Welcome to the Phat Daily Column. After a couple hours of driving, and then a few hours of unpacking, it's time to talk wrasslin'. I'm now back at Ohio University, where I do NOT have UPN anymore. Oh, I just LOVE Time Warner cable. Also, don't expect any video game reviews anytime soon, since I leave my video game equipment at home. Video games at college are BAD if you want good grades. Hey, the only real advantage here is that this Network can handle Flash, although I'm still against it. Last night, we were treated to RAW is WAR. So let's talk about it....

RAW is Tito

Doesn't quite have the ring as "RAW is Jericho", but oh well.

The show started off with a wonderful sequence between Rikishi and the Undertaker, which eventually led to their match. I guess the match was OK, but I was really amazed at the ending. No, I wasn't shocked about the Undertaker picking up the win, BUT I was shocked at the way he won. He defeated Rikishi with a DDT!!! A couple weeks ago, the Rock defeated William Regal with a DDT as well. Is the WWF trying to make this move lethal again? I really hope so, because it doesn't deserve to be a regular move for wrestlers.

Next, we get my anticipated match (sarcasm) with Billy Gunn/Acolytes vs. Right to Censor. It was actually an OK match, although Billy Gunn and Val Venis are headed to another snore of a match down the road. At least Billy Gunn is wrestling midcard, and that makes me happy.

In my opinion, the WWF should keep their hardcore matches in the ring and not have them go outside the arena to fight. Why? Well, when you have two unestablished stars in Tazz and Raven within the WWF, it's wise for the crowd to see them in action. That way, they can pop for whatever brutal moves are attempted in the Hardcore match. Instead, when they are in the back, the crowd is forced to watch the Titantron for the latest action. Plus, we've seen too many backstage brawls over the years to not get excited about seeing another one, if you ask me.

The Stephanie and Steve Austin was long, as every WWF interview is involving Kurt Angle, Rock, Austin, any McMahon, or Triple H. All it led to was another prank by Stone Cold on Stephanie, which left her running out of the ring with just a bra on. I'm sure some kiddie webmasters will be hyping that they have NUDE PICTURES OF STEPHANIE McMAHON to show you on their site. In fact, I already saw one on the net. A certain MONKEY has this as a plug: "HOT Photos of Stephanie McMahon Losing Her Top on RAW!" By the way, that's the same retard who is spreading rumors about Trish Stratus getting offers from Playboy. Don't believe it, especially since he's a 15 year old who claims to have inside wrestling sources.

Good match, as usual, with the Dudleys/Jericho vs. Edge/Christian/Kurt Angle. Great promo by Jericho before the match.

OK match with Chris Benoit and Test. I guess Test now has the pleasure of hating both Stephanie and Trish Stratus. Hopefully, the WWF builds up heat with Test, because he has the wrestling ability, but just needs a good angle to work with.

Wow, TAKA returned to the WWF. Remember when he said that he'd never return to the WWF, even though it's the best American organization? Yes, I think that the phrase "money talks, and bullshit walks" is appropriate for him. Good match with Kaientai and the Hardys. By the way, I have no idea where this Radicals/Hardys feud is going to.

HOLY COW! I was shocked when Kane pinned the Rock in their contenders match. Simply shocking. Angle helped to screw the Rock out of his match, so don't doubt that the Rock will weasel his way into the Royal Rumble main event. You can count on that. Still, it's nice to see Kane go over someone at the top, since he put over EVERYONE up there today. He's put over the Rock, Triple H, Steve Austin, and Undertaker. Yes, that's the dominant Fab 4 WWF wrestlers.

Another HOLY COW goes to William Regal getting another odd victory over Steve Austin. Hey, it pays to be Austin's friend. I suppose that the WWF is trying to build up this Stephanie vs. Austin feud up more from this quick count. Stephanie is probably taking Vince's place in this feud, since Vince has been working hard, lately, on the XFL.

This show mainly built up Smackdown, which I don't get anymore! Damn it!

Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 5
Screwjobs: 3
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 0

Last Word: This was a good RAW to start off the new year, even though there was LOTS of Stephanie to go around. Matches were entertaining for the most part, and that's what I like. Two surprising wins to help this show get


in my gradebook. The WWF put on a good show, despite no competition from WCW and for the fact that it's New Years Day. Hey, I like that.

The REAL Last Word: You know, it doesn't bother me that Austin will crack some beers open after a match, but tonight, the WWF went way too far. Steve Austin drank LOTS of beer tonight, or at least gave the impression to viewers that he did when he was in the back. Now I don't want to sound like a parent here, but do we really need that? Austin has some odd things with alcohol during wrestling events, even drinking and driving during one night. Having him somewhat binge all of those drinks last night really made Austin look bad. In fact, I really hope that no little kid follows what he did as 'cool'. The WWF and Austin overdid it last night, and I'm sure we'll see some complaints from the PTC about Austin's excessive alcohol consumption during the show. It's fuel like this that keeps the PTC's fire alive to bother WWF sponsors.

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