Welcome to another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we discuss the wonderful world of WCW, which hasn't given us any wrestling shows since the Thunder before X-mas. Man, it was hard to remember who was feuding with who for last night's show. Well anyway, let's discuss Dubya Cee Dubya, so on to the PDC!


My gosh, it was very hard to watch Thunder with excitement, while flipping between that and the Penguins game. Mario Lemieux is the man, and he's only going to get better. Unless a thug or goon in the NHL takes a shot at him(like I assume they'll try), the Penguins are a HUGE threat for the Stanley Cup. Mark my words!

Shane Helms and Jaime Noble fought to an OK cruiserweight match, but it was marred by lots of run ins. I do love that Nightmare on Helm Street, very much though. I wish that WCW would give more time on these matches, allow clean finishes, and to build good storylines around each match. The Cruiserweight division helped to grab attention when WCW was climbing to the top in 1996, and it helped to carry the promotion to continued success after the NWO reformed.

I'm sorry, but anything involving the Misfits in Action is so bad! Both A-Wall (get it??) and Lt. Loco or Lash Leroux have become very poor performers, and it's always a task for other wrestlers to carry them through a match. Same goes for Rection, who is your United States champion. Hopefully, WCW does us good and gives the title to the Franchise at "Sin" or however they are spelling it this month.

WCW should be lucky to have a man like Crowbar bumping around for their so called hardcore slugs. It's what carries the matches, no matter how much they hype Meng as a tough guy. I wish that WCW would hype Crowbar's match with Terry Funk a little better though.

Bill Goldberg's mystery opponent was... Mark Jindrak. I had an odd feeling that it was him, since O'Haire tagged with Palumbo for some reason. Jindrak is one F'N badass, but he's just another victim for Goldberg. I was thinking that Luger would be the mystery opponent for fun last night, but I was wrong. Just another future superstar jobbing for Goldberg. The reason why this "streak" hasn't caught on is that Goldberg hasn't lost yet. Keep that in mind.

The mystery opponent for Reno was the Cat. I don't know what that does for the storylines, unless it gives the Cat another chance to take back his commissioner spot? Who knows? Cat gets the win over Reno, despite having no significant storyline to work with right now. No storyline build up equals no crowd heat, which usually leads to bad matches. It's the truth!

Looks like Team Canada will now feud with the Filthy Animals. Evil Konnan vandalized Awesome's newly repainted bus, which will anger Team Canada just like it angered Undertaker when Kurt Angle threw food on his bike. With Kidman and Rey-Rey, the Filthy Animals should spark some good matches with Team Canada, who just went through 4 months of hell by feuding with the Misfits in Action. I'd love to see Rey-Rey and Awesome fight.

The Sarge took a beatdown by Luger and Buff..... oh wait, allow me to call them by their proper name: Totally Buff. Ok, Totally Buff pounded on the Sarge, as predicted, but the evil Acolytes, I mean KroniK were paid to destroy Goldberg in the back. Hey, it looks like KroniK will probably have to fight Goldberg, again. Maybe we'll get those stiff shots that we didn't see in their Pay Per View match a few months ago, maybe on the next Nitro or Thunder.

I don't know what WCW is doing for their main event. They made Scott Steiner act as the so called mystery man, as he jumped Softball Sid during his match with Jeff Jarrett. I think that the WCW bookers are delaying the pain of having Rick Steiner as a main event headliner. Something is going on. At least Sid's healthy enough to return to action, which is what WCW hoped for.

I'll give the show a B, especially since my mind was elsewhere when also watching the Pittsburgh Penguins defeating the Capitals.


Remember how I said that Hulk Hogan would NOT work out in the WWF? I'll put my money on it that Hogan will willingly return, once Eric Bischoff gets a hold of the company. Bischoff has this odd belief that Hogan can ALWAYS draw. Well, he only drew crowds with the aid of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, along with an awesome storyline to boot, and a good all around supporting product. He can't do it, alone, anymore, which is something Bischoff doesn't understand when he always gives Hogan FULL creative control.

Speaking of Eric Bischoff, it appears that the new WCW purchase will be announced around January 15, which could be on Nitro. Bischoff can only operate by spending lots of money on talent, and as of right now, there is no talent to buy on the market right now. He'll rely on the older stars, and like before, he'll hold back the younger stars, who are helping to carry the current WCW shows right now. If you ask me, the Bischoff sale could very well be the final nail in the coffin of WCW, unless they totally cut costs.

WCW, right now, is attempting to put together a new Nitro announcing team. I hate to say it, but it appears that Tony Shiavone is now the best announcer within WCW. Scott Hudson has become lame, Mike Tenay has completely forgot what made him a good announcer, Stevie Ray can't talk or comprehend what is good announcing, and the decision about having Konnan as an announcer is a very bad one. Sure, Konnan can be funny every once in a while, but every week? Nooo. I'd go with Shiavone, and then search the market for someone new in broadcasting to be the heel commentator. Bobby Heenan is out of the question, since he and Tony don't work well together at times. Find somebody new, or possibly put Jeremy Borash in Madden's place, cause he wasn't all too bad while he was there.

WCW Jackson 5

5. Bill Goldberg: Hopefully, the streak will end so that Goldberg can go for the title again.

4. Crowbar: Nobody wrestles harder than this man. NOBODY.

3. Scott Steiner: Your World Champion, still, although I don't like this mystery man angle one bit.

2. Jeff Jarrett: Carried Sid to an OK match, and he'll probably hold up all of the wrestlers in the main event at Sin or Syn?

1. Mike Awesome: The Career Killer is back, so now give him some good opponents.

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