Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. It's a slow newsday for this wonderful Superbowl Sunday, as there are no pay per views to hype up obviously. We do have some halftime Heat this year, with Stone Cold Steve Austin making his first television interview. Should be some good stuff. Well anyway, let's get right to the PDC, cosidering this is my second time typing it thanks to my shitty computer.


-From the reports earlier here at LoP you saw that Rob Van Dam has fractured his ankle during a television title defense against Rhino at what I suppose was a houseshow. He will be in a cast for 3-4 weeks, and he'll need a couple week's of therapy before returning to the ring. This couldn't come at a worse time for ECW, as I feel that the Awesome-RVD feud was really heating up. It's unknown to whether ECW will either change their storylines, or just stall them until he comes back. This injury really hurts everything in ECW because injuries are so vital with their limited roster. When you lose your top star, things get really bad. Oh well, it's probably around a month and a half without him, so we can all survive, right?


-So long WCW Mayhem, as you are now off the Billboard 200. That's right, as it did decent in sales, but it's way under expectations. Many criticize the CD for it's lack of wrestling themes, but I disagree. Many of the songs chosen for the CD are used for the wresters' themes, but they have added lyrics to them. Of course, the Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit songs were "paid" for, so those are obviously not themes. I guess WCW was relying on their starpower, along with a few others to draw great numbers. That obviously failed, as WCW might consider going a different route next time. I still like the CD though.

-My God, what am I thinking? I reported sometime earlier in the week that ICP was pissed at Vampiro about not joining their federation, and I haven't talked about it? What is wrong with me? I bet that ICP made the offer to Vampiro, as they wanted him to be their top star in their so-called federation, and he probably just joked around when he said that he would join them. When it came time to sign a deal, Vampiro turned it down, and ICP had a hissy fit about it. Now, they aren't so good of friends anymore. You know, one thing that can be said about both ICP's federation and WCW, is the fact that no matter what, you'll be working for stupid clowns!!

-Shanedouglas.com sent word yesterday that Shane Douglas still hasn't accepted offers from either the WWF or ECW like some other darned sites have reported. I'd have to believe the official site on this one, because I'm not convinced that the burning bridges have been put out in the WWF, or that ECW would have anything new for him to do. If you didn't know, Shane Douglas had a rough time as "Dean" Douglas in the WWF, and he wasn't too thrilled with the Kliq controlling everything. He got out of the WWF as soon as he could, and went back to ECW where he was always bashing the WWF and Shawn Michaels. As for his stay in ECW, he's done it all. What else could he have accomplished? Nothing. I suppose Paul Heyman was burnt out on ideas for him, and that's why he didn't mind Shane tending to different offers to leave WCW. It seems that he's sticking it out in WCW now for these reasons, and still making damn good money too. I wonder how long it will take for the backstage to really get angered about his staying with WCW...oh wait, they are already to that point. Don't be surprised if WCW releases him.


-I personally don't like how the WWF might bring in Allanah Morley, Edge's fiance and Val Venis's sister, to play the part of herself in the upcoming feud between Val Venis and Edge. That's one thing that I hate in wrestling, and that's when it brings in some real life situations into the picture. Seriously, that wrecks relationships. Just look what happened between Sullivan and Benoit. Sullivan's wife, woman, was in an angle where she was having a relationship with Chris Benoit, and it turned out to really happen in real life. Now I'm not saying that Val will do anything like that to his sister (Yeech!), but that anything ridiculous can happen. That's what I'm afraid of.

-A couple people are suggesting that the mention of Undertaker's return getting delayed 4 more months now is a possible swerve by the WWF, you know, to shock us when he returns. If so, the very show which he returns will get a big fat F for lying to the fans hard if he just so happens to return very shortly. That's one thing that I'm getting sick of these days, and that's false injuries. Fans really care for their favorite superstars, and they feel like they've been punched in the face when an injury covers an angle or a swerve. It's not shock value when they return when thinking they've been hurt, it's just plain garbage.

@That's it for this quality edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. I'll be back tomorrow with more of the same, with some Monday Night previews. So stay tuned for tomorrow, and just chill till the next episode. Oh yeah, I predict that the Titans, who I've backed in this column for a while now, will win the Superbowl.

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