The Ratings are in! WITH ABSOLUTELY NO COMPETITION, both shows tried to grab as much ratings as they could. WWF was aiming to prove the critics wrong that their product is dropping, and WCW wanted to rise from the ashes of the after-Russo era. Who won? Well, DUH! WWF won, since they at least could satisfy a good bit of their fans in 2000.

But by how much? We'll look at that today. OH MY! I forgot. Read the following warning before reading the Phat Daily Column:

The following is a wrestling column. While reading it, you shouldn't try to harm yourself, attack someone else, or do anything that you shouldn't. They are just opinions, and not dangerous weapons.

Ok, that was my warning. That way, I won't be blamed for any injuries or deaths like the recent cases, like the WWF and Mtv's Jackass is getting recently. On to the PDC.

Today's Column
*Ratings Analysis
*Thunder Preview
*Odds and Ends

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 2.7
Second Hour: 2.4
Composite: 2.55
Composite 2 Weeks Ago: 2.6
Composite 1 Year Ago: 2.8


First Hour: 5.0
Second Hour: 5.8
Composite: 5.4
Composite 2 Weeks Ago: 5.2
Composite 1 Year Ago: 6.6


RAW: 5.0 (Tito's Prediction: 5.0)
Nitro: 2.4 (Tito's Prediction: 2.2)

WWF Weekend Shows

Livewire: 1.3
Superstars: 1.3
Mtv Heat: 1.1

There should be NO EXCUSE for WCW having lower than a 3.0 rating in the first hour. Oh wait, everyone and their mother is getting hooked on Boston Public! My fault. But seriously, there are enough wrestling fans to grab to get at least a 3.0. WCW did it 2 weeks ago, so why not do it this week? Of course, then, they were coming off a good Pay Per View. But in all respects, WCW should do something to pump their first hour up, because had they received a higher first hour, they would have shot up in the ratings. Their 2nd hour this week (2.4) was higher than the one 2 weeks ago (2.1). Think about it.

I'm more or less thrilled with the fact that wrestling generated a 7.4, overall, in the ratings. It shows that the wrestling industry isn't quite dead yet, despite how much I rant about it going down! RAW did a good first hour of 5.0, which is up from the low 4.0s during Monday Night Football. Amazingly, the Sports Entertainment segment of the Contract signing destroyed in the first hour, and probably carrying on to the second hour. 5.8 rating in the first hour is F'N high! 6.2 in the first 15 minutes of the 2nd hour is the highest stuff from RAW in a while.

Funny, cause I didn't really like either show, especially RAW. But it was just my opinion, no matter how crazy I get or how much I exaggerate it.

The Flair-Rhodes situation brought some oddly high numbers for the first 15 minutes of the 2nd hour. Amazing. Looks like it struck some intrigue among some of the classic WCW fans, who really enjoyed their NWA days. That, or past WWF fans remember Dusty's WWF run. Remember the Son of a Plumber??? I liked Flair's run in the WWF, as it was a shame it came to an end due to an eardrum problem. Damn shame! At least he put over Bret Hart before he left in 1992, which is the proper thing to do.

Do you want to know what is really funny about the WWF 2nd hour rating? Their lowest segment was their XFL commercial, featuring that new lady personality. Impressive. I guess the fact that nobody cares about having the XFL shoved down their throats affects the fact that the WWF tried to have a hot chick in the commercial.

Speaking of that, I don't even want to watch Smackdown. Why? It's Smackdown Xtreme, and NOT Extreme. It has nothing to do with wrestling, if you didn't notice the spelling. It's for the Xtreme Football League, and since the first XFL game is this Saturday, the WWF is going to shove this league down our throats even more. Oh God. I don't really think that a non stop plug of the XFL will do well against Friends or the evil Survivor 2.

Both Livewire and Superstars were hot this week, both nailing 1.3 ratings. The WWF must be cheering that, because that usually shows the overall demand of the WWF. Mtv Heat was up against the 40.3 rated Superbowl, so it has a very legit excuse for it's ECW-like rating this week.

Thunder Hype is reporting that Scott Steiner isn't too thrilled with Kevin Nash being his opponent. While hearing about Nash getting the shot, it was said that Steiner kicked an EMT member. Ok, I'm just kidding there because he threatened a WCW writer/booker. Again, I'm only kidding there.

It's claimed that Diamond Dallas Page spent 3 days in jail for "barely touching a fan". Damn. I'd hate to see what DDP would get for actually jacking him. Probably the death penalty. 3 days in jail is bad enough, but 3 days away from your beautiful wife should make DDP pissed off tonight.

How about some matches?

Billy Kidman vs. Shane Helms: I worry that Billy Kidman might be tired after fighting a match at Nitro, or at least he could use that as an excuse against the up and coming Shane Helms. Let us not forget that Kidman fought to claw his way out of the Cruiserweight division, thinking he was better than the guys who were 5 times his size. Alright, enough bashing the lazy Kidman. This could be a good match, given the time.... and yes, the motivation of Kidman.

Lash Leroux vs. Big Ron Harris: AHHHHHHHH!!!!! My eyes! I have sudden pain in my eyes. I thought Bischoff was attempting to improve the creative side of WCW, involving the Harris boys.

Shawn O'Haire/Chuck Palumbo vs. the Mamalukes: This one has "swerve" written all over it, although Russo isn't in charge. You know, with Johnny the Bull turning on Big Vito, again. This match could be a pretty good and fundamental tag match, given the time of the match. O'Haire is Godlike here, Palumbo improves, and the Mamalukes are a good all around team.

I hope that Thunder improves over last week's show.

Odds & Ends

Congrats to the Rock, for he will eventually have a little Rock to follow in his footsteps. That's pretty cool. One thing that I found interesting, in his book, was his relationship with his wife. They fought through some hardships at first, and broke down barriers. As much as I somewhat resent the Rock at times, I can say that I'm happy for the Rock here. Gee, I wonder if the kid will grow up to be a football player and/or a wrestler?

Wrestling-X sent in a good point, which I missed on Monday Night. WWF was hyping Chyna's book appearance, but yet they failed to recognize one thing when doing that: she was supposed to be hurt from storylines!. I believe that I predicted this oddball thing would happen, and I'm glad to see inconsistancy happening here. It just shows how somewhat sick the WWF can be when they do injury angles like this, and hope for our pity.

I thought she looked familiar... Paula Paulshock was indeed on the Tonight Show Monday Night, to which she was in a special segment with Jay Leno. Jay did a public service announcement to "Save the Califorians" to which he, and a few others including Paulshock, were begging for everyone to send their money to California, who has bad power blackouts. Now that I know it's officially Paulshock, I can laugh at the end, where Leno mentioned that it took a lot of casting for Paulshock's part. You know what that means? There are plenty of people who are close in resemblance to Paulshock, and she can be easily replaced on Nitro with a newer lady.

Here's a good question for you: When I say the word "KING", who is the first person you think of when that word is said?

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@Well, off for a long day at classes. I'll strap myself down to a chair tonight and suffer through Thunder, although it won't be so bad because at 10 pm, South Park and TV Funhouse are on to flip between. Too bad I don't have that luxury every night. Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow with "WWF Day", reviewing Smackdown and other WWF stuff. Remember.... who is the first person you think of when I say "KING"? See you tomorrow!

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