Welcome back to the wonderful world of Phat Daily Column. Monday Night just went by, and it was much easier to watch this week with only one head to head hour. RAW has already countered Nitro's early end with a beefed up first hour, and a very relaxed second hour. If Nitro thinks this time change equals instant ratings, well they better get ready. Well, I have my gradebook out, so on to the PDC.

Monday Night Impressions


This week's Nitro featured the worst matches yet of the Russo era. All of the matches, and I'm not leaving out any, were horrible. Not a single match could go the distance without a run in or interference. The Slamboree matches, again this week but worse, were nothing but lame. It's rather said that David Flair and Crowbar are tag champs, but they seem to be liked around WCW, so what the heck. Still, the matches were horrible!

I bet Vince Russo wants to know who let insider Wade Keller find out about who the commissioner was. Everyone and their mother on the net knew who it was going to be hours before Nitro went on. Also, whoever e-mailed me a few days ago and called that it would be Terry Funk, please e-mail me and I'll gladly credit you in tomorrow's column(make sure you present proof that it was you). As for Terry Funk, the second I heard that it would be him from the internet, I wasn't too thrilled. Sure, I appreciate his wrestling ability for his long career, but I remembered how he is on the microphone. I remembered his feud with Raven back in the day building up for ECW's first pay per view, Barely Legal. Terry Funk made some of the most boring speeches that I've ever heard, and he was only interesting when he let his wrestling do the talking. Well, he was on the mic forever, and man was that hard to watch. He did name Arn Anderson his enforcer, which I guess is a cool thing. Both Funk and Anderson were taking some nice shots for their old age, so they should be applauded for that.

The NWO was rather weak this week, as they needed interference to either stop or win a match. Big Poppa Pump and Nash needed DDP to mutilate PG-13 for them, and Jarrett couldn't defeated Sid with a neckbrace on. Sad, sad, sad. Is that anyway to get the new NWO over? Oh wait, the NWO is famous for their run-ins, I almost forgot!

NITRO Phat stats

Matches: 9
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 4
Disqualifications: 2
No Contests: 0

Last Word: My God, two hour change didn't do much for WCW. Every match was terrible, some segments were boring, and there was never a high point in the show. However, WCW is missing a handful of their top personalities this week. Benoit is in Japan, and Hall, Sting, and Goldberg are injured. Those are four marquis players, three of them being top WCW faces, that could have livened this show up. I'll be leniant in this case, so Nitro this week gets a


IN MY OPINION. I predict that the second hour of Nitro, which is head to head with RAW, will get a 2.5.


I wasn't too thrilled that Vince and Shane McMahon didn't show up this week. I guess they want to drag and milk the Triple H-Stephanie era some more. Joy. Vince and Shane equal instant ratings, but I guess everyone needs a vacation from time to time. The Helmsleys made some odd bookings this week, as they tried to screw the Rock, gave Test two very old ladies as tag team partners, and for some reason, Triple H wants Kurt Angle to lose. This new era was better than last week, but I'm getting sick of the idea already.

Matches on RAW were decent this week, as RAW kept up a great main event even unopposed by Nitro. It's odd to see a title change in the middle of RAW, but it's just a smart move by the WWF to counter Nitro's time change. Triple H kinda won his world title fairly this time, as it was the ref's decision to get distracted and lowblows are common anymore. RAW had a few off tag team matches this week that had tons of not needed interference. With that, you had no idea who was fighting who. Oh yeah, that IC title situation is messed up to say the least. Talk about interfering in one's match..this new stipulation by Stephanie will always create interference in Chyna or Jericho matches. Should be interesting to see which one will drop the strap first. The cage match was alright.

The "Have a Bad Day" skits were somewhat funny, but 3 of them where just enough. Triple H had some quality acting skills in them. The main event featured the return of Mick Foley, and the match itself was nothing but electrifying. I'm sure there will be lots of anger from Triple H and Stephanie over this match, which will carry on to Smackdown and I can see it for the first time this week.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 3
No Contests: 0

Last Word: RAW's main matches were good, but they had their share of weak tag matches as well this week. Therefore, I'm giving RAW a


for this week's show. I'd imagine that they will be getting a rating of 5.8 in head to head competition with Nitro. First hour of RAW always is lower than the second, which I expect to be rather high this week.

I personally think that the federations will finally put their feud aside and show what they can do for their own shows. Everyone thinks that the WWF will counter the Wednesday Thunder and the new Nitro times. They won't. What is the need? I think for the first time, both federations want out of this feud. It puts too much pressure on one another, and WCW cracked when they changed their shows around. Unless the WWF pushes back RAW, there will only be one hour of competition to worry about. This way, the WWF can continue to grow, and it allows wrestling fans to enjoy both shows. The only thing the Nitro time change really hurts is the competition factor. Competition brought out the best in both federations, and each of them know it. We'll see in a few weeks if the WWF decides to attack or lay off Nitro's time change.

@That's all for today. Not much news floating around right now, as everything will come out later today about Nitro and RAW happenings. I'll be back, hopefully, tomorrow with some Ratings Analysis if they don't get delayed again.

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