Welcome to Monday's edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll do two of the following things. First, we'll hype RAW used to be WAR, as we usually do for Monday. RAW, in my opinion, is still the cornerstone show for WWF. Secondly, we'll FINALLY review the Dynamite Kid biography, "Pure Dynamite". I could have saved it for Wednesday, but I really want to get it out of the way in case I have no time Wednesday.

If I can, I'll begin the NES Wrestling Game History on Wednesday by reviewing Pro Wrestling. Ah yes, the classic that started it all for Nintendo. Pro Wrestling was made in 1986, so we'll move through the years until the final WWF game was produced or whatever came last. It should be very fun.

My PDC archive should be up and running shortly....

Ah yes, the NFL... The Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the New England Patriots, and already, Steeler fans have their heads down in shame. Fingers are getting pointed at Cower, Kordell, and basically the whole organization for losing that game by Steeler fans. Geesh! The Steelers didn't even make the Playoffs for 2 years, and the fact that they made it to the AFC champion should be something for Pittsburgh fans to be proud of. Oh no. Now, all of the Steeler merchandise bought because the Steelers were having a great season will be packed away, and brought out if the Steelers ever get that close again. You see why I'm not a Steelers fan, despite liking the Hockey and Baseball teams?

I know this isn't an NFL column, but I had to get that off my chest. On to the PDC.


Tonight, we've got a lot from Smackdown carrying over to RAW. In fact, 3 matches were announced early on, which isn't something common for the WWF creative team. No such thing as long term planning in the WWF, even if it's just for a few days.

First, we'll see Big Show versus Kane. Now, I don't really want to see this match, as it's two big guys who can't carry a match, but it's been a decent storyline. Kane bodyslammed Big Show out of the Rumble, and because of that, they've had struggles getting along as a tag team, despite promising mutual respect. Big Show only "looks good" when he has smaller wrestlers bumping around for him, and Kane's not a small guy.

Secondly, we'll have the finals of the No Way Out contender tournament to see who fights Chris Jericho at the PPV. Steve Austin is highly likely to beat Angle, and then immediately start his feud with Chris Jericho. Times have changed, and the brief feud of Jericho and Austin, during the summer, didn't get off like it should because Austin wasn't hated as a heel. Now, however, the fans hate Jericho and absolutely love Austin. But to the match, Angle and Austin KNOW each other well, therefore, we're in for a treat.

Finally, it will be Chris Jericho taking on Maven for the World Title. My hope is that the WWF will address the fact that Maven was NEVER eliminated from the Rumble by a legal wrestler, thereby giving his a World Title shot to make up for it. Let's hope, but you never know with the dumbasses who write for the WWF these days. But I don't see Maven wrestling for the World Title as a bad thing. If you're a heel, and you're NOT named Triple H and Steve Austin, you aren't made to look good as the World Champion. It happened for Angle, and it's occurring for Jericho as well. Therefore, it's usual business for the WWF by having Jericho wrestling the Tough Enough champion. Plus, Maven does get good cheers by the fans, as the final episode of Tough Enough drew a high rating for when he won.

We will also see the next step towards bringing the NWO to the WWF, after we saw "NWO" painted on the back of Vince's chair on Smackdown. The slow approach will get fans anticipating, instead of just shoving Hall, Nash, and Hogan on one show at once. Don't be surprised if the 3 backstage politicians will be held off until No Way Out to draw an incredible buyrate.

Oh by the way... lots of talk about how No Way Out is abreviated NWO. That's just coincidence, as the Pay Per View used to be called No Way Out of Texas, meaning that Shawn Michaels had "no way out" with an 8-man, no DQ match with Steve Austin. It was never meant to be something of a personal shot at the NWO, nor was it set up this way for when the NWO would happen to show up in the WWF one day.

RAW looks to be a good set up show for storylines heading into No Way Out 2002.

-Mr. Tito's Phat BOOK Review-

After wanting to read this book for a while and an actual order failing to process, I finally found Pure Dynamite in my local Walden's one day. This is the paperback version, which appears to be re-issued by the Wrestling Observer. As a kid, I remember watching the Dynamite Kid as a part of the British Bulldogs, to which I was a big fan of. I've heard lots of good things about this book, and I've wanted it for quite some time. On to the review.

Pure Dynamite: Former "British Bulldog" Tom Billington

The Price You Pay for Wrestling Stardom: That's the sub-title of the book, and it clearly explains Dynamite Kid's situation. The book is a journey into the wrestling career of Tom Billington, and how the pressures and excesses of the business now has him confined to a wheelchair. The paperback version is a solid 201 pages long, all words, and it's one of the more honest wrestler bios you'll find out there.

Dynamite doesn't hold back, whatsoever. Now whether that's because he can't return to the ring, or whether he's like this in real life, you be the judge. He openly tells you that he took steroids, how he took them, and who he took them with. Same goes for the drugs. Also, he gives you his humble opinion of those in the wrestling business, whether it was the Harts, comrads in Japan, or anyone in the WWF. Especially the Harts, because other than Owen and somewhat of Bret, he really lays into the sons for their ignorance in running Stampede Wrestling, back in the day.

Probably the best part of the book was the times where he was working for both Japan and Stampede Wrestling. New Japan had a deal with Stu Hart for tours, and Dynamite's drawing power helped to cause a lot of undermining by Stampede, like making the deal that if you wanted Dynamite Kid, you had to take Bret on tour, too, or about how much Stu received from New Japan for using Dynamite, etc. Very intriguing right here.

I enjoyed reading about the wrestling business in Japan. I found this feeling in Meltzer's "Tributes" when reading about legendary Japanese wrestlers or promoters. Japan, especially back then, treated their performers with much more respect than American wrestling companies. Plus, over there, wrestlers are appreciated for their ability, instead of their gimmick or the mix of their gimmick and their ability in the US.

His WWF run was interesting. I laughed at how Vince bought Matilda for the Bulldogs, and how he made them take care of the dog. Funny stuff. The tales of what occurred in the WWF were good reads, as you'd find out the insides about certain wrestlers or tag teams. I believe Billington said that Demolition wasn't as stiff as they appeared in the ring, I think. The stuff with the Rougeau brothers was quite crazy. I sort of don't get why Dynamite quit the WWF after not receiving a plane ticket for a certain show, as it could have been a total accident. Or, it could have been a clear sign on the wall since Dynamite was a stiff wrestler and a great prankster, backstage. His pranks, though, are hilarious to read about! The one with milk and Davey Boy Smith had me laughing like the DDP cookie story, as read in both DDP and Mick Foley's books.

Back in the 1980's, wrestling was intense. With the pressures to actually be successful and the ridiculous road schedule, many drugs and steroids were taken by the wrestlers. It's nothing like today, where wrestlers have more of guaranteed contracts for less money. Dynamite Kid was a much smaller guy, naturally, like the rest, so he took steroids to get his size. He was a bumping machine, too, and probably the pain and suffering, mixed with the hell of travelling all year, probably put him into using drugs. One story recalls Dynamite smoking crack cocaine with Bret Hart and the Junkyard Dog, and Dynamite openly admits cocaine use throughout the book. He doesn't hold back.

The honesty of the book is what I mainly like. He tells you straight up that he'd inject steroids into his "arse" to get bigger, and he spoke as if he had nothing to lose. Another quality was how he met several children backstage at events, and how they'd eventually become big names, like Jushin Liger and Chris Benoit. Amazing stuff right there.

The only negatives, I see, are very small ones. Firstly, Dynamite just goes into a little detail about his personal life, aside from doing drugs on the road. But of course, his intense touring schedule didn't allow him to see his wife and children to even have a life outside of wrestling. So I understand that. Secondly, if you're an American, some words or grammar could be slightly confusing because Tom Billington is British and his co-writer (Alison Coleman) was probably British, too. But it's not really that hard to follow. That's it really, and these negatives aren't that much to hurt the book as a whole.

LAST WORD: A truly excellent wrestling biography, here, about a wrestler with a very storied career. Tom Billington lived the highs and lows of wrestling, and he had NO regrets for any of it. This attitude makes the book great, because many former wrestlers are so down on their careers, when looking back. Despite not being able to walk, Dynamite wouldn't change a thing of his life. I'll give this book a well deserved grade of an


and I highly recommend this book to ALL wrestling fans, even if you haven't seen Dynamite Kid in action. BUY THE BOOK!

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