Welcome, one and all, to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, as it is every Tuesday, the object is simple: review RAW and don't hold anything back. Very, very simple.

Good feedback on the Weekend's NWO column I wrote for Saturday and Sunday's PDC. I'm sure a lot of readers, especially those who hate my guts, expected for me to run my mouth and declare that the WWF version of the NWO would fail. However, that wasn't the case, and I even backed up my reasons for bashing it before.

Just about anyone who read Dynamite Kid's biography agreed with my book review. It's a very solid book, and I recommend it to anyone who wants an honest and real look at the wrestling business, especially from the 1970's and 1980's, which has damaged many past wrestlers from drug and steroid use.

If time permits tomorrow, I SHOULD have part one of the NES Wrestling History, featuring the one and only "Pro Wrestling". However, it's always likely that a co-worker of mine will go out partying all night long, and call off "sick" the next morning, which makes my employer call you know who to double shift. By the way, the only time I've EVER called off for work was when the State Highways were in a State-of-Emergency during a horrible snow storm, and even then, I almost went.

Of course, I am absent, at times, when writing this column. D'oh. Well, it's what I do on my free time when I'm not working, going to school, or seeing the wonderful Mrs. Tito. Yes, it's a hobby.

Anyway, on to the PDC.


YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!! RAW started off with Big Show versus Kane. Oh boy, the battle of the big men. When will the WWF realize that the bigger guys cannot carry a match, let alone against each other? Never. In fact, the WWF just signed a few more for even more big men matches. No need to push the other wrestlers, who are fast, athletic, and are exciting to watch. Oh no! We must push guys who don't care about their weight, and are lucky if they ever jump off the top rope. Ever! Match sucked, which is nothing new... Horrible way to start off RAW. Why not have Rob Van Dam start it off again? Oh wait, the WWF is covering the fact that he's one of the most over wrestlers right now.

Funny. The APA were one of the firsts to address the WCW Invasion, and interestingly enough, they are the first wrestlers to talk about the New World Order. Of course, I doubt that Bradshaw or Farrooq will be able to beat down or embarrass the likes of Hogan, Hall, or Nash like they did with so many potential WCW wrestlers.

I've come to the conclusion that Goldust was a good idea for a Royal Rumble comeback, but not as a full time wrestler again. I bet that the WWF officials, backstage, feel that about Mr. Perfect, Curt Hennig, as he's already disappeared of WWF television.

Thank God Ross and Lawler told everyone about Maven getting eliminated illegally by the Undertaker, which gave him the World title shot. Many readers told me that this was mentioned on Heat, but seriously, who on God's green earth watches Heat? That show doesn't count!

Next match was William Regal versus Rob Van Dam, but this time, it was for the Intercontinental Title. Yuck, what another bad match between these two, and it's not the wrestlers' fault. A very weak finish with the low blow DQ, too. Then, I guess from last week's television, the Dudleys ran down and attacked RVD. That prompted Edge to make the save. Oh, I guess that will explain a six man match we'll see on Smackdown, if Edge and Rob Van Dam get a partner.

Decent segment between Ric Flair and Stephanie, which actually had some mention about Vince getting attention for bringing back the NWO. Stephanie needs to tone down her "bitch" attitude, though. Of course, if you're a net fan, you know she writes these shows and only does it to make herself look good, at all times... and I don't mean on looks.

Godfather and Diamond Dallas Page took on Lance Storm and Christian. If you didn't watch Heat, you'd be like "why is DDP tagging with the Godfather?". It's funny how ackward DDP seems on either Smackdown or RAW because of the way the WWF has humiliated the key WCW figure so much. If DDP got big during 2000 like Booker T, I wonder if the WWF would have embarrassed him? Instead, DDP was a big name during 1997, when WCW was laughing at the WWF in the ratings. Not a bad tag match, but the Godfather is going no where, already, and DDP needs more time to establish himself on television, again, due to the many times he was buried.

WOW @ the video produced for the Ric Flair interview, which covered lots of WWF and some WCW history. It makes me wonder why the WWF never dips back into the tape archives more often. You know, like when they try to sell videos. If you take a look at the Billboard charts, none of the recent videos are selling that well. Vince McMahon would later come out and address Ric Flair, stating that if he didn't sell him the 50% ownership that Flair had, then he'd poison the WWF with the NWO. He'll give him a couple of days, meaning, Flair will probably turn Vince down at Smackdown. Good stuff here.

Next match was Chris Jericho versus Maven. Calm down Jericho marks... Not a bad match, with Jericho mostly pounding on Maven. I do see some great potential with Maven, and it doesn't hurt him to get some early exposure. It's like he was a big star on Tough Enough one, so why not keep him on in some capacity? The Undertaker would make his way down to the ring and beat down Maven, again. I guess this attack gives reason for Maven to go back to OVW or HWA to develop his skills more.

And I must have missed something with the Rock last week. Did he mention that the Undertaker was eliminated by Maven?

Please get Billy and Chuck off WWF television. For one, they're a horrible tag team, but the gimmick they have is just sickening to watch. I guess Jazz decided to join them, since many people say that Jazz is ugly enough to pass for a man. Ewwww... They homosexual trio took on Trish and the APA, for reasons unknown to why the APA is in this match, let alone tagging with Trish. Maybe Trish paid for the APA's services? Blah, what a nothing six man match.

OK match with Booker T and Triple H, but damn it, do two things. For one, save it for the Pay Per View. This could be a damn near headlining match, given both of the talents. Secondly, they could use more than 5 minutes for a match between 2 of the biggest wrestlers from the year 2000. Booker T got the surprising win, though, which could give Triple H something to do for No Way Out. That works.

Another solid match between Kurt Angle and Stone Cold Steve Austin. These two just have it together, just like combinations of Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair and Sting, Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho, and other great feuds. Austin won, as expected, and he'll face Jericho at No Way Out. This should be an interesting feud, as Jericho knows how to silence fans who love to say "what".

RAW Phat Stats
Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 6
Screwjobs: 0
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 0

LAST WORD: Another peaks and valleys show for RAW. Good thing the "peaks" carried the show, like the Main Event and the Vince-Flair segment. I guess that's what that RAW writer said when there's something for everyone on the wrestling shows. I'll give it an


(A Minus), as I was aiming in the B+ range until I realized that this show had an actual good main event. No Way Out now has its central feud, and the nWo is slowly building towards a big return.

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