Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Well, school is back for me, joy joy joy, and what better way to make the first day better than with Monday Night Wrestling? Both shows will be loaded considering that they both have 2 football games to contend with. The federations want to produce blockbuster shows in order for the fans to keep coming back in 2000. It should make for an interesting night. With that being said, on to the PDC!


-The question on most minds is if Tazz will debut or if the Undertaker will return. Tazz can wrestle anytime now that his ECW contract has finally expired. All you saw were his logos on the Titan or Oval trons, but nothing about when Tazz was going to show up. What better time than tonight? The Undertaker is said to be training hard for his return, which is seems will be the Royal Rumble. 'Taker has been said to have lost a good bit of weight upon returning. The WWF could really use these two to really liven things up because they can't live off Triple H, the Rock, and Mick Foley for ever.

-Vince and Shane McMahon finally come back to the WWF tonight and confront Stephanie and Triple H for controlling the company like they were. Expect some kind of explanation to why Vince and Shane haven't done this much earlier, and then they will say: "We did it for the ratings!" Ahem. The return of Vince and Shane will be a breath of fresh air, as Triple H and Stephanie are really beginning to be getting on my nerves, along with many other readers. Vince and Shane are going to give it to them this time, and don't be surprised if they strip Stephanie of her power, which we all thought she lost in the briefcase ladder match a while back.

-Looks like the Wrestlemania match might not be just the Rock vs. Triple H this year. Throw Mick Foley into that mix for a lethal 3 way for the world title. Joy joy joy! You saw what a 3 way dance did for Survivor Series and Summerslam. One on one matches are always better to watch, even if you want to make a tribute to Mick. Oh well, no matter what happens, it seems that the Rock will become the People's champ. If there is a 3 way, it would mainly be out of respect to Mick, and not because either the Rock or Triple H weren't willing to job in a main event, eh Stone Cold?


-Nitro might be a top contender now that they've shifted to a 2 hour show, which will be from 8-10 tonight. They only have one hour to worry about in competition with the WWF, so the pressure will be on! The new WCW commissioner will be announced tonight, as many are saying that it will be Ric Flair. Those same people are also on WCW payroll, so it's gonna be a swerve! I predict that it will be someone in the likes of Hogan, Bischoff, Warrior, Arn Anderson, or it will be Ric Flair...hmmm. Russo is definately hoping for the shock value on that one. Whoever it is will probably be a face character since Bill Busch is in charge of choosing the new commissioner. You can bet there will be a quality Scott Steiner interview, as that should be very nice from previous NWO interviews where they try to piss off the crowd. Step aside boys, and let the real heat-seeker tell the fans how it is.

-The Lethal Lottery, as if it couldn't bore us more last week, returns, but this week we will see champions crowned in the second hour. Scott Steiner returns to action already and teams up with Kevin Nash to destroy PG-13. Midnight and Lash Leroux take on the odd duo of Crowbar and David Flair. I best Lash is going to take a crowbar to the head, or Stevie Ray will run down and interfere with Midnight. Buff Bagwell and Kanyon have very good chances against the team of Norman Smiley and Asya. Buzzkill and Mike Rotunda will face the Harris boys(DOA). Joy. I can only see a few matches getting some interest, but nothing that could take any WWF ratings away.

-I have heard rumors all over the net that WCW is very interested in bringing Tammy Lynn Sytch into WCW. I hope they pick her up, along with her man, Chris Candido. Both possess so much talent that has so much potential for a big federation to live on. The personal problems could hault the opportunity for them to enter WCW, and it's nothing but independent shows for them for life. That's a damn shame. I personally think that the two should go for the WWF again because WCW is showing signs that they are just like they were before on talent. The WWF made Sunny into a superstar, and I'm sure they could easily get her back on top. WCW would just put them in some oddball angle that Russo thought of in a few minutes. Wherever they go, I just hope they get a chance to shine again.

@That's all for this edition of the Phat Daily Column. After being at the Titan-Steeler game, I'm convinced: Titans are going to win the Superbowl. You should have seen some of the odd happenings in the crowd yesterday in Pittsburgh. Every failed offence and defensive play was booed by the crowd, and in the early 3rd quarter, there was a good fist fight in the top bleachers. Rather crazy if you ask me, but oh well. Thanks for reading, and I'll be back tomorrow with the usual Monday Night Impressions to thrill you all! Bye Bye now!

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Take Care, and Enjoy your Monday Night Wrestling.

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