Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column, as it comes to you 7 days a week, and it has been here everyday since the end of March. Lots of strange happenings are going on in the world of wrestling, as you never know who will come back these days. Oh well, that means that things are very interesting at the moment. Well anyway, on to the PDC.


-Many of you have noticed that I've been reporting the WWFE stock lately. The only reason is because the WWF stock has been rising recently. It's jumped 1 and a half points over the past 3 days. Why is that? The WWF is going straight up, that's why. Stone Cold is coming back now, Tazz has made a HUGE debut and impression on the WWF, the Monday Night Ratings are up again, and they still have a few wrestlers or personalities that they can bring out at any time. You know how I said that I believed the WWF has peaked. Well, I take that back as they can now reach a new level. Just think with an addition of Chris Benoit, and the return of the McMahons, Undertaker, and Stone Cold could do. The WWF would be very loaded, as it reminds me very much of the WWF's days during Wrestlemania 8 when their talent roster was awesome!

-The Blue Meanie has been sent to Memphis to work with Jerry Lawler's new federation, as I feel that it is somewhat of a slap in the face for the Meanie. He's lost a ton of weight recently, but yet the WWF doesn't put him on television. He's somewhat entertaining, and maybe he could make Jakked or Heat a little fun to watch. For what Meanie lacks in wrestling skill, he makes up for in charisma. Oh well, I only hope that this whole Memphis experience helps Meanie's career out somehow.

-Poor Taka Michinuko. He took the nasty spill at the Rumble, and the poor guy will be out for a few weeks with a separated shoulder. Oh well, at least he should be pleased with the talk of bringing back the lightweight division. The WWF is VERY thin on lightweight talent, and it doesn't seem like a certain WCW released wrestler, we'll call him Dean Malenko(more on that in a sec), is heading to WWF land. Who could they use? Let's see, they have Taka, Funaki, Papi Chulo(sp?)....and let's see here, oh, how could I forget those two other lightweights who just happen to be too cool to be a tag team. Oh wait, how about a singles push for Edge to make Christian enter this division. Now you have 6. More would be nicer, as I'm very sure that I'm forgetting somebody, but it could work.


-One thing that is really disturbing me is the WCW world title. That title has gone from something decent, to a, pardon my French, piece of shit!!! Seriously. First, they strip Bret, who can't do his 30 day title defense rule, and then they make the belt disappear off of Benoit's waist due to a walk out. Then, tonight on Chunder, Nash strips Sid. Sid wins it back. What the hell? I've never seen a title belt, especially one with so much tradition be so whored out and messed up like this. Simply terrible.

-At least Ric Flair returned tonight, as it's nothing but great news for WCW. I hope that the relationship between Flair and WCW can really work this time, as WCW truly needs Flair right now. They need him so bad, especially with their new "wrestling" format, to help get their product over with some lost fans. Flair needs WCW, and WCW needs Flair since Flair has one more year to go on his contract. Why not make the best of it? That's what I'm talking about.

-Damn, poor Jeff Jarrett. Bob Ryder reported that Jeff Jarrett is still suffering from dizzy spells and headaches, which are after affects of a concussion. The post concussion syndrome is holding Jarrett back from wrestling any recent matches, as he looks fine during the backstage scenes. I wonder what Bret Hart's condition is, because he's going through the same thing as Jarrett, but yet he's not around backstage like Jeff. Gee, that's a mystery.

-Dean Malenko has finally signed his release papers, which will allow him to go anywhere he pleases. Japan, according to Al Isaacs, is the destination of Dean Malenko, as he's well respected down there. I figured he would go elsewhere other than the WWF because the WWF would NOT pay him anything near the type of salary that WCW was paying him. Speaking of released wrestlers, Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn, Eddie Guererro, and Dean Malenko's profiles have been taken down. I was the first to report this, as the rest of the net became very observant after me. Hmm. Well anyway, guys like Shane Douglas, Konnan, and Vampiro are still up on the lovely profile list. Vampiro seems to be working something out with WCW, and Shane Douglas, well, he's got some limited options. Konnan is sticking around for the money. The other 4 decided that happiness was worth more than money.

@That's all for today. Sorry that I didn't have the Phat Video Review today, as I plan on watching Sting: Back in Black any day now..whenever I find the time. I was a bit strapped for time yesterday and today, so I'll see what I can do tomorrow or Friday morning. Bye bye for now, until the next episode!

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Take Care, and Enjoy Smackdown.

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