekend edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. I have to admit, life has been good to me this weekend! Why? Well, the new computer... that's why! What on God's green Earth was I thinking to stay loyal to my shitty Compaq from Hell? Why, why, why?

It's like a whole different world to me. I've never imagined to own a computer that ran so smoothy without the usual loading noise that the Compaq from Hell used to make. I can't believe it. It's like I'm on Cloud 9 right now. I have lots of power at my finger tips, and I LOVE it! Whooooooo!!!

Just to compare the two computers, the Compaq from Hell had a 200 Mhz Pentium 1 processor, 32 MB or RAM, a 4.5 GB Harddrive, and Windows 95. The new computer, a beastly Hewlett Packard, is loaded with a 1.3 Ghz Intel Celeron processor, 512 MB of SDRAM memory, a massive 60 GB Harddrive, and Windows XP. Oh my God, it's a massive change. Plus, the Hewlett Packard from Heaven has a Writeable CD drive and a DVD player! I guess getting overworked during Christmas break can be a good thing. :)

This totally rules! I burned my first CD just before I started typing this, and I'm falling in love with it already. Muwhahahaha!! Anyway, it's obvious that my hands will be tied with this computer, as I have a few things I need to install on it, among other things. So with that being said, I'm going to whip out a Kurt Angle history that I just so happen to have, as I wrote it sometime last month for some odd reason. So anyway, here it is and enjoy.

-A Brief History of Kurt Angle-

Some information taken from Kurt Angle's biography, "It's True, It's True".

Kurt Angle went through life not thinking that he'd end up a WWF superstar. Angle grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, where he became quite an athlete, in the footsteps of his brothers. Amateur wrestling soon became Angle's specialty, and he received various scholarship offers for college. Kurt decided to go to Clarion College, where he'd win 2 NCAA National Championships in his weight class.

Angle's next goal was the Olympics. After several years of trying to get in, Angle pushed his training regimen to bounds that no normal human being would try, like running up the large Pittsburgh hills with someone on his back. Angle knew he could be great in wrestling if he was in great condition, and he would go on to win the World Championships, in 1995, despite actually breaking his neck during the competition.

After winning, despite a broken neck, Kurt Angle found himself in the running to make the Olympic team for Atlanta in 1996. Angle would soon make the team, and he pushed himself foward to the Olympic games. Kurt would win a gold medal in his weight class for freestyle wrestling, beating his opponent in overtime. It was an emotional moment for Angle, and he was declared an American hero for capturing the gold.

Angle tried to live out his Olympic celebrity status as long as he could, and even received some calls from the World Wrestling Federation about possibly joining. Kurt Angle even took a tour of the Titan Towers, but in the end, he declined since he didn't like pro wrestling because of the feeling all amateur wrestlers feel about it. Plus, Kurt Angle had a bad rub about wrestling, ever since his invitation to check out ECW became a bad experience for him, as seeing a crucifixion angle between Raven and the Sandman totally disgusted him!

Finding nothing for an ex-amateur wrestler to do, Kurt Angle accepted a role for Pittsburgh's FOX affiliate to become a sports broadcaster. Kurt Angle had fun at times with FOX, but it was never something he could excel at. One night in October of 1998, Kurt Angle flipped around on the television set and tuned into an edition of RAW is WAR. Instead of seeing the negatives he was always told about pro wrestling, Angle admired the athleticism of the wrestlers and their ability to put on a very entertaining show. In an instant, Angle decided that it was going to be his new career.

Kurt Angle called the World Wrestling Federation offices, in hopes of possibly striking some sort of deal to become a wrestler. The WWF remembered Angle turning them down in 1996, and never got back to him for 2 weeks. Angle called back, and was eventually invited to a training session in Stamford, CT, the WWF's home, as they were always looking for talent. Angle impressed WWF officials by how quickly he learned the trade, and actually wrestled in a WWF dark match, early on in his WWF wrestling career, against Christian.

Off to Memphis it was for Angle, and he would remain there for a short while to polish his pro wrestling skills, like bump taking, psychology, and other aspects of the business. Angle quickly progressed, again, and was soon wrestling dark matches before editions of RAW and eventually Smackdown. Angle would get used to the large crowds that way, and would slowly learn how to play the crowds before his official WWF debut.

Angle's WWF debut, on television, was at Survivor Series 1999, where he took on Shawn Stasiak. The plan for Angle was to act like an American hero, but to somehow have a certain twist to him, like a feeling that he was better than everybody. It worked, and along with some incredible mic skills, like the "3 I's", "It's True, It's True" and ripping on certain features of a city, like a sports team or something from history.

Kurt Angle's character was developing so rapidly that the WWF had to do a double take. At Royal Rumble 2000, Kurt Angle was choked out by Tazz. However, on the television shows that followed this, Angle was beating Tazz every time, and it would be Kurt Angle getting the push, and not Tazz. Angle would go on to win the European title by beating Val Venis, and then go on to beat Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental title. Kurt would declare himself the Euro-Intercontinental champion, and by now, he was drawing tremendous heat from the crowds.

Angle would lose both titles at Wrestlemania 2000, and he would sort of lay low until a certain woman caught his eye. Stephanie McMahon somehow caught Kurt's eye, and he began to have a "close" relationship with her as a "friend". Kurt tried to steal her away from Stephanie, but in the end, Kurt was unsuccessful. However, Angle was becoming a legit Main Eventer, thanks to the Triple H feud, and he would go on to win the World Title at No Mercy from the Rock.

Kurt Angle held the World Title until No Way Out 2001, when the Rock regained his title. Although it was a lengthy title reign, Angle saw himself outside of the main event fold, as Stone Cold, Triple H, Undertaker, or the Rock wouldn't allow him to even get a cheap win. But hey, Angle was the fastest ever to reach the World Title in WWF history, so it has some merit.

Next for Kurt, it was a long feud with Chris Benoit, which extended through 3 Pay Per Views. They were technical classics in many people's minds, and Angle would later say that those series allowed him to use some amateur wrestling, for the first time in his WWF career.

Then, in the fight against the Alliance, Kurt Angle saw himself as a face for the first time in his short WWF career. The fans naturally loved Angle from his great heel run, so they cheered for him as a face. First, he briefly feuded with Booker T, and actually won the WCW World Title at a Smackdown in Pittsburgh, his hometown. Then, he feuded with Steve Austin through several Pay Per Views, including winning his 2nd World Title at Unforgiven in September of 2001.

Angle lost the World Title back to Austin a few weeks later on RAW, as WWF officials cited that Angle wasn't a strong face to hold the title. With that being said, the WWF turned Kurt Angle to join the Alliance. Kurt Angle teamed with Steve Austin, Booker T, Shane McMahon, and Rob Van Dam to fight the WWF at Survivor Series, and there, Kurt Angle turned on his own team to help the WWF win the match and destroy the Alliance.

However, Kurt wasn't satisfied with the reaction of his fellow WWF wrestlers about how he helped the WWF win the match. He showed resentment, and was in the process of turning heel, again. Angle would later join Vince McMahon after Ric Flair revealed himself as the WWF's co-owner, which is currently where Kurt Angle is today. Angle's current role is to play a main eventer on RAW or Smackdown, although losing to either Rock or Austin to help build them up.

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