Welcome to another exciting edition of the Phat Daily Column, which just so happens to be the same column that doesn't take the weekends off, unlike others. Well anyway, lots of things to cover today, as I have ECW on TNN to criticize and much more. So why waste time? Let's jump on it!


-Jim Ross has stated that negotiations with the fab 4(Benoit, Malenko, Saturn, Guererro) have "stalled". Uh huh, whatever, is what I say. They are signed, sealed, and they are about to be delivered. Why discuss possibly signing them? It makes no sense! Like it will throw people off, oh please. The WWF just loves to use WWF.com to throw everybody off. I guess this is what they have to do to keep the so-called smart fans from knowing every move that they do.

-Damn, Ross also stated that the Undertaker tore his pectoral muscle while working out recently, and he will need surgery that will put him on the shelf again for 4 months. My God, will he ever return to the ring? I doubt it, as I feel that maybe now, retirment would be a good option for the Undertaker. He's accomplished everything that he could for his wrestling career, and continually getting injured won't help life after wrestling. Poor guy.

-The WWF might have hurt themselves when they had Mae Young show her puppies on the Royal Rumble, as Madison Square Garden officials are really angered by it. There is talk of maybe ending the exclusive event deal that the WWF and MSG have. Ouch. The WWF claims to have used a device similar to the one used in "There's Something About Mary" where the main ladies friend flashes us those horrible looking breasts. Well, all I can say about this was that is was gross. Maybe a very low point for the WWF, as it looked real enough to make me about puke. But oh well, who would come to the MSG if the deal is broke? WCW? Could WCW sell the tickets for an event there? Good question.


-With Sting coming back possibly February 14th, it's time once again to "Predict Sting's Gimmick when he returns". I am your host, Tito Jackson. You know, I just love that when Sting takes time off, lots of rumors float around about his appearance. He's the same wrestler, but it's always speculated on what he'll look like. So far, for this return at least, there has been talk of completely changing his look. Maybe something new, since the Crow Sting worked so well when it was first introduced. Russo wanted to bring the Crow Sting back, but with a brand new look. Also, once again, there is talk of bringing back the Blond Sting, for fans like myself to totally mark out forever. In my opinion, it doesn't matter to me what gimmick or look he comes back with, cause no matter what, he can still out perform just about everybody still in WCW.

-A few readers have told me about the Macho Man Randy Savage's profile being taken down off of WCW.com. Oh darn, he's gone and out of our WCW lives. Or is he? Well, right now, I do believe that he is a "free agent" in the business, as he can go anywhere he chooses. He hasn't picked any federation yet though. No matter where Savage goes, however, I just hope he goes somewhere where Hulk Hogan isn't. That man has really frustrated Savage lately, as I would be too after years upon years of never beating Hogan. I dream that one day Macho will defeat Hogan, cleanly, so that the wrestling world can sleep better for one night.


Bad Production really hurt the overall feeling of ECW on TNN this week, as they went to commercial so much this week. They would run like a minute segment and go to commercial. They went to commercials in the middle of a match too. Sad. They also had way too many highlights of past shows that I didn't care for. Shame on them.

Oh boo hoo was my impression of Raven't crying at the beginning of the show. God, Raven has turned lame ever since he left ECW the first time. That New Orlean Saint, Josh Wilcox, pulled a Mongo McMicheal when he turned on Dreamer in his tag match against Rhino and wimpy Corino. I loved how he bashed the whole city of New Orleans, talking about how the fans sucked and everything. Great stuff. I hope Dusty Rhodes gets a match with Corino, and destroys him!

Little Guido vs. Tajiri isn't what I expect for a TNN show. My God I miss having Tracy Smothers with Little Guido. Smothers was much better with Guido than Big Sal or whatever he's called. Along with Tommy Rich too, the FBI was the greatest. But noooo, ECW had to put the screws to Smothers.

Mike Awesome vs. Spike Dudley was, again, a great match. That powerbomb at the end through the tilted table had to have hurt. I'm glad to see Awesome and Van Dam feuding, with Sabu mixing it up. Great angle there. There is one thing holding back Mike Awesome, and that's his idiot of a manager, Judge Jeff Jones. He has no purpose for Awesome, as Awesome's skill gets him over, and not the dancing around by Jones. Plus, there is nothing special about Jones, as anybody with stupid hoops in their ears can play his role. I mean, you can find any geek off the street and put him in a Judge's outfit, tell him to come out with Mike Awesome, and help hog his glory.

ECW is TNN Phat Stats

Matches: 3
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 0
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 0
Last Word: The Spike Dudley vs. Mike Awesome match carried the show, as I felt that the rest of the show had its struggles. A few production issues to work on here as well, and maybe put your actual superstars in some matches at times. At least we didn't get to suffer through some Impact Players tonight. This show gets a


in my gradebook, and I predict that it will get a 1.2 rating.

@That's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow with some more PDC, and just maybe I'll review that darn Sting tape! Same Tito place, same Tito time, and same Tito channel!!!!

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