It's me, it's me. It's Mr. Tito PDC. Welcome back to the PDC. Some rather odd occurances happened on Smackdown last night, as I will let you know my opinion on those in a second. Lots of rumors floating around about the fab 4 released guys of WCW, as I will attempt to evaluate that. All this and more, so on to the PDC.

WWF says that they "just got word" that they are in negotiations with Eddie Guererro, Perry Saturn, Chris Benoit, and Dean Malenko. You know, usually when a federation is attempting to sign new wrestlers from a rival federation, they don't normally mention it on their webpage, which leads me to believe that those 4 have ALL been signed by the WWF. The WWF just sealed the deal when they put that post up because they want to throw off the truth. Wrestleline was reporting yesterday that the 4 will be Vince McMahon's helpers in attempt to dethrone Stephanie from ruling the WWF. Only time will tell, but the 4 are signed in some way. I heard other places that they have verbal agreements, and have yet to work out a contract, which is what the news on could mean also. Joy.

-Smackdown had a few odds and ends to it, and I've only seen a portion of the whole show. From what I saw, the WWF screwed up on Tazz last night. First, he destroyed the Mean Street Posse, but then he was choked out by Kurt Angle afterwards. Hmm, only 3rd time in, and you make him look weak already? Of course, that could also mean that Kurt Angle is still getting evelated as well, and not just putting Tazz over. Oh well. D'Lo's career is going down the tubes, and fast, being along the Godfather. However, after that match, Mark Henry and Mae Young announced that they were expecting. Now that's screwed up, and that makes me wonder if Mark Henry takes his work with smile, as WU writer WDB once evaluated as well. Can you say that you are thrilled with your job when you have a transvestite giving your oral sex, admitting to sleeping with your sister, and not only sleeping with a 79 year old woman, but getting her pregnant as well? Come on!!! Anyway, we had somewhat of a dream match with Rikishi and the Rock, but of course, the ending was botched up. Joy. However, there was one thing that I enjoyed very much at the end, and I'll somewhat allude to it in the following phrase: "How About that Double Chokeslam!!!"

-My God, the e-mails never stop about the Hardy Boys breaking up. I keep getting the same arguments that Jeff Hardy is being held down by Matt Hardy, and vice versa. I think many former Rocker fans are living their lives through the Hardys, because they are hoping that one gets thrown through the barber window. The WWF is VERY pleased with their teamwork in the ring, so why break them up? What would it accomplish at this point in time? In my opinion, they are the most talented tag team in the planet. Both the Hardys, as I imagine, enjoy working together as a team. They still have a few goals to accomplish, as they want to show the world that their title run wasn't a fluke. Oh yeah, it's especially hard to cheer for them though when you are a complete Dudley Boyz mark like myself!! Speaking of the Hardys, you can access their Official site by Clicking Here. They've mentioned me a few times in their news section, and I thank them for it!


-Wow, it seems that the Total Package is in line for somewhat of a push. You could have guessed that from his trash talking on Hulk Hogan of all people. One thing I have to mention about Luger is that in a time where many wrestlers at his age or older continue to get old and boring with their material, Lex Luger has made a good comeback for himself. When he became the Total Package, he repackaged himself from being the boring face, to the very cocky heel. You remember some of those skits he did during the Russo era? Funny stuff! He's also stepped up his wrestling ability, as he seems a little faster these days. Maybe the other older guys could take notes on Luger and maybe attempt to repackage themselves.

-I've heard from a few people that Tank Abbott still isn't well perceived in the lockerroom. They say, like Goldberg, he takes his badass gimmick way too far, and he acts like it in the lockerroom, like nobody can touch him. One thing that Tank must know is that Russo was the man who had faith in him, as he wanted to make him World Champion on Souled Out!!! Russo brought him in when he realized that Tank was still living off WCW's money, and he came to Tank with a good storyline for him which would only elevate him to the top. It almost happened, but Russo got canned. Now, Tank is probably going to be in trouble with his push to the top. The new booking crew is very picky on attitudes in the back, and they will make sure that Tank's destiny will be only defeating midcarders. It seems like that already.

-One thing that I feel the new Booking team must bring back is the Television title. That was, in my opinion, one of the biggest mistakes that Russo made. So much tradition within that title belt, as you can say that it was Sting's first belt ever, or you could say that Stunning Steve Austin defended that belt with pride every night in his days at WCW. Russo pissed all over that, and you probably all remember me criticizing him for it. WCW has a long roster of midcarders who need a shot at glory. The television title passed around would definately help them for the future of WCW. If you aren't going to bring it back for the main shows, at least bring it back for WCW Saturday Night like Jimmy Hart has been insisting. That title was decided many times on that show, so why not let the tradition continue?

@That's all for today. I'll be back with some ECW on TNN criticism, and lots more as the PDC continues to show up each and everyday of the week. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your Friday Night!

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