It's time once again to get on the PDC!! First off, congratulations to the St. Louis Rams for a great season, and a great win in the Superbowl. I had confidence in the Titans ever since I saw them live when they hurt the Steelers, and they were oh so close to making the score a tie at the end. One of the best Superbowls that I've seen. Well, anyway, this is a wrestling column, and not Inside the NFL. Tonight, is a special night. The Monday Night Wars continue today, as we will see what the WWF has in store, and if WCW plans to step it up any. It should be some good wrestling tonight, as WCW should want to build up their product towards the February 14th show, which is the night the WWF has that damn dog show taking its timeslot. On to the PDC.


-Joy, the Stone Cold interview on Halftime Heat. That's the only part of Halftime Heat that I saw, but I guess that was the most important part of it. Jim Ross asked him various questions like what he felt about the Rock getting all of the popularity. It was funny when Austin was mad when he said that he couldn't drink beer with that "damn" neckbrace on. Austin also admitted to being engaged to Debra, which should surprise those who haven't watched his A&E biography. He said depending on how the vertebrae fuse in his neck, that will determine his role in the WWF for his return. I hope that he does come back just to stack the WWF's deck a little more, plus he always played a great part in going after the McMahons. That's what I miss.

-The main event for Wrestlemania still seems to be the Rock vs. Triple H. The Rock will defeat the Big Show at the next PPV, and go on to defeat Triple H to finally become the World Champ. I hope he becomes champ because I get tons of e-mails asking when the WWF will make the Rock the champ. It's going to happen at Wrestlemania, as I guarandamntee that it will happen! The only way I see the main event at Wrestlemania changing is if they add Mick Foley to the mix and make it a 3 way dance.

-Tonight on RAW, you can expect something to occur with the McMahons, as it's called a shocker by the Direct TV preview. Also, the quality Direct TV thing is calling for Kane to go insane for X-Pac and Tori's actions from Smackdown. I'd believe that one, as I'm hoping that this feud with X-Pac will END SOON! I also hope that Jericho starts fighting some real competitors instead of Hardcore Holly, Chyna, or someone of that nature this week. I'm not sure where the WWF is going with Triple H-Stephanie, but maybe something will happen tonight for Triple H to get involved with the next pay per view. Should be an interesting show.


-WCW struck a deal the other day with NWA Worldwide to help develop young, WCW talent. Isn't that what the Power Plant is used for? Nah, this should be better than the Power Plant, as wrestlers can try out their gimmicks in front of a crowd. One thing I find odd about this deal is the fact that Turner ditched the tradition known as NWA, and named it Dubbya Cee Dubbya(WCW). You would think that those associated with the NWA can recall that, but that's the past. Oh yeah, if you get the chance, try to rent some old NWA tapes. Now that's some good wrestling!

-Finally, the Nature Boy...has come back to Monday Nitro! That's right, Ric Flair will be at Nitro, and he'll probably be up to some crazy stuff as he used to be. It's unknown what his role will be in WCW right now, but whatever it is, I hope he lasts this time around.'s preview is hinting the fact that Nash has some kind of announcement, and it will probably be to strip Sid once again. God damn, that is getting annoying. You know exactly who is booking that shit, and that's Kevin Nash. That egomaniac doesn't want Sid to look good, so he's degrading the World Title by booking Sid to lose it every television broadcast. And they say Kevin Nash might make a powerplay to become WCW Vice President! Ha, that would be a joke!

-More matches this week on Nitro will be Booker T vs. Big T, in a match where Booker T will have to work hard to carry it. I don't know where the talent and athletic ability when in Big T, but he was a damn good wrestler when he was Ahmed Johnson. Now, he has a huge gut, and he forgets how to wrestle. That kinda makes his return worthless if you ask me. Kidman and Vampiro will take on the Harris Twins who are now formerly known as Creative Control, DOA, Jacob and Eli Blue, and whoever else some stupid promotions have called them. I forgot to mention this Friday. Vampiro defeated Kidman at Thunder, so maybe there's some hope after all!

-Joy, the team of Johnny the Bull and Big Vito will take on the former champs, David Flair and Crowbar. I say scrap this match, and just have Crowbar do commentary all night. He really cracked me up last week, as I loved when he would shout "Crimson Mess". He should replace Tony Shiavone, who is the worst commentator on television today. Also, we get the gift of seeing the no-selling Tank Abbott tonight. Now ain't that a peach!

@That's it for today. I'll be back with more PDC tomorrow, as I will rip apart both Monday Night shows. Just chill till the next episode!

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Take Care, and Enjoy the Monday Night Shows.

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