Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column
Mr. Tito (January 27, 1999)
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Welcome back to the PDC! We got da Super Bowl coming up, and that means half time Heat. Oh yeah, if you hate spoilers, do not to go for the results of it. WWF is gonna kill themselves doing that. Anyways, on to the news!

-WCW lost the ratings, but it was closer than you think. WCW had an overall rating of 5.0, but lost head to head with a 4.85 rating to Raw's 5.45 rating. But you must acknowledge that Raw's first hour, which everyone tuned into to find out Rumble results, was the real big difference. Head to head in the last hour, it was Raw with a 5.2 and Nitro with a 5.1. That's a small margin, especially for the final hours! WCW is making real progress!

-Look for most of the jobbers of the nWo except for, and maybe not though, Vincent to be kicked out of the nWo. Vincent has the best chance of staying, but it's doubtful. Hennig will get a great singles push, Stevie Ray will re-tag with Booker T, and the rest will just plain suck!

-With Bret Hart back, and forced to defend the titles at Superbrawl, the question is who? Many say it could be a horseman, but you never know when Sting will return to get revenge. Sting is due to come back anytime now. We'll see how this plays out.


-Well, there are two candidates for the new Blue Blazer. One was Koko B. Ware, and the other I hear now is Mo, from Men on a Mission. It's all messed up!

-Well, look for a rematch between Rock and Mankind at Valentine's Massacre. Those two just can't stop fighting each other!

-Giant should debut at Wrestlemania, or at Valentine Massacre after the MacMahon and Stone Cold match.

That's it for today, have a nice day!

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