Question: What day gives Mr. Tito the most hatemail?

Answer: Tuesdays, thanks to the Monday Night Impressions.

Yes, that's right! Why? Because it's a night where two groups of fans clash, arguing over what show is better. Then you have myself, who boldly reviews both shows. So for that, both sides attack on every little thing I say about their favorite federation. And guess what? It won't be any different today. On to the PDC.


Note: No competition this week, since most shows are still operating off of re-runs. No excuses in the ratings today.


Although I enjoyed the Yang vs. Elix Skipper vs. Jaime Noble vs. Shannon "HB2k" Moore match, I found that it probably wouldn't have much interest with the casual wrestling fan. I mean, if WCW wants to make a strong Cruiserweight division again, they have to build storylines around their characters. They can't expect to just throw wrestlers into a match, and for everyone to cream over it. Wrestling only prevails if there is a good storyline around it to make everyone happy. But otherwise, it was a good match with Shannon Moore getting a good victory.

Long interview with Ric Flair... zzzzzzzzzzz. Oh boy, Kevin Nash must go through Totally Buff to win his shot. Come on. Just let Nash coast into his title shot so that he could get the hell out of the position as top face.

I won't even comment on the Stasiak vs. Cat match. No I won't.

What the hell was up with that Diamond Dallas Page skit? I didn't quite see the purpose of that, even if it was a rib at something else. It was very stupid how they incorporated it into the match with Jeff Jarrett. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Hey, Animal looked good in his match last night, tagging with Chavo Guerrero to fight Billy Kidman and Rey-Rey. However, when you have Kidman and Mysterio bumping around for you, then you'll look pretty good. You saw how good Animal looked later on in the show, which we'll get to now. Oh yeah, isn't it funny that Animal has Russo's old music. Actually, as the story goes... Russo tried to get the Road Warriors or Legion of Doom into WCW, and he arranged for that music to be made for them. But a deal couldn't be made, so Russo took the music for himself.

Yet another Ric Flair interview, but this one, I guess, advanced storylines. He announced a NEW member of the "New" WCW, and it was Dustin Rhodes. I told a few people online "oh the irony" since Dustin was the son of Dusty Rhodes, who butted heads with Flair in the late 80s/early 90s. Dustin didn't accept the offer, and admitted that he didn't like Flair because of his father. Good! Now that's reality for you. Then, Road Warrior Animal came down to attack Dustin. Man, if they are fighting at Superbrawl, that match might be hard on the eyes. Harder than Meng/Rikishi vs. Kane/Undertaker. No lie! They did a senseless brawl, until Flair attacked and helped Animal. Then who comes out to the rescue? None other than Dusty Rhodes himself! Holy cow! They did a lot of references to the past days.... the GOOD days, and then brawled. Flair was selling some shots tonight, so let's hope that his in ring return will be soon. If we see Dusty/Dustin vs. Flair/Animal, that will be comedic match of the year! By the way, we better hope that Dusty is there just for support of Dustin, and to NOT book WCW again. If you watched WCW in the past, you should know about that.

Pretty good match with Lance Storm and Crowbar. Storm has defeated both Konnan and Crowbar cleanly recently, so does that mean a proper push is coming?

Thank God the US title wasn't on the line, but nothing like flushing Shane Douglas's credibility down the toilet at the expense of an oldtimer wrestler. Rick Steiner is NO LONGER marketable, but Shane can be if someone back there would actually try.

Stupid main event. Need I say more?

Nitro Phat Stats

Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 6
Disqualifications: 0
Screwjobs: 0
No Contests: 1

LAST WORD: Ehh, kind of a lame Nitro. It had two stand out matches, but it had a bunch of crap involving the Bischoff buddies. If things are actually changed within WCW under Bischoff, I want to know what. I just can't enjoy any stupid major angle involving lazy Kevin Nash. I don't know what else to say here...


for this week's show. Let's predict a 2.2 for the second hour, which was up against RAW.

-RAW is WAR-

Oh, guess what we were treated to during the opening of RAW? An Interview!! However, it was one of the better interviews that the WWF has put on in weeks. Kurt Angle dogged his own hometown, which is always funny to see. I wish Mario Lemieux could have been at the show to confront him, but oh well. Rock would come out to show a Pizza Outlet commercial of Angle in 1996. I remember that commercial, as I can get Pittsburgh channels in my area. I remember thinking on how stupid it was for those pizza toppings to fight each other then. Hey, I bet I could help you on the Jim Leyland story!

Leyland was the Pirates baseball manager for years. And everytime he'd get near the World Series, the management would trade away his players or let them go free agent. This happened, mainly, in the cases of Bobby Bonilla and Barry Bonds. But Pittsburgh couldn't compete with today's baseball, which has proved that if you pay players and stack your team, you'll win. Pittsburgh is a small market club in baseball, so they couldn't afford to beef their team up. So when the opportunity came for Leyland to jump, he took it. Then, the Florida Marlins paid players, and they basically bought Leyland a World Series that year. Back to wrestling...

First match of the night... Dudley Boyz vs. Edge/Christian Dudley Boys vs. Kaientai. Wow, nothing like a match we'd normally see on Heat played out on RAW. It seems like the Dudleys fight the same way in every match. D'von will get pounded. He'll come back, and tag in Buh Buh. Buh Buh will say 'WHAASSSUPPPPPP!' to D'von, while Buh Buh is holding the opponent's legs wide open. D'Von, on the top rope, will say 'WHASSSSSUPPP' back, and headbutt the opponent's nuts. Then, either the Dudleys will get attacked by another team (tonight being Edge/Christian) and either get screwed or pull a 3D out of their asses. OR, Buh Buh will say "D'Von.... get the tables!", to which they usually lose the match. Dudleys are easily my favorite team in the WWF, but come on... new material please?!?

What the hell is the WWF doing? Did somebody mix the Jakked booking with the RAW booking? Who the hell wants to see Val Venis vs. Steve Blackman?!?


FINGER of SHAME for such lazy booking here by the WWF. Nice of them to totally KILL the crowd's heat, which is a shame because the Pittsburgh crowds are usually hot.

Ohhhh, WWF Contract Signing. You guys know how much I enjoy "sports entertainment", so we'll move on. It's funny, though, how a lot of the show's emphasis is focused on the only booked match of the Pay Per View, which doesn't have much interest anyway.

Decent match with Hardy Boys getting the #1 Contender spot against RTC and the Acolytes. Maybe the Hardys will now get revenge for the Dudleys screwing them out of their title shot a few months ago? Tito never forgets! I hope that it doesn't end this Acolyte-Hardy feud, because it was providing some entertaining matches for the past few weeks.

Raven, thanks to Miss Mystery Driver, who probably also drove the Hummer in WCW (har har), won the "Hardcore" match. How about this? Why don't the federations rid the name "Hardcore" from these kind of matches? Hardcore is an overused term, and it used to mean the ones who actually did stunts or hit each other with better weapons, other than trashcans or cookie sheets. How about renaming these matches to No DQ matches? By the way, the WWF is so stupid at maintaining heat with the crowd. They had the wrestlers wrestle outside the arena, which the WWF doesn't seem to understand yet. The WWF empire is going down, brother!

Undertaker vs. Meng, last night, was as good of a match as you'd get between those two aging stars. Of course, their match ended with the tag teams brawling at the end. I do not want to see that tag match.

Geesh. What a clusterfuck that women's match was.

Did you notice how silent the crowd was for the main event of Rock vs. Benoit vs. Jericho vs. Big Show? You want to know why? For one, the WWF poorly set up the crowd to even think of cheering at the end. Thank the poor booking for that one. Then, why would you even care to enjoy a match when you knew the Rock would win it anyway? Why, why, why???

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 2
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 1

LAST WORD: What a stupid WWF show. After a hot Royal Rumble, the WWF's attempt at getting back on the hot-track is just ridiculous. I think Vince McMahon thinks that Eric Bischoff won't find lightning to strike twice, and add that the XFL is now the WWFE's first priority, this federation is back in the gutter again. If WCW would start noticing that the door is more wide open than ever before, wrestling could get interesting fast! This show get a


for a poorly booked show, with no emphasis on energizing the crowd whatsoever. Not to mention the predictability of the main event. No real stand out matches, either. WWF marks will keep watching though, so they will get a 5.0 in the first hour. Any lower than that, then the WWF is in trouble. Well, I think they are in trouble anyway, but not everyone can notice faults.

Overall, a poor night of wrestling.

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@Yeah, I'm no longer going to give out apples. Pacifiers will much do for those who bitch and complain at how evil I am towards wrestling. I want to be entertained, and both federations are doing a half assed job at what they could be doing. They know it too, with the lower ratings and slipping attendance. Blah. I'll be back tomorrow with Ratings Analysis, and probably more on the Monday Night shows. Until next time...

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Take Care, and Thanks for Reading.

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