Welcome back to the Phat Column! Monday night wrestling is gonna be huge, and it's going against a National Championship College football game, which it will take some ratings from like it did the NFL games! Joy!


-The Raven angle will start to take full force with a rumored appearance of either Chastity or Sandman, but look for it to be Chastity.-Sting was said, by many other posts to have wrestled at a house show vs. Wrath. I hear he was Wolfpac Sting, but WCW is using their creative minds that they sometimes have, and they are messing with everyone's heads by doing this. -Benoit is set for a title push, but who knows about Eddie Guerro. He just re-signed, and he was also in a recent auto accident. His future is uncertain.-Giant will probably job on Nitro Monday, but the question is who. I think the man should be none other than Ric Flair. Remember when they fought on Nitro when Flair was champ? Giant beat him back in the day for the belt, with Flair giving a great effort. Flair's career would get jump-started bigtime again if he would beat the Giant on one of the biggest Nitro's ever!


-It is almost in the bag that Stone Cold will win the Royal Rumble, but will that muscle tear be healed up completely for Wrestlemania...we will just have to see.-I hear that the WWF Superbowl commercial is gonna be huge! They shelled out $1.6 million for it!-I hear that the so called controversial angle with the Undertaker on January 11th's might have to do something with a new family member. This is just speculation at this time, so we will just have to wait and see!

That's all I could rig up for today. You can e-mail me with anything about wrestling, and I will try to reply!

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