Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. There isn't much going on today, as the holiday season is stalling all of the news. No pay per views going on tonight either to look foward to, as the only thing we have is Sunday Night Heat. Joy. I just hope next week starts off with some interesting news for the beginning of 2000. (I would say Millennium, but I would get 5 thousand e-mails insisting that 2001 is the Millennium. Ever consider that there was never a year 0? The original Millennium started at 1, so they are making up for the mistake. CNN, a pretty newsworthy place, says that it's the Millennium starting with 2000. Besides, who cares about a name which idiots like the Backstreet Boys title their album with? So lay off of it!) Well anyway, on to the PDC, which I'm typing for the second time today thanks to my lovely Compaq Presario.


-Many are placing their bets that Eric Bischoff might end up as Commissioner. I personally think that he won't end up there because of the possible backstage problems that could occur. Eric Bischoff could use it as an attempt to make a powerplay backstage to push Bill Busch and Russo out, and bring himself back to power. It's something that I bet Bill Busch is worried about, and he probably wouldn't let happen. Russo said so himself that he would love to have Bischoff in the storylines, but having him in the storylines would cause trouble. Why have him in the storylines? Many people agree, including myself, that the NWO was slowly going downhill the second Eric Bischoff joined and began to show off his ego. He could be more trouble than they think. Of course, all of this time off could have made Bischoff a better man, and a return could turn out to be for the better. We'll see Monday.

-I think that it's safe to say that the New World Order won't get any more members, unless the acquire the services of a manager somewhere. Right now, they have 6 of the best WCW wrestlers available, and they are easily dominating more than ever with all of the faces on the shelf with injuries. Picking up one more wrestler means that you might as well give up on WCW faces to stand up. Right now it's Sid and Benoit...and many other wrestlers who have yet to step up, so we'll count them as nothing, against 5(with Scott Hall hurt) top wrestlers. Gee, who would you put money on?

-It seems as though the black roses in the ring for Lex Luger signifies that Sting is coming back to the darkside. Calvin's hotline report the other day said that Sting is set for new make-up and a new uniform, and he will revert back to more of a silent wrestler. So basically, we are back in 1997 again for WCW. New World Order keeps creating chaos, and possibly a silent Sting will be in the rafters looking on, and never saying a word. It did get ratings, just like the original NWO's beginning did as well. I guess when you can't get ratings with your creative skills, you must recycle whatever you can in attempt to be successful.


-Well, Tazz can debut at anytime now that his contract has finally expired in ECW. Will his debut be the first RAW of the 21st century? I'm not sure, cause you would figure that the WWF would hype it. Looking at WWF.com this morning, I see no mention of the debut for Tazz on this upcoming RAW. Of course, from the shows, the only indication of Tazz is during jobbers entrances when his logo comes up on the screen; no hype about a future entrance. No countdowns either like Jericho. I'd say Monday is a good bet if you want to really hype him up for the Royal Rumble, but again, there haven't been any indications of his debut.

-WWF has opened up another site folks, as they opened up a site entirely dedicated to the fans. WWFfans.com is the address, and the site features pictures of fans, best signs from crowds, and much more. It has a lot of open slots right now with more ideas on the way. Just another way that the WWF caters to their fans. I'm wondering how much the WWF pays for domain names these days, because they make a webpage of EVERYTHING anymore. I guess you can do anything when you are on top.

-Sometimes I'm rather forgetful. How could I have said how well WWF Volume 4 and Wrestlemania 2000 are doing when Mick Foley's book is also blowing off the shelves? I have yet to see it in my local Walden's store. I asked them if they had a copy of it, but they said it sells fast everytime they get it in. Very nice, as I imagine that the high sales will continue with the word of his career coming to a close. We'll see how well the Rock does with his biography, wrote by another writer by the way, comes out on January 5th.

Finally, UPN has arrived in the Ohio Valley

-I guess the rumor that UPN would arrive on New Years day is true, as WNPA UPN has replaced whatever Pittsburgh WB station. Now I too can see what the hell I'm missing on Smackdown. I've seen many many clips of it on Livewire, but I have yet to experience it live. I kinda takes the thunder out of it when you watch the matches when you know the play by play results provided by the great Big Calbowski here at LoP. The UPN station for the Ohio Valley is not the one based out of Pittsburgh. I'm not too sure where this one is from yet, but it does NOT have ECW hardcore looking from ECWwrestling.com(which took 20 minutes to load). Oh well, the TNN show is slowly growing to be better than ECW Hardcore. Anyway, we're finally getting Smackdown Ohio Valley!

Man on the Moon

Last night, I caught Man on the Moon. You have probably seen reviews of it all over the net saying how it wasn't anything impressive. Well, I enjoyed Man on the Moon. I felt that it was an excellent movie which truly showed what a great actor Jim Carrey was. I hardly knew what Andy Kaufman really did back then, with only knowing that he was on Taxi, and that was it. Yes, it does have wrestling, but watch out! I think all of these negative reviews you see by wrestling reporters were too biased in terms of wrestling. They were hoping for a movie all about wrestling, and not an overall good movie. I felt that he wrestling part was great though, as Jim Carrey really got into it. Jerry Lawler was also excellent for those segments too, and the movie revealed something about his feud with Andy. You should see how much stuff Andy Kaufman must have stirred up back in the day..my lord! He must have angered many people in his life from Jim Carrey's portrayal in this movie. If you plan to go see it, DO NOT watch it as a wrestling fan, or else you'll get burned. Watch it in hopes of seeing a good movie, and you'll definately enjoy it like I did. I give it an A, and I hope someone gives Carrey an award for his great acting job in this movie.

@That's all for this edition of the Phat Daily Column, as I'm off to Pittsburgh to see the Steelers and the Titans do battle! Once again, thanks for reading, and I'll be back tomorrow with some Monday Night previews that the whole family can enjoy(kidding). So just chill...till the next episode.


Take Care, and Be Yourself.

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