Welcome to an all new edition of the Phat Daily Column. I just got finished with school, as the majority of my days are now filled with college instead of work. Normally, I don't like school, but being worked like a slave for the past month makes learning sound much more fun.

But speaking of work, my latest paycheck is gigantic enough to FINALLY replace the Compaq from Hell with a lean, mean, buffed and JACKED new computer, which I hope to go buy sometime tomorrow. That's right, I'm finally giving in to new technology. Actually, I've wanted a CD burner for sometime now, and that's not possible on the current Compaq from Hell computer. So since the Windows operating system is crashing all over again, it's an excuse to finally fulfill my dreams of piracy when burning CDs. Oops, did I say that?

However, I'll will give props to the Compaq from Hell. I bought it during the Summer of 1998, and through about 6 reinstallations of Windows and a replaced motherboard, it's held up nicely. It's not only used by myself daily, but other family members as well. So for how much it was used, this sometimes called piece-of-shit stood the test of time. I believe that I'm going to reinstall Windows on it, yet again, and store this pile in case I EVER need it again in the future, like say if the new one goes to the shop or has problems, etc.

So for the $950 I paid for it back in 1998, I sure did get my money's worth, despite it giving me some major headaches at times. The price on that is funny, because I'd be lucky to get $100 out of it with it's qualities, although the built in zip drive could help its pricetag just a little bit.

So this could be one of the very last PDCs wrote on the Compaq from Hell, which could be a sad occasion. Nah! Bring on the new machine! I want my CD burner, damn it!!!!!

Ahem. On to the PDC.


-Despite all of the backtracking on statements, it looks like Kevin Nash is officially with the WWF now, so let the political backstage turmoil begin! It would be a cool surprise if Nash just happened to show up on LIVE Smackdown, tonight. I'm just wondering on how good Nash will be as a worker, though. He's over 40, and the last time he wrestled, his knees were getting worse and he was out with injuries for a good bit of time. It's not like the WWF bought a completely healthy big guy. And who knows what a year off from the ring could do? Of course, he could heal some injuries during that time, but when you're over 40, it's very hard to come back to something.

Which makes me think he'll be a special occasion wrestler in one on one matches, or he could have a tag team partner, like his close Wolf-pack buddy, X-Pac, who is set to return any day now. I still see a one on one feud with Triple H in the future, and I wouldn't doubt if we'd see that at Royal Rumble, since Triple H would rather be on his own than teaming with someone.

With the addition of Kevin Nash, though, the WWF now has a stockpile of giants, which is probably Vince McMahon's real intention of signing Nash. We now have Nash, Test, Kane, Undertaker, and the Big Show. That's a bunch of big men, who are unlikely to produce any great matches if they fight each other. I guess that's what the smaller wrestlers will have to do, as they become bumping machines for these big dudes.

-And speaking of that, the smell of the ratings are so strong for the Big Slow vs. the Undertaker match tonight on LIVE Smackdown. Seriously, who is going to carry this match? Since it's the Underfaker, the match will be given extra time to "develop" or "tell a story" to the fans. Oh brother. Instead of booking a longer match with the incredible athletes that the WWF currently has on their roster, we get this. I guess the WWF wants to keep driving fan interest down?

Also on Smackdown, we'll be seeing a #1 Contender's match between Booker T and the Rock. Question. What constitutes Booker T getting the #1 contender spot? Sure, he beat Steve Austin in a First Blood match, but does the addition of pounding Maven in a singles match help it too? It's about as credible as instantly making Kane and the Big Show #1 contenders for the tag titles, despite never tagging up before. Come on WWF, give at least SOME credibility to the World Title scene. I'm a big Booker T fan, too, and I'm questioning the WWF's actions here.

Finally, because of the surprise win in the non-title match from Smackdown, Spike Dudley and Tazz, Team ECW-marks-want-us-pushed, will take on the Dudleys for the Unified World Titles. At least there's some credibility to why this title match is occurring, although there's still no explanation to why Spike and Tazz just happen to be teaming. Oh well... their match together was entertaining, so that's what really matters.

*Don't expect high ratings for Smackdown, for it will be going HEAD TO HEAD with the Rose Bowl BCS National Championship NCAA football game. And let's cheer for Nebraska to win. Nothing against Miami, whatsoever, as I want the Corn Huskers to win because it will screw up the reasoning for who wins the precious, yet heavily flawed, National Championship. Duh, get a playoff system! I'll have you kinow that I've been boycotting College Football ever since Michigan won co-National Championship with Nebraska a few years ago, seeing as how a shitty computer system, sports writers, and biased coaches were the ones deciding who won the title. A simple 16 game playoff system will do.

Oh, will there be money lost from the bowl games? You're crazy, if you're asking that. Why? The NCAA is a legal cartel, and they get a good lion's share of each bowl game (40% - 50% reportedly) to fund itself. Add to that the fact that travel expenses to special bowl locations eat right into the bowl earnings, and then some. So gee, we have a flawed ranking system, and the bowls aren't worth anything, in reality. I guess Playoffs would solve the answer, wouldn't they? Duh huh.

-I don't know about you, but I'm finding the many explanations for the Hardy Boyz and Lita time off to be amusing. Lita's website will say one thing, change it, with many other news sources adding to the story as well. Just simply say that the Hardys are burned out from touring, non stop, for the past few years, and the fact that the WWF expects dare-devil moves out of them for every match has pounded them physically that they need a F'N break. Especially Jeff, as if he was a normal human being, he wouldn't know who or what he was, but instead, he's just been late for a few events recently. Lay off the Hardys, as they deverve this break, very much.

-Today at college, I saw WrestlePalooza.com's Krueges in the hallway, and we were laughing at how ECW marks believe that RVD will be World Champion at No Way Out 2002 because he's on its poster. Oh dear lord, that's just too funny. So folks, that would be like Triple H NOT returning at Vengeance, despite being on the poster and the commercial promos? Uh huh. Please use common sense when assuming something, especially concerning RVD, who appears to be in Chris Jericho's old role right now.

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@That's all for today. I'll be back, tomorrow, with a FULL Review of Smackdown, if that's ok with you. Who knows, maybe I'll type it on the new computer? Well, probably not yet. See you tomorrow.

Take Care, and Thanks for Reading.

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