After a day off and ending a streak of 80 columns in a row, I'm back!!!!! Yes, your hero has returned to give you some MONDAY NIGHT HYPE! A day off was nice yesterday, especially since the NWO column burned me out bigtime, and plus it gave me time to study for 2 exams, which I just took. By the way, if I sound a bit off today, it's because of those 2 exams frying my head. Don't blame me, blame college!

Thanks for the many e-mails concerning the NWO column. That column was the longest one I've ever sat down to type. It's well appreciated. While doing that column, I thought of the REAL reason why WCW went down the tubes. Yes, the Hollywood Hogan tampering of the Starrcade 1997 match with Sting was bad, but the situation with Hogan got worse around the time the WWF finally started to win. I mentioned that Savage beat Sting for the title in Spring of 1998, and that Hogan won the title from Savage that next night. If you ask me, that totally opened the door for the WWF to surge to where it is today. Nobody, after months upon months of crap, wanted to see another Hogan title reign. By the time Goldberg beat him, it was too late. The damage was done, and the WWF was pulling away. That's the true WCW 1998 nail in the coffin for you.

Oh, by the way, last night's Superbowl was probably the biggest snoozer of a Superbowl that I've ever seen. I like a good defensive struggle, but not a one sided defensive struggle. Anyway, congrats to the Baltimore Ravens for winning this year. One thing that I laughed at was the Halftime show. Isn't it funny that the NFL went out and got N'Sync for the halftime show of such a manly game? If the XFL analysts don't rib the NFL for that one, then man, they'll miss an early opportunity to look good.

Man, I'm getting off the topic. It's funny that one day off provides a longer introduction, which if you've read my column long enough, isn't my strong point. My intros suck, and there is no two ways about that. It always starts with "Welcome (insert back or to) the Phat Daily Column", and then I'll add about 2 sentences, and then finish with "on to the PDC". If anyone wants to offer me some ways to maybe spice the intro up, I'd like to hear it.

To remain with tradition, on to the PDC.


WCW better start doing some ECW talent raids before the WWF gets the best talent and/or buys the company. I'd say that Rhino would be a great investment, especially since he's young, and he could be groomed for a fucking badass to fight Bill Goldberg, down the road. Could you imagine the future of WCW with him? Shawn O'Haire and Rhino as the top heels? Interesting. WCW should go after Steve Corino, because he just has that look of a WCW wrestler... you know, with being "old school". Plus, Corino knows a lot of past NWA/WCW history, which he used to "shoot" on Dusty Rhodes. Most of all, WCW needs to grab Joey Styles and Joel Gertner while they are available. It's time to demote Tony Skee-a-vone and Scott "boring" Hudson. Or at least put Mike Tenay on Nitro for some good laughs.

-Nitro Hype-

I hope I'm not missing another pre-emption this week.

Uh oh. The CEO of the NWO.... excuse me! The CEO of WCW, Ric Flair, will give us TWO MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS, with one involving the Cat (probably stripping his power or booking him in a shitty match) and one involving Kevin Nash (probably adding a stipulation to Superbrawl or booking Nash in a match on Nitro). Actually, I'm waiting for the day that the Nature Boy announces that he'll start wrestling again.

Flair also plans on booking some matches for Nitro. Let's run down the matches that the Cat has booked:

Jaime Noble vs. Yang vs. Shannon "HB2K" Moore vs. Evan Karagias: This could be a show stealer, given the time of this match. I just love how WCW is focusing on the Cruiserweight division. They know that the Cruiserweights helped to provide an all around good show during the NWO era. I bet that Noble and Karagias, despite problems, will probably team up to destroy Moore and Yang, but turn on each other and it will lead to one of them taking the pin. By the way, I don't exactly see the comparison of Noble to a "young Benoit", although I believe he's a talented wrestler.

Chavo Guerrero and The Wall (I miss A-Wall) vs. Billy Kidman and Rey-Rey Mysterio: Damn, could Chavo find a better friend to make this match better? This match will be another good one, provided that Rey-Rey and Kidman get enthused about it. That's the key to any of their matches being good.

US Title: Shane Douglas vs. Rick Steiner: On lord, I fear the outcome of this one. I have a bad feeling that Rick Steiner will win this title, especially with good ol' Bischoff now in charge of everything. Bisch and Rick are good huntin' buddies, which is why you even see Rick Steiner on television any more. Hopefully, Bischoff will realize that Shane Douglas COULD be a draw with the US title, if booked properly.

Also on the show: Scott Steiner, Totally Buff, DDP, Jeff Jarrett, Hugh Morris (ugh), and much more! Lance Storm and Mike Awesome possibly getting Chunder duty this week?


If you really wanted to see me mark out, it would have been if Mario Lemieux was able to be on RAW tonight. Mario is my idle and sports hero, especially since he can come back to lead the league in scoring after having cancer and for the fact that he can come back, after 3 years, and lead the Penguins to some wins again. In fact, Mario Lemieux is the BEST NHL player ever, and I know I'm opening a can of worms on that, so just bring it!!!! Gretzky and all of the others never endured the hell that Mario went through, period. Anyway, he can't be on the show tonight, which is a shame.

Yes, RAW is in Pittsburgh, and you're probably asking "Tito lives near Pittsburgh, so why isn't he there?" Well, I didn't find out that it was in Pittsburgh until 3 weeks ago, and I want decent seats, and not Peanut heaven like the remaining tickets in CIVIC (not Mellon) Arena have to offer. Plus, I'd have to do lots of driving, since I'm at Ohio University right now, to make that trip. Understand?

Speaking of marking out, I'm really appreciative that I can see Tajiri again. I don't even care if he's brought in to job like a bitch, as I'll be happy just to see the "Japanese Buzzsaw" again. As long as I get to see some mist and an Octopus applied every once in a while... OH WAIT!!

That will save me lots of death threats and curse outs. Anyway, point being, I'm just glad to see my favorite wrestler again. He'll be in the WWF probably when Paul Heyman gives up his dreams of actually keeping ECW alive.

-RAW Hype-

3 Weeks until No Way Out, which means we're going to see a BAD WWF Show!!! Yipee!

Since the WWF only cares to book their PPV matches under 2 weeks before the show actually happens, this is going to be a "lame duck" WWF week. Absolute nonsense will be booked, while we just see one feud taking up the majority of the time with interviews and sneak attacks: Triple H vs. Steve Austin.

We could see the Rock somehow breaking away from his Big Show feud to maybe start feuding with Kurt Angle again. I wonder how many people will actually buy No Way Out to see the Rock win his record shattering 6th title reign? Rock will probably pound on Chris Benoit, and then let him take over the feud with Big Show.

We'll probably see more of the Meng/Rikishi vs. Undertaker/Kane feud. Oh boy, I can't wait for more of that crap! Nothing like seeing matches from guys who couldn't carry match if they tried. Their tag match will be given 20 minutes, guaranteed at No Way Out, and we, the fans, are going to suffer.

Hey, who will Chris Jericho start feuding with? What about the Dudleys? Maybe Test too? They do have titles you know.

I bet you that the combined McMahon segments will outweight anybody else's television time. Oh wait, I'm being negative, I better stop.

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@That's all for today. I need to work on my conclusions too. Hmm. To say what I usually say, "I'll be back tomorrow with Monday Night Impressions". So to use Snoop Dogg's famous phrase, Just chill... till the next episode!

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